Chapter 290

Chapter 290 of 371 chapters

Chapter 290. Evely’s Necklace (1)

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Rivetti was startled to hear Rashta’s name.

‘Rashta was the culprit for my kidnapping?’

Although they had a bad relationship, she felt chills to hear that Rashta had been the culprit of her kidnapping.

Rivetti still despised and considered Rashta a filthy slave, but she did not belittle her power.

It was truly terrifying that the Empress of the Eastern Empire was behind this.

Rivetti shivered wrapping her arms around her own body. Although she was safe now, she was afraid of what Rashta might do in the future.

Was Rashta trying to erase the traces of the past? Did she intend to eliminate the Rimwell Family to erase her past as a slave?

“My family…”

“Is safe.”

At the knight’s calm reply, Rivetti managed to shake off the greatest of her fears. She still had a tough road ahead, but fortunately she had confirmed that her family was safe.

“By the way… how did His Majesty know that I had been kidnapped and sent Sir Oreleo?”

“A maid attacked Rashta and left a scar on her forehead. After what happened, the Emperor assigned someone to escort Rashta secretly, concerned for her safety.”

Secretly? Why did he secretly assign someone to her?

When Rivetti blinked in confusion, the knight quickly added.

“Rashta doesn’t usually like to go out with her guards.”


“Ultimately, that’s how we were able to learn that Rashta had hired an assassin to get rid of Lady Rivetti. I’m glad it was possible to rescue you safely.”

Rivetti nodded. In fact, that was the most important thing.

Then the knight explained to Rivetti,

“You must stay here for a while, Lady Rivetti.”

“What? Here?”

Rivetti looked around in surprise. Finally, she entered and was able to appreciate the interior of the simple but impeccable mansion.

The mansion was well organized and cozy, but the furniture and couches looked new. It looked like an uninhabited place.

“This place…?”

“It is a mansion owned by the Emperor. I’m sorry, Lady Rivetti. If you return to the capital now, you might be attacked again.”

Recalling the attacker she had seen, Rivetti hurriedly said.

“The attacker had a very peculiar figure! I’ll give my statement about it, maybe we can capture that assassin!”

“Even if we catch that assassin, another one will soon appear.”


At the knight’s firm words, Rivetti sighed and sat down on a couch.

“I’ll be back for you when the time is right. In the meantime, make yourself at home. Forget about the terrifying things that happened.”

Rivetti recalled the crowd of people who had followed her and those who negotiated her price while she was locked in a cage.

Compared to Rashta, those people were not far behind, they were also terrifying.

Rivetti nodded. If she were to return to the capital with the current situation, no doubt her family and friends could be hurt.

“Yes, I will stay here. Thank you for saving me. Please convey my thanks to the Emperor as well.”

“Lady Rivetti. Remember this day.”

“Why do you say that?”

“It will definitely be useful in the future.”


The knight who left Rivetti in a safe mansion, immediately returned to the capital in the carriage and went to Sovieshu.

Arriving at his office, the knight handed him a brief report that he had hastily prepared. After reading it, Sovieshu nodded and praised him.

“Good job. It must have been very hard.”

Once the knight left, Sovieshu put the report in a drawer of his desk. Before closing it, Sovieshu glanced inside the well-organized drawer.

All of Rashta’s crimes were contained here. At least all the crimes he knew about.

A few hours later, feeling disturbed, Sovieshu ordered his secretary to take Rashta to his room.

However, Rashta pointed out that she couldn’t walk very far because her belly hurt, so she asked Sovieshu to come over.

She made the excuse that her belly hurt, probably because she didn’t want to see the blue bird in his room. Sovieshu didn’t expect Rashta to come to his room either, he just pressed her on purpose. In the end, he went to Rashta.

Rashta stood in front of the West Palace, nervous that she had feigned momentary discomfort to evade his request, but when she saw Sovieshu, she hurried over and spoke affectionately.

“Your Majesty, Rashta did not have the strength to go to the East Palace. I feel better now, but I felt a lot of pain in my belly a while ago.”

“It seems that your belly hurts very often, have you called the palace doctor?

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to constantly call such a busy person…”

“That’s his job. Even if you feel a little bad, make sure you call him.”


Once they entered the Empress’s room, Rashta looked expectantly at Sovieshu.

The atmosphere was mellow after a long time. She thought about taking this opportunity to improve the relationship between the two, which had become a little awkward.

“Hmm, Your Majesty. You haven’t sung to Rashta lately… the baby in Rashta’s belly wants to hear Your Majesty sing.”

Sovieshu’s weakness was the baby, and Rashta knew that perfectly well.

Although Sovieshu was silent for a moment, he soon sat down beside Rashta and sang a beautiful song softly.

Rashta closed her eyes as Sovieshu sang. She felt as if that beautiful song tickled her ears.

As soon as the song ended, Rashta had fallen into a drowsy state and was lying on Sovieshu’s shoulder with her eyes closed.

She liked Duke Elgy, who was always at her side, but she also liked Sovieshu. When he was in a good mood, he was sweeter than any man she had ever met in her life.

“Do you have something to tell me?”

Even his sudden voice was low and soft. Rashta shook her head still with her eyes closed.


“Think it over, do you really have nothing to say to me?”

Sovieshu asked once more. His voice wasn’t even cold, but Rashta was startled to hear the same question again.

What is wrong? Why does he ask that question? Did he find out about something?

Rashta raised her head and opened her eyes.

In fact, she had recently carried out many things behind Sovieshu’s back. A series of events came to Rashta’s mind at the same time. However, she could not reveal any of it.


Rashta lied flatly and stood up suddenly.

‘Come to think of it, I also have something to question Sovieshu about.’

She had intended to keep it to herself a bit longer before bringing it up, but… in this situation, she felt it best to use it now.

“Your Majesty has something to explain to Rashta, right?”

Rashta asked coldly, and put her hands on her waist.

Sovieshu narrowed his eyes, leaning back on the back of the couch.

“Well. There seems to be something you want to discuss. What is it?”

Rashta walked over to her dresser and opened a drawer. She reached into it, pulled out a necklace and held it up to Sovieshu’s face.

“What does this mean?”

Sovieshu took the necklace. The necklace might look very expensive, but it did not fit Sovieshu’s standards. It was too shiny and unrefined.

“What is this trinket?”

At Sovieshu’s direct question, Rashta gaped with a puzzled expression. Then, Sovieshu asked once more.

“I asked what it is, Rashta.”

Rashta stammered with a ‘isn’t it?’ expression.

“Isn’t it a gift Your Majesty gave Evely when you brought her as a concubine?”

Sovieshu laughed as if he found it absurd.

“You underestimate my good taste.”

Rashta, who had been angered by how expensive the necklace looked, felt embarrassed. Emperor Sovieshu’s words seemed to imply that she had bad taste.

“In any case. I assume, from what you just asked, that this necklace belongs to Evely, right?”


“You shouldn’t take a necklace that doesn’t belong to you.”

“It made me very jealous that Your Majesty cared for another woman. I picked up the necklace at the Southern Palace, but I purposely did not return it. I’m sorry.”

Sovieshu put the necklace in his coat pocket.

“I’ll have someone return it for you.”