Chapter 179 - Same Strategy (2)

Chapter 179 of 371 chapters

Chapter 179. Same Strategy (2)

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Although she could refuse the king’s order to become a lady-in-waiting, doing so would have her marked by the king.

Furthermore, it was a great honor to become the queen’s lady-in-waiting, and virtually no one would refuse, unless it was a very special circumstance.

Rose glanced at the king’s order with a serious expression before laughing.

“Oh, this?”

“Don’t you think it’s obvious and pathetic?”

Yunim murmured with regret, pulling the heavy sword from his waist and placing it on the table.

Rose laughed and read the letter again.

“What’s wrong? You think it’s funny.”


Rose smiled and looked at Yunim.

“She seems to be using her brain. She’s acting like a good queen, even when she addressed me.”

“This happened because my brother was arrogant in front of the Queen, wasn’t it?”

It was only a few hours ago, but the rumors of what Sir Yunim did to Navier had already spread.

Meanwhile, Yunim snorted, puzzled to learn that his sister already knew.

“I see that the queen and I have one thing in common: an impetuous brother with a bad temper.”

“I didn’t hit anyone.”

“If you say so.”


“In any case, that’s how things have turned out. It’s alright. I will observe the new queen as her lady-in-waiting.”

“Can you do that?”

“Just to see what kind of queen she is, what she can do for the country, that sort of thing. Right?”

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Around 11 in the morning, Yunim’s sister came to see me.

“I am Rose Quebel, I will serve temporarily as the queen’s lady-in-waiting.”

I looked at her as I placed the book in my lap.

I had no way of knowing her intentions, but unlike her brother, she was educated on manners.

However, her occasional sideway glances showed that she was also very cautious.

“Thank you for accepting, Lady Rose.”

I smiled, put the book aside and stood up.

“I hope I can count on you.”

“Of course, Your Highness the Queen.”

She said politely, staring at me.

From her look, she seemed curious about what I would do.

I asked her immediately.

“Can you take me to the boutique?”

Rose, who probably didn’t expect me to request something of her so quickly, so she replied, “What?” Puzzled.

“I’d like to go to the boutique.”

“Ah… yes, the boutique.”

Rose blinked in shame, but soon left the room with a casual smile, saying, “Follow me.”

I followed her slowly, watching her steps.

There is nothing that reflects a person’s nature more clearly than their walk. In fact, I had prepared several scenarios while waiting for Yunim’s sister.

I was going to deal with Yunim’s sister depending on what type of personality she had.

If she was soft-hearted and shy, I was going to be kind. If she was a porcupine that had taken out its spikes beforehand, I would give her time to get used to it.

If she was a person who submitted to power, I thought about visiting Heinley, and if I should earn her recognition…

‘I would need to exceed her expectations.’

“It is here, Your Majesty.”

When we entered the boutique, the dressmaker and her assistants rushed over to greet me.

I accepted their polite greetings, then smiled and called Rose.

“Lady Rose.”

She was watching me in silence, but when I called her, she answered with a smile.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

I told her, pointing to the clothes I was wearing.

“I brought very few clothes.”

To be exact, only the clothes I was wearing.

Rose opened her eyes wide.

She was probably thinking how in a hurry I was when I ran away that I couldn’t even bring any clothes.

“I see. Then you’ll need new outfits.”

I kept smiling and asked her.

“That’s right. That’s why I need you to get me six outfits as soon as possible.”

“I understand. What kind of outfits?”

“Three to wear daily, two to wear to work, and one to wear at a simple banquet just in case.”

“And the specific style you want… ”

I guess she wanted to ask about the price range.

I told her with a smile, pretending not to know what she wanted to tell me.

“I don’t know much about the Western Kingdom’s style, so I’ll leave it to Lady Rose.”

This way, no one could criticize the way I dress.

I deliberately gave her the order in front of the others. If Rose were to prepare strange outfits, people would immediately know whose fault it was.

Rose said she would, but she felt more cautious about me than before.

I pretended not to notice and asked her to show me the palace.

“I would like to become familiar with the place.”

“… Yes, Your Highness.”

After leaving the boutique and going down some stairs, we arrived at the palace through a long corridor.

I had heard that it was a very rich country.

True to its reputation, the palace of the Western Kingdom was no less majestic than that of the Eastern Empire.

The palace had a brighter tone, with jewels embedded everywhere.

When I saw it, I laughed, remembering the words of Heinley, who repeatedly emphasized that his kingdom was the capital of jewels.

‘It is like a bird that likes to shine.’

Bird… Bird?


“Queen? What is it?”

“Ah. No, no. It’s nothing.”

I remembered the hypothesis that ‘McKenna was the blue bird,’ which I had forgotten for a while.

I’ll ask Heinley when we meet again. If McKenna was the blue bird, Heinley would know for sure.

“Let’s keep going.”

However, when I started walking again, I suddenly heard stealthy footsteps.


Those footsteps were not Rose’s.

When I turned around, I saw a man dressed elegantly with a pen on his lips. At that moment, he lost his balance and fell.

He immediately got up and dusted off his pants, but stopped moving when he realized I was watching him.

“Who is that?”

I asked Rose, and she whispered to me.

“He’s a journalist authorized to enter the palace.”


“He is not someone with whom Your Highness should be associated.”

Rose added quickly.

“It is best that you meet another time, when an interview is scheduled.”

She looked a little uncomfortable, as if she wanted to take me somewhere else.

Since a lot of things have happened in high society, it’s easy to become a good prey for journalists. That seemed to be the reason.

“Aren’t there more journalists authorized to enter the palace?”

Since I kept asking her, she explained in a tone that clearly indicated that she could not avoid my questions.

“A total of three newspapers are currently authorized to enter the palace. For each newspaper, only one journalist has permission to enter.”

But if there was only one journalist behind me, did that mean that the other two were tailing Christa? Or did Christa not like journalists walking around the palace?

Either way, it could be beneficial in the current situation.

Instead of going elsewhere, I deliberately approached the journalist and asked him, smiling as softly as possible.

“You seem to want to ask me something. What is it?”

The journalist opened his eyes wide, dumbfounded, as if he didn’t expect me to come directly to him.

Rose also called to me impatiently, “Your Highness.”

The journalist was smart. After a moment of puzzlement, he immediately took out his notebook and asked.

“How could you get married again so quickly?”

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Meanwhile, Duke Elgy walked beside Rashta, advising her.

“You have to approach the journalists, miss. By listening to their questions, you will know what the people of the country want.”

Coincidentally, the strategy he mentioned to Rashta was similar to that of Navier’s.

However, Rashta did not pay much attention to his advice. Rashta remembered Sovieshu’s words to not approach Duke Elgy.

Even after that, she came to see Duke Elgy the next day, so naturally she was worried.

‘But I couldn’t help it.’

Rashta pouted.

Baron Lant was kind and intelligent, but he was still a subordinate of the emperor, and Viscountess Verdi was not at all reliable.

The new maid, Delise, seemed loyal, but every time she saw Sovieshu, she behaved in a way that made Rashta feel uncomfortable. Finally, the experienced maid, Arian, did well at her job, but was too quiet to know what she was really thinking.

Duke Elgy was one of the few people Rashta could trust at the palace.

Rashta regretted not being able to tell him that she would soon become the Empress. If she had, Duke Elgy would stop talking about how to become Empress and would instead give her advice on what to do once she ascended the throne.

“Besides, journalists are important to increase your reputation. Even if you are the kindest person in the world, commoners cannot see you in person.”


“No matter how bad the rumors are, the nobles have a chance to see you and judge you for themselves, but commoners don’t have that chance. So if you want to target the commoners, stay close to the journalists.”

“I can’t…”

When Rashta mumbled out her words, Duke Elgy asked, bewildered.

“Can’t you? Miss, you had said that you wanted to become the Empress to protect yourself and the baby. Have you changed your mind?”

“It’s not that.”

“Do you think you’re safe now that Empress Navier is gone?”

“That’s right. No one will hurt Rashta now.”

“The next empress might reject you even more.”

Rashta pursed her lips, turned and smiled, suppressing the desire to say that it wouldn’t happen.