Chapter 246 - A Very Important Question (1)

Chapter 246 of 371 chapters

Chapter 246. A Very Important Question (1)

“His Majesty’s guest?”

Rashta asked coldly, to which Baron Lant replied, “Yes.”

After glancing at Evely with growing unease, Rashta asked this time,

“What kind of guest?”

However, Baron Lant hesitantly responded with an uncomfortable expression.

“You will know later, Your Majesty.”

Rashta pursed her lips, suppressed her anger, and said.

“This girl said that Rashta is not the Empress.”

She was trying to contain her anger as much as possible because this was Baron Lant.

“I think Rashta has the right to know who this girl is.”

“That is…”

Baron Lant glanced at Evely, not sure what to do.

Evely, the cause of the trouble, stood there without even blinking. With her chin up and looking disdainful, an attitude that also annoyed Baron Lant.

It was difficult to respond to Rashta’s words, but Evely seemed to want to make the situation worse.

Finally, he shouted at Evely.

“Miss Evely, apologize to the Empress immediately. What on earth are you doing?!”

Still, Evely responded sullenly.

“I haven’t done anything.”

“Precisely that is the problem! You must show Her Majesty, the Empress, the proper respect!”

“As far as I know, Her Majesty, the Empress, is definitely someone else.”

“Miss Evely!”

Baron Lant’s face was completely red with anger, and Rashta was puzzled.

‘Who on earth did this girl think she was to refuse in this way? From how angry Baron Lant is, I don’t think she’s a young lady of nobility.’


Although there was some commotion, Baron Lant was in no position to scold Evely any further.

Emperor Sovieshu was awaiting her arrival. He had already been informed that she was coming in this carriage, so Baron Lant should take Evely to Sovieshu without further delay.

Rashta snorted at the mysterious girl’s arrival, but had to reluctantly step aside when Baron Lant indicated that Sovieshu was waiting for her.

Evely raised her head and looked at Rashta with sharp eyes before following Baron Lant.

“She is the Empress, so pay attention to your actions.”

After entering the main palace Baron Lant started to give a little advice to Evely as they walked down one of the corridors.

“Was it necessary to pretend not to recognize, or acknowledge, Her Majesty the Empress?”

However, Evely did not respond to his words at all.

Baron Lant clicked his tongue, thinking that she really did have a haughty and rude personality.

Baron Lant did not properly introduce Evely to Rashta because he did not know the reason why Sovieshu wanted to see Evely.

She was the girl whose mana had disappeared. Even if she was once a mage, she was now useless.

That said, this girl didn’t seem very attractive for a concubine either. She had no backing, no status, no beautiful face, and no good personality.

She was completely different from Rashta, who always smiled and comforted the people around her, even in difficult situations.

With that personality, even if she became a concubine, she would be kicked out in no time. Baron Lant clicked his tongue again inwardly.

His thoughts coincided at one point with Evely’s. He didn’t know why she was being called here now that she wasn’t a mage.

‘I’ll find out soon enough.’

The imposing door opened before her eyes. Evely took a deep breath and stepped inside.


As soon as she took a few steps inside, Evely let out a small gasp.

It was because of the appearance of Emperor Sovieshu, who was sitting at his desk.

Originally Evely hated Emperor Sovieshu. Because of him the person she respected, loved, and admired the most had left for a distant country.

Evely thought that Emperor Sovieshu was really stupid and mean. Also that this personality would clearly show on his face.

But when she saw him in person, Emperor Sovieshu’s face was more than handsome, it was radiant.

After a moment’s hesitation, the emperor said with an unexpected smile.

“If you stay there, it would be difficult to talk to you.”

Baron Lant indicated from behind her to ‘go further inside’.

Evely, who walked hesitantly, came within three steps of the desk. Sovieshu, who was handsome from afar, looked even more handsome up close.

Evely remembered Navier, whom she admired more and more every time she saw her. And immediately, she imagined the Emperor and Navier side by side.

‘How wonderful it must have been to see them together.’

While Evely felt some regret, as she noticed that there was a lot of silence around her.

As soon as she came to her senses she saw that the Emperor was staring at her.

The way he stared at her without saying anything was very complicated and disconcerting.

Any noble would have quietly waited for the Emperor to speak, but Evely felt suffocated by the Emperor’s stare, so she eventually spoke first,

“I wonder why you called me, Your Majesty.”

Baron Lant glared fiercely at her from behind and whispered, “Miss Evely.”

His voice was threatening, but Sovieshu waved him away.

“Haven’t you heard it yet?”

“I have heard it.”

“Then why do you ask?”

“Two people contacted me, the first person told me that I had incurred the Emperor’s wrath by being patronized by the Empress.”

Hearing this Sovieshu’s eyebrows immediately rose. So thought Navier’s aides…

“Then the next person told me that I would be the Emperor’s second concubine.”

Sovieshu’s eyebrows, which had been raised, rose even more before he burst into laughter.

“Are you serious?”

“Which one is true?”

Sovieshu burst out laughing once more at the bold question.

“Neither one. First, I do not hate the Empress. Second, even if I did, it would be absurd to hate you just because she patronized you. Third, you are too young to be my concubine.”

“Then why did you call me here?”

“You’re smart and talented, but you’ve been caught up in the phenomenon of the decline of mages.”

“… yes.”

“Just because your mana disappeared doesn’t mean your intelligence disappeared too. It is an unusual case, so I plan to support you to take advantage of your talent.

Having finished speaking, Sovieshu rang the little bell to summon Baron Lant.

Baron Lant entered, but Sovieshu did not take his gaze from Evely and spoke again,

“There are those who are dedicated to the scientific study of magic. One of them needs an assistant, so I would like to recommend you. Do you agree?


“Baron Lant, take the girl to meet Lord Axel.”

“As you command, Your Majesty.”

“After that, take her to Countess Reygess. Evely?”


“She will take care of you until you can stay alone.”

With nothing more to say, Sovieshu raised the pen on his desk and ordered them to leave.

However, Evely took another step forward and said, “Um, Your Majesty.”

When Sovieshu looked up, Evely boldly asked.

“I can work as a maid in my spare time, so please allow me to stay at the imperial palace.”

Baron Lant clicked his tongue at her bold words, but Sovieshu asked calmly.

“There are many rooms available, so on that side there is no problem. However, you may be the victim of false rumors. You don’t mind?”

“I don’t care.”


Thinking for a moment, Sovieshu ordered Baron Lant.

“Better prepare a room for her in the Southern Palace.”