Chapter 101 - 101:I Just Want To Leave

Chapter 101 of 150 chapters

After a day of ruthless slaughter, every monster on the battlefield was lying dead on the ground as their blood changed the color of the field.Red could be seen everywhere. Many people could be seen cheering as they celebrated surviving this disaster

"Everyone! I have something to say" Queen Mia said loudly but since she wasn't able to use any Qi because of the backlash, she couldn't use qi to increase the range of her voice.Her voice was only heard by a few nearby people, while most remained unaware

"Everyone!!" Mazumas roared loudly gaining everyone's attention.

" The Queen of banshee tribe wants to say something! But since she's suffering a backlash, she can't get her voice to reach those standing farther. Since there are so many of you, even if all of you come closer, Many of you won't be able to hear her! So I'll be the one getting her words to you!!" Mazumas said loudly

"Thank you Mazumas."The queen thanked

" I don't want to take much of your time and just wanted to say a few words."The queen said which Mazumas repeated in his loud voice

"First of all, I would like to thank you all for participating in this war and congratulate you on winning this historical battle. Although we won this war, we have lost many of our comrades in the process. I hope everyone can properly bury them as we make this place the graveyard of our bravest. " Queen Mia continued

" Secondly, We will have a big celebration for winning this war after one month. we had all our citizens evacuated before the War, so the arrangements will take time. That's it"Queen Mia said as she  finished her speech

" Thank you Mazumas" Queen mia thanked Mazumas for helping her

"You don't need to thank me for that! All of us have just survived this terrible war which taught us the strength of unity! We can't maintain that unity if we don't help each other out" Mazumas said to Queen Mia with a happy smile

" Hmmph, where was your unity when you waged a war on us and almost ended our lineage?"Tribe leader of Barong tribe, Bala, snorted

"Hmmph, who told your tribe member to insult my daughter!! And instead of giving that person to me to punish, you protected him!! Of Course, I'll punish you for that!"Mazumas said as he glared at Bala with an angry expression

" Of Course I'll protect my tribe member. Especially if he was accused wrongly! " Bala said in a non-wavering tone

" Are you calling my daughter a liar?" Mazumas said in a heavy voice as he stared at Bala

" I..." Bala was about to reply when he was interrupted by the Queen

*Both of you! It's not the time to fight!" Queen Mia interrupted them as she said

"You are all injured. Come with me, I'll make arrangements for you all to rest in my palace " Queen Mia said with a slight smile to all the tribe leaders present

" Aia! " Queen said as a girl came forward and put a robe on her. Everyone felt sad as they  remembered that the queen had lost her hands, and the one who did it was their savior

"Thanks. By the way, make proper arrangements for our guests to stay in the palace" The queen said as she continued ahead.

" Yes, your highness. " Aia replied

" Ahmm... Queen Mia, can you make proper arrangements for Xu's body to be brought to the Elphia tribe? I just want to leave with Xu and bury him on our own soil. I would really appreciate it if you arrange for a spacious carriage? I'll purchase that and  send you the money after I'm back at the tribe with Old Xu "Tensha said as he stood still

"Ah, I'll get it ready. Also, you don't have to pay for anything, you came here to help us, that is already more than anything " Queen Mia replied straight away

"Alright, You guys can go ahead. I'll stay here till then and depart as soon as it is ready. I apologize for not participating in your celebration" Tensha replied

" What celebration? I'm so tired and in so much pain that I just want to rest! Their only celebration go be held will be after one month as Queen Mia said" Bala Said to Tensha

" You can bring him to the palace if you want?" Queen suggested as she looked down

"It's alright, there's no need for that" Tensha said as he rejected straight away

" I... alright. " The Queen said as she walked away while everyone followed her leaving Tensha behind

In just two hours, a carriage was arranged, in which Tensha departed with Xu's body. The army of Elphia tribe followed behind the carriage, albeit at a slower speed


After four hours of travel, Long Chen finally returned to the battlefield in which the war took place. Everywhere he saw, he could only see blood and bodies of dead monsters that were being collected in one spot by the banshee army with the help of a few other armies. He couldn't see any bodies of the warriors of any tribe making him guess that they were all properly buried.

Long Chen couldn't help but be amazed at the fast working of the warriors who buried tens of thousands of bodies in just a Few Hours.

"Where did all the tribe leaders go?" Long Chen asked the first Person he wandered to on the battlefield, who turned out to be a  warrior of the Mulan tribe.

"Y...You... Great Master, they all went inside the banshee tribe towards the royal palace." He got stunned seeing the person who killed a monster Emperor standing in front of him and talking to him but soon he controlled himself and answered Long Chen's Question.

"Why don't I see the warriors of the elphia tribe here?" Long Chen inquired

" They all left with their tribe leader some time ago" The warrior replied.

" Oh, and other tribe leaders? did they leave as well?" long Chen asked

"No, they went inside the palace with the queen" He replied

"Alright" Long Chen gave a slight nod as he flew towards the palace. He passed the boundary of the tribe easily as he landed in front of the palace.

'I won't be able to leave in satisfaction until I do it' Long Chen thought as he entered the palace