Chapter 266

Chapter 266 of 371 chapters

Chapter 266. How Long Will Love Last? (1)

Translator: Aura / Editor: SaWarren

It was only a small kiss. But in the blink of an eye, he had wildly taken control of the situation.

Before I knew it I was on his thighs, before I knew it I was lying on the table and before I knew it Heinley was under me…

I was out of breath. Seeing his neck covered with red marks all over, I thought I had gone crazy.

As soon as Heinley noticed where my gaze was going, he smiled and teased me.

“I thought I heard that we weren’t supposed to leave marks where they could be seen?”

My student, who used to leave a hundred marks on me before he noticed the first one, seemed to be fully conscious despite kissing me intensely.

As he caressed my ears naughtily, I tried to rise from his chest, but he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him.

“Sorry. You can leave the marks, so keep going.”

Running my fingers over his nose, lips, and neck, I shook my head and stood up.

“We haven’t had dinner yet.”

“Do you want dinner now?”

“Get up.”

Taking his hand to help him up, Heinley said he’d go wash his face first.

Heinley appeared after a while with a downcast expression as I sat at the table.

I found it funny, but I didn’t tease him. I could somewhat understand how Heinley felt.

“My Queen, sometimes you seem like a playful god who holds me in her palm just to watch my reaction. Do you know that?”

“If the High Priest could hear you, he would come at once to break up the marriage.”

Although it hadn’t been much of a joke, Heinley burst into laughter. As I wiped my mouth with a napkin and stared at him, I couldn’t help but feel a little silly.

I liked that he laughed at my joke. Few people understood and reacted to my jokes.

Feeling better, a smile arose naturally.

“My Queen. What you said… earlier, can you repeat it?”

“If the High Priest could hear you, he would come at once to break up the marriage.”

“No, not that.”

This time I wasn’t really joking. Heinley burst into laughter again. His shoulders shook as he pressed his fist to his lips, and his eyes curved into a crescent shape.

“I meant before the kiss.”

I guess he meant that I mumbled, ‘You’re mine’. I hastily picked up the fork and lightly stirred the peas. I said it for the excitement of the moment. I was embarrassed to say it consciously.

“My Queen?”

“I don’t remember…”

“You said that I was yours.”

Oh, very kind of him. Heinley, who had voluntarily refreshed my memory, again insisted.

“Now that I’ve reminded you, tell me.”

How hard could it be to repeat those words? But seeing his eyes so bright, it was really hard for me to tell him.

As I stirred the peas again in embarrassment, Heinley changed the direction of the question.

“Now are you ready to accept my heart?”

“I’m not sure.”


“But I do think it’s not good to stay in a relationship with someone you don’t want…”

I was going to say I wasn’t feeling well.

But before that, our gazes met. Heinley seemed to be pleased with this remark alone. He smiled broadly, he must have interpreted my words as a positive sign.

Seeing that cute expression, I was really genuinely curious. I hadn’t even been particularly nice to him. How had I gotten such a man for a husband?


I smiled slightly at him and turned my attention back to the peas.

I think Heinley loves me. It was impossible not to notice by the way he looked at me and acted.

But it was hard for me to imagine that Heinley would be unconditional forever. I’m sorry, but I didn’t believe in long-lasting love, let alone eternal love.

It would be easy to accept Heinley’s heart. I was already filled with his love. The bouquet he gave me grew bigger every day to the point where I could barely see the precipice in front of me.

One step. Just one more step, and I would fall madly in love with him.

But after that what would happen next? The higher, no doubt, the more painful the fall would be. Heinley’s love was so sweet that the end would be even more bitter. It would be incomparably more painful than it had been with Sovieshu.

It wasn’t right to hold onto the wish that he would love only me for the rest of his life. It was better to prepare for the worst.

So it was better to keep some distance now. Keeping a distance will make it not too painful if you fall in love with someone else.

Christa was a good example. She had been smart enough to get the support of many nobles, but in the end, she ended up destroying herself for love.

Even if she hated me, Christa wouldn’t have expressed it if she hadn’t loved Heinley. Rather than making me a bitter enemy, she would have used the last will of the former king as a shield, clinging to the position of the pitiful former queen.

I didn’t want to go through that.

* * *