Chapter 322

Chapter 322 of 371 chapters

Chapter 322. Sovieshu’s Fear (1)

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‘Isn’t Evely the mage that Emperor Sovieshu wants to make his concubine?!’

Viscount Roteschu jumped up in excitement.

If this were true, it would be a great event.

People would think that the two daughters of the Isqua Family would become the emperor’s wives, while Rashta would feel that everything had been taken from her by Evely.

Viscount Roteschu decided to be cautious. These matters had to be handled carefully.

As soon as he left the orphanage, he summoned the mercenary who had introduced him to Rashta and ordered,

“There is a girl named Evely in the Southern Palace. Emperor Sovieshu’s potential concubine. Bring me some of her blood.”

Viscount Roteschu handed him a small bottle that he had prepared beforehand.

Over the next few days, Viscount Roteschu focused on finding any leads on Rivetti as he awaited the mercenary’s return.


Meanwhile, the old Duke Zemensia of the Western Empire had left the capital for Compshire. He went to see his daughter, Christa.

If Empress Navier was really pregnant, he would have to change plans. That was why he wanted to comfort his daughter before thinking about his future actions.

‘She must be very angry.’

He remembered the last time he saw his daughter.

It was in the meeting room. His daughter looked at him several times blankly, but her eyes cried out for help.

The outcome might have been different if he had intervened. But even if the outcome had changed, Christa would not achieve the glory of before. So the old Duke gave up Christa for the sake of his grandson who had greater potential.

As a result, she became angry. Christa left for Compshire without even seeing his face. Since then, he kept sending her letters even though she did not answer them.

The old Duke sighed. He had chosen the most beneficial path for the family, but that didn’t mean he didn’t love his daughter, so he was heartbroken.

Finally, the carriage stopped in front of Compshire’s Mansion.

Being the place where the former queens spent the rest of their lives, the mansion was lavishly decorated.

When the old Duke was about to get out of the carriage, he realized that the carriage had not yet entered the mansion, so he sat back down and asked the coachman,

“Go a little further in.”

But instead of the coachman’s answer, he heard a small argument.

As he opened the window and peered out, he saw the knights, who guarded the perimeter of the mansion like walls, urging the coachman to retreat.

“What’s going on?”

When the old Duke asked with dignity, the coachman approached and answered quickly,

“Master, they insist that the carriage cannot enter.”

The old Duke frowned. He had heard that the knights of Compshire’s Mansion didn’t let anyone in, but he certainly hadn’t expected that to include his father.

“Did you let them know who I am?”

“Yes. They still refused.”

One of the knights who had blocked the carriage’s passage approached the old Duke and apologized firmly.

“My apologies, Duke. Christa ordered not to let anyone in.”

“I am her father.”

“She instructed that no exceptions be made, not even to members of her family.”

“Go ask her again.”

At the old Duke’s cold order, the knight glanced at another knight as if there was no other choice.

The knight who received the signal ran to the mansion. However, the answer he brought back was the same,

“Christa doesn’t want to see anyone, not even her father.”

The old Duke’s face turned stiff. But instead of shouting, he asked calmly.

“So, no one from the outside has seen Christa?”


“Something’s not right. It’s strange.”

Old Duke Zemensia, who rented an entire inn, muttered as he entered the bedroom on the top floor.

“Christa doesn’t meet with anyone?”

After a servant dropped off the luggage and closed the door, the subordinate responded,

“She seems to want to be quiet.”

Wasn’t that understandable? If she had pride, she would probably want to hide for a year or more.

“Master, what do you intend to do now? Will you send someone a couple more times before you return?”

However, the old Duke shook his head.



“Look for an agile mercenary.”

“What?” The subordinate was surprised and asked, “Are you planning to infiltrate the premises?”

“Do you think I’ll be able to avoid those knights with this body?That’s why I want you to get an agile mercenary. I want him to go in for me.”

“But Christa doesn’t want to see anyone…”

“I know.”

The old Duke extended a finger and pointed at the subordinate. Next, he asked with a puzzled look.

“Isn’t it strange? Christa likes to socialize with others. She takes so much care of other people that she neglects herself.”

The old Duke’s eyes narrowed.

“I can understand that she’s mad at me, but it’s not normal for her not to want to see anyone.”

The fact that she left the throne and went to Compshire did not mean that she would be incarcerated.

The former queens lived a dream life even after leaving the throne, and nobles from home and abroad visited to pay their respects.

The influence the former queens had in high society was not diminished just by going to Compshire.

‘So why would she remain so quiet?’