Chapter 368

Chapter 368 of 371 chapters

Chapter 368. Promise Of Revenge (1)

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When Viscount Roteschu arrived at the Imperial Palace, two Imperial Knights stationed at the back entrance approached him.

“What can I do for you?”

Viscount Roteschu asked, scared, and one of the knights answered sternly,

“Follow us.”

Viscount Roteschu flinched, but didn’t resist.

As much as he wanted to turn and run, the thought of what might happen to Rivetti and Alan if he fled brought him back to his senses. So he followed them, even though taking each step was difficult.

Before long, they arrived in front of the emperor’s office.

“He’s here, Your Majesty.”

A small bell rang inside. The knight opened the door and motioned to Viscount Roteschu. He swallowed hard before entering.

“I heard you were looking for me, Your Majesty.”

Viscount Roteschu bowed deeply.

Sitting at his desk, Emperor Sovieshu glared at Viscount Roteschu. He had a very cold expression, and, had the Viscount been able to read his mind, he would have known that inside, his feelings were even worse.

Sovieshu was enraged at the thought that the princess had Viscount Roteschu’s blood. The very sight of his face was infuriating. Rashta had been this man’s daughter-in-law, and his family seemed determined to ruin the Imperial Family.

“Raise your head.”

However, the voice that came out of Sovieshu’s mouth was calm.

Viscount Roteschu hadn’t made eye contact with Sovieshu yet, as he was bowing so deeply.

When their eyes met, Roteschu shivered at the Emperor’s cold expression. No matter what he intended to say, it would certainly not be good.

“I’ll tell you where your daughter is.”

Unexpectedly, Sovieshu mentioned Rivetti.


While Viscount Roteschu looked at him puzzled, Sovieshu coldly explained,

“Rashta kidnapped her and sold her into slavery. I was able to rescue her and protect her from Rashta, as she might try to harm her again if she knew your daughter was safe.”

Viscount Roteschu blinked in a daze several times. He hadn’t expected to find out about Rivetti’s whereabouts while meeting the Emperor.

Besides… it was Rashta who spent a huge amount of money to harm my daughter?

Viscount Roteschu recalled that the two of them were on bad terms ever since they were at his estate. Of course, Rashta back then was in no condition to confront Rivetti, so her hatred was one-sided.

Rashta must have held a grudge against Rivetti. And since she was being blackmailed by Viscount Roteschu, perhaps she unleashed all that resentment against Rivetti.

Viscount Roteschu frowned.

‘I thought that filthy slave would obediently cooperate, but she even dared to attack my daughter.’

He was horrified and angry that she had gone to such lengths to hurt someone she hated.

Amid his indignation, Viscount Roteschu was quick to notice a strange point.

“Your Majesty… why are you telling me this?”

He didn’t understand, since Sovieshu was angry because of Alan.

“You and your son will die anyway for deceiving the Imperial Family.”

Viscount Roteschu’s eyes widened. A merciless smile spread across Sovieshu’s lips.

“Do you want to save the other two?”


Viscount Roteschu was anxiously walking down a corridor of the imperial palace.

No doubt when Emperor Sovieshu had asked him if he wanted to save the ‘other two’, Rivetti must have been one of them since he told him where she was.

But he did not know who the other was.

He hoped that Rivetti and his wife were the ‘two people’ the Emperor would allow him to save.

He also wanted to save Alan, even if he had to give his life in return, but Alan was too embroiled in this matter. There was nothing he could do for Alan. He at least wanted Rivetti and his wife to live.

Neither the princess nor Ahn were important to Roteschu.

Viscount Roteschu was so terrified of death that his legs became weak, and he squatted down in the corridor.

“Oh, it’s funny that we meet here.”

At that moment, he heard a voice that seemed kind above his head. However, it hid traces of mockery.

When he looked up, he saw Marquis Farang looking down at him.

Roteschu knew that Marquis Farang was a friend of Empress Navier and her brother. Since Rashta and Empress Navier were enemies, Empress Navier’s brother attacked Viscount Roteschu, who supported Rashta from the outside.

So, although they had never really interacted with one another, their relationship was not good.

Viscount Roteschu forced himself to stand up and asked sullenly,

“What do you want?”

Marquis Farang answered with a chuckle.

“Nothing. It’s just that life seems fun to me.”


Viscount Roteschu’s voice distorted for a moment. He and his son were about to die. It infuriated him that this man called it ‘fun’.

As Viscount Roteschu glared at him, Marquis Farang spoke calmly,

“Don’t be so angry. You were smart enough to help Rashta take down Empress Navier, so you’ll overcome this obstacle as well.”

It was clear from Marquis Farang’s words that he knew Viscount Roteschu’s situation well, which made the latter even more angry.

“How could I have taken Navier down?! What did I do?!”

“You and I are not close, so, of course, I don’t know exactly what you did.”


“But I look forward to seeing what you’ll do.”

A mysterious smile appeared on Marquis Farang’s lips.

Viscount Roteschu swallowed hard.

“What are you talking about?”