Chapter 370

Chapter 370 of 371 chapters

Chapter 370. Be Careful What You Wish For (1)

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‘I’ve been waiting for a chance to get revenge on Rashta. How could this happen?’

Rivetti was happy to be reunited with her father. But she could not enjoy the moment because now she had to flee, while her father and brother would be executed.

She was convinced that it couldn’t be true. Although her father was greedy, she didn’t believe him capable of plotting such madness. On the other hand, her brother, who was foolish and driven by his emotions, was definitely not someone who could be involved in this plot.

However, Viscount Roteschu’s expression was very serious, so he did not seem to be joking.

Viscount Roteschu’s eyes filled with tears again at the sight of his devastated daughter.

No parent would want to admit to their children that they were evil. Viscount Roteschu was no different, so he never told his children that he had blackmailed Rashta for months.

Yet now he had to take the blame for a crime he had not committed.

“When someone asks you about your father and brother, say that you had a terrible father and brother, that you didn’t get along with us, even communication with us wasn’t good. Do you understand?”

“Father, I don’t like this. It’s unfair. I want to see His Majesty. I’ll tell His Majesty that my father had nothing to do with it!”

“No! His Majesty has already been merciful enough to allow you and your mother to be saved, so you mustn’t make him angry!”


Rivetti shook her head as she wept, but Viscount Roteschu suddenly stopped comforting her. He became cold as his sadness turned into anger at Rashta.

How could Alan be the princess’ father? Viscount Roteschu couldn’t believe it. However, there was no reason for the emperor, eager to have a descendant, to deliberately make a fuss that the princess was not his real daughter.

So it was clear that Rashta had a hand in it. Roteschu assumed that Rashta became pregnant through an affair and pretended that the emperor was the father, but when she found herself with no escape, she deliberately decided to drag Alan into her deceit.

‘All to take revenge on the past! Besides, she dared to try to kill my daughter.’

Viscount Roteschu clenched his jaw and fists. Even if Emperor Sovieshu hadn’t made the request, Roteschu would have taken Rashta to hell with him.



Nian had gone on holiday to a beautiful place with Viscount Langdel for a few days. She returned with her hands full of gifts and a bright glow illuminating her face.

“Wow! How can a person glow so bright?”

Laura was amazed when she saw Nian, who laughed and handed out gifts to each of my ladies-in-waiting.

As she did so, Rose, who had been out for a while, came in.

“Your Majesty, Viscount Langdel is outside. He is already back from vacation, but his face looks emaciated… Oh my, Nian!”

Rose screamed as soon as she belatedly became aware of Nian’s presence. Nian smiled and hugged her lightly.

“Miss Rose, how are you?”

Nian didn’t come to the imperial palace every day, and it had been a while since we last saw each other. My ladies-in-waiting acted as if they hadn’t seen Nian for years.

After much laughter and chatter, I asked my ladies-in-waiting to leave because I wanted to talk to Nian alone.

“Nian, I actually have something to ask you.”

“What is it, Your Majesty?”

Nian seemed to notice that this was a delicate matter, so she sat across from me with a straight back and a serious expression.

“It’s not too serious.”

“No? So can I relax again?”

“Listen to me first.”

“All right.”

“It’s about Marquis Liberty.”


When I mentioned Marquis Liberty, Nian immediately widened her eyes. She didn’t seem to find it strange.

She smiled as I told her about Duke Liberty’s request.

She replied awkwardly, tucking her loose hair behind her ear.

“Well. I didn’t feel that he approached with bad intentions, unless my senses betrayed me. You don’t have to worry too much.”


“If you are worried due to the request to reject him firmly, I already did that without being impolite.”

She smiled before adding,

“But if Your Majesty wishes, I could be more terrifying.”

“No. I just thought Duke Liberty and his son might want to use you. If that’s not what’s happening, I can’t interfere.”

“I think Duke Liberty made the request to Your Majesty as an excuse to have a conversation with you alone. Marquis Liberty doesn’t seem like someone who would talk about these things with his father.”

I was relieved to know that she would not be used by Duke Liberty. As I told Nian, the rest was her private life, so I couldn’t interfere.

After that, Nian went back to spend some more time with my ladies-in-waiting. I sat alone in my armchair, thinking about various things.

Old Duke Zemensia has been very quiet since Heinley’s birthday. Was he calm because Heinley had protected his grandson?

In fact, these days have been very peaceful.

Although Lady Mullaney and William tried not to run into each other when they visited me, they almost always coincided so they had a few fights, but they didn’t seem to get along so badly that they wanted to kill each other.

Contrary to their claims, they both acted like ordinary siblings who couldn’t stand each other. Evidently, I wouldn’t tell Mullaney.

In any case, recently the Ketron Family, the Liberty Family and the Zemensia Family… have been quiet.

It was good news. This entire year has been turbulent.

Thanks to that, I really appreciated this hard-won peace. The pain in my back increased as the days went by and my belly grew, but I was eating better than before… Ah, I was worried that Mastas seemed gloomy these days.

At that moment, Countess Jubel entered, looking at me with a worried expression.

“Your Majesty, wouldn’t it be better if you took a nap? You took a walk earlier and just met with Lady Nian. You must be very tired.”

“I’m not tired, I just walked and talked a little.”

“Still, there’s nothing wrong with being careful.”


I nodded and went to bed. But about ten minutes later, I heard a knock at the door. My consciousness slowly faded as my dreams blended with reality.

“Come in.”

I answered half asleep. My eyelids had become heavy, so I wanted to sleep a little longer. No matter who came in, I didn’t think I would come out of my dreams.

But all my ladies-in-waiting came in. Normally, only one of them came in, even when it was an urgent matter.

They all had very strange expressions, a mix of happiness, anxiety, and confusion.

“What’s going on?”

I couldn’t help but wake up completely, since it was unusual for my ladies-in-waiting to come in together.

“Your Majesty, take a look at this.”

Rather than provide a long explanation, Countess Jubel handed me a newspaper. It was from the Eastern Empire, and I noticed that it was dated from a few days ago.

“What is this all about?”

I was puzzled, but as soon as I took the newspaper my attention was drawn to the large text on the front page.

The headline read, ‘Princess Glorym is not Emperor Sovieshu’s daughter’.