Chapter 200 - Repaying Navier’s Favor (1)

Chapter 200 of 371 chapters

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Delise left Rashta’s room with the dirty dishes. On the way, she encountered Arian, Rashta’s other maid.

Unlike Delise, who was working as a maid for the first time, Arian was very experienced. She was always willing to help Delise, who had many shortcomings and made mistakes frequently.

“Erm… Arian,” she said. Because they had this kind of relationship, Delise decided to tell Arian about what had just happened to ask for advice, “It seems that Rashta was angry with me because I expressed myself badly.”


“Yes. So about the short vacation I will take this afternoon… Should I still go? Won’t she be even angrier if I went on vacation in the middle of this situation?”

Arian smiled slightly at Delise’s worried expression.

“When the wedding preparations are in full swing, we’ll be busier. Busy with the wedding preparations, busy during the wedding, and even busier after the wedding. It’s going to be hard work for a few months, so go and enjoy your short break.”

Delise was a little relieved after hearing the kind advice and replied, “Yes.”

At nightfall, although she was still worried, she trusted Arian and returned home as originally planned.

She lived in the capital, so it wasn’t too far away. Delise’s older brother Joanson enthusiastically teased his sister when she returned after a long time.

“How come you have a darker expression if you work in the imperial palace? Everyone in the imperial palace has glowing faces, how come my younger sister is wilting?”

But when Delise’s face turned very dark, Joanson asked in surprise, “What’s the matter? Is work too hard?”

“No, it’s not that…”

Delise hesitated before confessing in general terms about what happened with Rashta.

“Rashta seems angry with me.”


“I said something to cheer her up, but her mood got worsened because of it.”

“Did you say something you shouldn’t have?”

“It seems like it…”

“You must have been sensitive at the time. It can’t be helped. Just wait and it will pass.”

“Tch. I know. But if not. Is there any other way?”

“Don’t worry. Don’t worry about it.”

Delise clicked her tongue repeatedly, angry that her brother wasn’t taking her side, and then asked sullenly, “Did you like Rashta that much when you met her before?”

Joanson was the commoners’ journalist that Duke Elgy had brought along to interview Rashta.

Delise asked because she also knew that her brother and Rashta had met.

Joanson acknowledged her with a happy face, “Yes. Rashta said that she will be on the side of the commoners without any fear, and with much pride, as if she does not care about the opinion of the nobles.”


“Yes. She is an amazing person.”


“The nobles might ignore her. Although she is a noble now, she grew up as a commoner. She will be the hope of the commoners. She declared so.”


“So, as siblings, we must support her from the inside and the outside. Alright, Delise?”

Joanson spoke with a twinkle in his eye, you could see he really liked Rashta.

Delise was worried about Rashta’s sarcastic voice, but finally agreed, “Alright.”


What would Your Majesty do if the Eastern Empire and the Western Kingdom were one day to compete for an advantage?

Yesterday. Journalist Mondrae asked me this provocative question.

I replied, “That would be very rare, but even if that were to happen, it’s not something I have a choice in.”

It may have seemed like an evasive answer, but it was the truth. A Queen or Empress was primarily in charge of internal affairs. Although I had planned to invite Grand Duke Kapmen here to lead intercontinental trade, I don’t think it’s a question of, ‘which side to be on,’ as the journalist tried to make it seem.

While it would be a pity for the Eastern Empire later, it was Sovieshu who cut off negotiations with Grand Duke Kapmen in the first place.

Nevertheless, his question caused a small stir within me.

I pondered in a daze for a while, until the good news came.

It was news about Laura and Countess Jubel, my ladies-in-waiting from the Eastern Empire.

“They arrived in the Western Kingdom?” I asked.

Rose answered, “Yes, Your Majesty. They will come to visit as soon as they can.”

The news Rose brought made my heart skip a beat. It was even hard to concentrate on the book I had been engrossed in for the past few days. Of course, I liked Rose and Mastas, but I had a special fondness for Laura and Countess Jubel because of the years we spent together. They were even there for me when I was going through the toughest time…

So I wanted to see them soon.

When they both came to see me a few hours later. We hugged and shared our deep affection in this faraway country.

“I was late because my parents didn’t want to let me come,” Laura professed.

“I was a little late because I had many things to resolve, Your Majesty the Empress,” Countess Jubel, who called me Your Majesty the Empress, raised her eyebrows and muttered, “Oh no.” before adding, “Now it’s Your Majesty the Queen, right? I’m not used to it.”

‘You can call me ‘Your Majesty the Empress’ again after the wedding,’ these words were about to come out of my mouth, but I restrained myself and did not show any sign of it.

Heinley asked me to keep this secret. Only a few people knew about it, and it would be revealed to everyone at the wedding.

“Welcome, Miss Laura, Countess Jubel.”

They both hugged me repeatedly, glad to see me, and eventually greeted Rose and Mastas as well.

The awkward exchange of greetings between the four of them was a bit funny to watch.

Especially Mastas who was not used to interacting with noblewomen. She was regrettably frozen.

But once she realized that Laura was very cheerful and bright, she began to talk without difficulty. Rose also seemed to fit well with Countess Jubel’s personality.

When I was in the Eastern Empire, I lamented about all the bad things that happened one after another since Rashta’s appearance.

On the contrary, good things were surprisingly happening one after the other since I got to the Western Kingdom.

Around the evening. Another person came to visit me that I was delighted to see.

“Duchess Tuania!” I gasped.

It was Duchess Tuania, whom I had hoped to bring here through the interview.