Chapter 198 - Breaking Point (1)

Chapter 198 of 371 chapters

Chapter 198. Breaking Point (1)

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I did not intend to be in such a dominant position.

When I withdrew my embarrassed hand, Heinley’s expression of embarrassment quickly dissolved, and he whispered with grinning eyes, “My heart was pounding just now, Queen.”

“Are you joking in a situation like this?”

“I’m joking because we’re in a situation like this.”

“…Well. Ignorance is bliss.”

“What do you mean?”

Heinley, who was unaware that my ladies-in-waiting had misunderstood our conversation, seemed perplexed by my words.

I tapped the doorknob for no reason and sat down in a chair at the tea-table.

Heinley pranced over with light steps, as if jumping for joy, and sat down opposite to me.

“Don’t you feel so lonely when I’m next to you?”

Hearing that, I understood why Heinley was still joking.

He was still anxious about my interview.

I was grateful for such consideration, so I reached out and took his hand, “I’m really fine, Heinley. It’s inevitable to miss my old friends, but I don’t feel lonely here.”


“There’s Rose, there’s Mastas, there’s my brother… and there’s you here too.”


Heinley smiled broadly, happy to hear those words, and muttered, “That’s right.”

As I looked at that smile, I felt a strange tingling sensation.

It was difficult to even stay in the same place, to the point where I had the urge to walk everywhere.

In the end, I couldn’t stand it. I got up and walked slowly around the room.

But it didn’t work very well, so I quickly moved on to another topic, “I’ve seen the place where the wedding is being prepared.”

“Are you talking about the Grand Banquet Hall?”


“What did you think?”

Fortunately, Heinley followed this topic.

Perhaps it was a topic that mattered more to him, he even listened with a twinkle in his eye to my words.

Heinley continued, “I ordered the Great Banquet Hall to be decorated as glamorously and beautifully as possible. How did it look to you, Queen?”

There was still a tingling feeling in my hands and feet, but I tried my best to answer as calmly as possible, “It’s looking nice.”

“What a relief!”

“But I’m worried that the wedding will be too glamorous.”

“That’s okay. The Western Kingdom is the capital of jewels.”

I don’t know how many times he has said that this country was the capital of jewels. At this point, I became curious.

Just how many jewels were produced here to be able to boast about it?

As I wondered, Heinley murmured anxiously, “It must be absolutely dazzling. Absolutely.”

He seemed to have thought I was frowning because I didn’t want a glamorous wedding.

I shook my head, “It’s not that I don’t want it to be glamorous.”

There are times when simple is appropriate and times when glamorous is appropriate.

Now, you could find reasons for the wedding to be glamorous or simple, so there was no need to oppose it just because he wanted it to be fancy.

I was just concerned that it was on an excessive and meaningless level.

What’s wrong with him?

Heinley’s expression was strange. He had a half-smiling face like he wanted to brag about something.

Because of his strange expression, I called him by name, “Heinley, what’s wrong?”

Heinley then mumbled sheepishly, “Well, I have no choice but to tell you now… I wanted to do it in a really cool way.”

“In a cool way? What do you mean?”

“A confession.”

“A confession…”

He had something to confess… Ah!

“No way…Really?”

Was he trying to say that he likes me?

Looking up in embarrassment, Heinley asked, even more surprised, “Uh? You guessed it?”

I looked at him in surprise, trying to calm my racing heart.

Was he really trying to say he liked me? I felt so embarrassed.

“I didn’t guess. Well, maybe a little… I was just trying to get an idea of what it might be.”

Heinley admired me with a really surprised look, “You’re definitely a Queen. How many moves did you anticipate?”


I closed my mouth and lowered my gaze uncomfortably.

In fact, it was strange.

Was he talking about the benefits of marrying him? Of course, there were many.

But for a confession, I thought of many possibilities, and one of them was love.

Probably not as lovey-dovey as Sovieshu and Rashta’s, but even if it was weak, he might feel some kind of attraction towards me.

However, among the things that crossed my mind, it seemed to be one of the less likely ones.

Even if he felt an attraction toward me, I thought it was more of a friendship.

But I couldn’t help but be embarrassed, he wouldn’t confess this, right? No, rather, how should I react if he did confess it?

Heinley, who was surprised, smiled softly and took my hands, “I wanted to surprise you. It’s a little sad to know that you already expected it.”

“That is disconcerting.”

“Yes. You’ll be busier. But it will be worth it. In fact, it was only a matter of time.”


“On our wedding day, you will become the First Empress of the Western Empire.”

Heinley beamed and looked at me proudly with a radiant face that dreamed of a bright future.

But at that moment, I hadn’t fully understood his words.


It wasn’t the confession I had expected…

Why did he mention this all of a sudden?


I was so puzzled that I couldn’t control my facial expressions, so Heinley asked hurriedly, “Queen? Don’t you like it?”


I didn’t realize how incredible Heinley’s words were until the next day.

First Empress of the Western Empire.

He intended to proclaim himself Emperor.