Chapter 184

Chapter 184 of 371 chapters

“Come to think of it, since the queen appeared he has become more difficult to find. Perhaps… the queen is hiding Lord Koshar?”

“How rude!”

At Rose’s exclamation, Aprin knelt down again and apologized loudly.

He seemed increasingly strange, arousing my curiosity without realizing it.

This Aprin was the least knight-like knight I had ever seen.

His actions, his words, and even his looks.

‘Was he really a Heinley’s knight?’

It was questionable.

My brother didn’t usually get along with ‘typical knights.’ Because he couldn’t stand the way the nobles often quarreled.

Other nobles, even if they were angry, would keep smiling and talking sarcastically. But when my brother got angry, he would immediately explode. So he seemed to get along better with ‘atypical knights…’

What had to have happened for my brother to avoid him?

I looked at him bitterly, but decided to resolve this misunderstanding first.

“I also came here to look for my brother, but he was not there, so I was just about to leave.”

Aprin, as if he had been slow to understand my words, exclaimed, “Oh, I see.” Then he naturally came over to my side.

As I walked out of the corridor where the rooms of the distinguished guests were and down the stairs, he was beside me talking about his family.

“So I have a younger sister, she is very nice and lovely… She is good at everything she does, Your Highness.”


“But she is too naive. I’m a little worried because she doesn’t even notice men.”


“Of course, although naive, she’s still intelligent and brilliant. You know that, right?”

How could I know about his sister that I’ve never seen before?

I thought about it in my mind as I continued to respond affirmatively to his words.

However, I did not understand why this man kept walking in the same direction as me.

As a result, after about 30 minutes. I told him directly that I would go somewhere else.

“Excuse me, Sir Aprin.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“I am thinking of going to the library now.”

“I understand. I can recommend a good book!”

“…. I don’t need your recommendation.”

“Then can the queen recommend one for me?”

But it didn’t work. The knight seemed to have no intention of leaving my side.

I suspected that Christa had sent him to spy on me, and that finding my brother was just an excuse. However, that was not the case either.

As we walked down a corridor, we encountered a lady-in-waiting, and at that moment Sir Aprin made a remark aloud.

“She’s a lady-in-waiting for the former queen!”


“Is she still here?”

Had he been sent by Christa, he would not have said anything that would have embarrassed the lady-in-waiting aloud.

Christa’s lady-in-waiting looked at Aprin and me in turn, but not knowing what to say, she ran out with a flushed face.

Aprin acted as if he were my subordinate, so she seemed to have misinterpreted that remark as mine.

Aprin seemed unaware that he had embarrassed Christa’s lady-in-waiting.

“I’m very popular. Everyone flushes at the sight of me.”

‘…Is he just a tactless person?’

Anyway, I couldn’t go to the library with this noisy knight, so I decided to just go the way I had memorized yesterday.

Rose remained quiet with a sullen expression, as if she didn’t particularly like Aprin, but since he had no intention of leaving, she had no choice but to ignore him and talk to me.

“By the way, Your Highness, don’t you intend to have more ladies-in-waiting?”

“Two of my former ladies-in-waiting from the Eastern Empire will be coming soon.”

“There will be three of us. But that is not enough, Your Highness.”

“I will increase the number gradually as I observe the situation.”

While we were talking about my lack of ladies-in-waiting. Sir Aprin, who seemed to be listening in silence for some reason, suddenly raised his hand and spoke.

“My Queen! I recommend my sister as a lady-in-waiting!”

Rose, who had been tolerant of him, shook her head quickly and gently grabbed my arm as soon as those words came out of his mouth.

It was a sign that I should not do this at all.

‘Does Rose know her?’

Of course, when one is in high society, one knows the faces and names of many people, even if it is not someone they were close to…

I didn’t respond immediately and turned to look at Rose, as Aprin begged me desperately.

“She is a very nice, perspicacious and vigorous girl. She will be a great help to Your Highness. It would be an honor for our family if you would accept her. I would never forget Your Highness’s kindness!”

“… Could you tell her to come see me tomorrow?”

He looked so sad that I couldn’t help but make an appointment for tomorrow. Aprin nodded and finally walked away from me, running excitedly.

Looking at his back, Rose waited for him to disappear completely before speaking honestly.

“Your Highness, do not make Sir Aprin’s sister your lady-in-waiting.”

“Do you know her, Miss Rose?”

“Not personally, but she is very famous.”


“Does she cause a lot of problems?”

“She’s like Sir Aprin. Unrestrained.”


“Keeping that girl by your side will cause you to lose your dignity, Your Highness.”

It makes me feel anxious up to a point.

But I already made an appointment with her for tomorrow, I couldn’t take it back.

“For the moment, I’ve decided to meet her tomorrow. I will see and judge.”


When I met her the next day, I immediately realized why Rose did not want Sir Aprin’s sister to become my lady-in-waiting.


“I am Mastas Violet, Your Highness.”

She greeted me with a loud voice and the atmosphere around her was… truly vicious.

It was frightening.

Rose said she looked like Aprin. For the moment, at least, she had the same aura about her.

Despite being a knight, Aprin seemed careless and rude. Violet gave the same impression.

Besides, what was that hanging on her back?

‘A spear…?’

“… I am Mastas, Your Highness.”

The huge spear that peeked out from behind her light purple dress decorated with lace and pearls was too incongruous.

As I stared at the weapon, Mastas blushed and scratched her cheek.

“Oh this… I learned that one must keep their weapon by close at all times and never let go.”

Rose’s face twisted.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Mastas.”

I greeted her with a smile, trying not to show how surprised I was.

But as soon as she heard my words, she asked, “Miss Mastas?” so deeply moved that a surprised expression almost appeared on my face by reflection.

When I raised an eyebrow and stared at her, Mastas apologized by waving her hands.

“My apologies, since I was knighted, everyone has called me only Sir Mastas.”

“Have you been knighted?”

For some reason, Mastas answered “Yes,” with a gloomy look. Then, she looked into my eyes and asked hesitantly,

“Um… what does a lady-in-waiting do, Your Highness?”

Rose said behind her back, “Look at her. Absolutely not,” between her lips.

I hesitated and asked for tea first.

Despite hearing this, Mastas stood by and did nothing, Rose took her by the arm and dragged her out of the room.

After the distant footsteps of the two different young ladies disappeared completely, I leaned back on the armchair and thought about it.

‘Why did Sir Aprin push his young sister towards me, who did not even know what a lady-in-waiting was?’

It’s as if he had… an ulterior motive.