Chapter 100 - 100: That's Not For Me To Worry About

Chapter 100 of 150 chapters

"Come on, don't hide. Let me finish it fast! I want to utilize the time I have left on this world in cultivation, not in playing hide and seek with you!" Long Chen let out as he was flying at a really fast speed but he couldn't see monster Emperor Shentia.

"Looks like I'll need to take a break soon. Long Chen muttered as he could feel that his qi was about to be depleted. He was just about to stop when he noticed someone at the far end of the horizon, running away with heavy steps.

A smirk appeared on Long Chen's face as he increased his speed. He was soon above his head but the person running didn't know.

"You were right old friend Balang. We shouldn't have antagonized that human. We should have formed peace with the other tribes and that human. But instead, we chose to ignore you and choose the path of destruction. We screwed up my friend. We just might have begun the process of extinction of our tribe." Monster Emperor Shentia kept running as he muttered to himself.

"That friend of yours sounds like a sensible person. I'm amazed that your monster tribe has someone who's sensible." Came a voice from above.

Monster Emperor Shentia stopped running as he had already guessed who it was.

"As expected of a human. You've already reached me. Are you going to kill me now?" Monster Emperor Shentia said without looking up as he stopped running.

Long Chen came down from the air as his heavenly demon wings disappeared. He stood behind Monster Emperor Shentia.

"No monster who took part in this war shall leave alive," Long Chen said in a heavy voice.

"What about those monsters who didn't take part in this war?" Monster Emperor Shentia said without looking back.

"Why didn't they join the war?" Long Chen asked

"All of the monsters left behind are either kids or elderly." Monster Emperor Shentia said.

"There is no monster king or monster Emperor there? Who's this Balang you were calling old friend," Long Chen asked, feeling interested.

"He's the only monster Emperor still alive other than me. He was against this war and instead wanted peace, whereas Taras wanted revenge. In the end, I favored Taras' plan, thus a war was declared." Monster Emperor Shentia explained.

"Oh, since it was two against one and war was decided upon, why didn't he take part in the war? Did you feel like you two were enough so he stayed behind?" Long Chen inquired with a slight smile.

"No, he was against the war and didn't want to take part in it, so he decided to stay behind to take care of the younger generation of monsters," Monster Emperor Shentia said in a deep voice.

"Hah, you think I'll believe you that he doesn't want war? He won't come for revenge as well?" Long Chen asked with a thoughtful expression.

"He won't. He believed that revenge would cause destruction of the monster tribe, so he won't do it," Monster Emperor Shentia replied.

"I have no reason to believe you. After I kill you, I'll go to your tribe to exterminate every monster, just like you declared this war to slaughter everyone." Long Chen replied in his heavy voice.

"You… Even if I die, I won't let you kill the innocent of my tribe." A strong fighting intent appeared in monster Emperor Shentia as he turned back instantly and punched out with his muscular hand.

But strangely enough, he saw no one standing there as no one was behind him. His fist only hit the air. He turned back but before he could don't turn, a fist landed on his face making him fly far away.

"You think that you can stop me?" Long Chen asked with a slight smile on his face.

"Even if I can't stop you, I won't let you kill innocent people who had nothing to do with this war!" Monster Emperor Shentia roared.

"Hell of Titan!!" He roared as his eyes turned blazing red. The ground suddenly became a sea of fire. This fire was blazing red in color. They were near the small stream, but the water kept evaporating rapidly.

"That was a good one. If I didn't have wings, I would've been in serious trouble." Long Chen smiled as he said,

Monster Emperor Shentia gazed at Long Chen who was flying in the air with his heavenly demon wings.

"We know that you're really strong. So why don't you face me like a man!! Why are you using your wings to dodge my attacks?" Monster Emperor Shentia said as he looked up to Long Chen.

"Why would I? I'm using my own strength against yours, Still, I'll come down," Long Chen said with a slight smile as he got down to the ground in the middle of the blazing sea of fire. A Strange phenomenon was seen as the flames which were in a few inches range on Long Chen's body kept being frozen in space, not harming him in the slightest.

"You are using the same barrier you used to protect yourself against the monster king attacks!!" Monster Emperor Shentia couldn't help but say loudly.

"Whatever I use, is my own choice. Anyway, since we're playing like men, why don't you take my attack without dodging as well?' Long Chen laughed as he said.

"Seven forms of saint sword- Second form: devastation!" Long Chen got in his attacking stance as he attacked with his King's sword towards Monster Emperor Shentia.

"Internal Armour!" Monster Emperor Shentia said as blazing armor appeared around his body, which soon turned to a steel-like structure.

"Barrier!" Monster Emperor Shentia also used a barrier on his body to prevent Long Chen's attacks.

The attack landed on the barrier, breaking it immediately and continued ahead. Monster Emperor Shentia, seeing his barrier broken, attacked work his sword as well, but his sword was broken as soon as it came in contact with Long Chen's attack. The barrier resisted for a moment before completely breaking, but this was enough to diminish the power of Long Chen's attack.

The attack, although weakened in power, still landed on Monster Emperor Shentia's chest, making him fall to the ground as a huge sword wound appeared in his chest.

"It's time for you to die," Long Chen appeared near monster Emperor Shentia who was on the ground roaring in pain.

"You... you can kill me as I've made the mistake of not stopping this war but… But don't kill people in the monster forest. They weren't involved in this war, specially Balang who was against it" Monster Emperor Shentia said, controlling his pain.

"You don't need to tell me what I should and shouldn't do. It's for me to decide. You can die for now." Long Chen said as he separated monster Emperor Shentia's head from his body with his sword.

"Actually, you don't need to worry about it as I don't want to kill the ones not involved in it, more importantly, I don't have enough time to go find the monster tribe and exterminate them. I only have a few more days left so that I can stay in this place. I want to utilize the cultivation advantage I have in this place as much as possible while I'm here." Long Chen muttered as he gazed at Monster Emperor Shentia's body.

"That Balang, if what you said is true, does sound like a good choice that will bring your tribe towards a peaceful future, until a few more degenerates like you are born. But that's not for me to worry about." Long Chen said lightly as he started walking back.