Chapter 102 - 102:Reason

Chapter 102 of 150 chapters

Long Chen walked inside the palace asking directions from the servants along the way. Although no one dared to stop him, most of them immediately informed the queen that Long Chen had entered the palace and the direction he was going in.

"What does he want to do? " The Queen walked back and forth with a thoughtful expression

"Should I make someone follow him or do it myself? No! He can do anything he wants, I don't want to be involved with that calamity anymore" she thought as she gave up and sat back on her throne and told the servants to let Long Chen do what he wants without antagonizing him

Long Chen knocked on a door which was soon opened

"Gr... great master Chen" A servant opened the door

"Where's you're master?" Long Chen asked

"He's inside resting. I will inform him of your arrival? " The servant moved as he hurriedly ran inside. Long Chen entered the room as well and followed the servant

"Master!! Great Master Chen is here to see you!" Long Chen heard the voice as he was in the hall

" Wh... what... I'll be right there" Came a hurried response.

Soon Tribe leader of the Barong tribe, Bala, came out of the bedroom followed behind by the servant

"Ah... Great master Chen. I apologize for making you wait. please sit master" Bala hurriedly walked towards Long Chen even with his injured body

" You don't need to take the trouble to come out. But since you're already out, let's sit down. I need to talk to you about something important" Long Chen said lightly as he sat down and gazed at the servant.

" Ah sure sure. Maz, can you leave the room so that great master and I could talk? " Tribe leader Balang told the servant who soon left the room

"Here, I would like to give it back to you. Thank you for giving it to me as it helped me a lot" Long Chen said as he gave the compass back to Bala which he received to find the location of monster tribe

"Did... did you reach the monster tribe and are back? It was so fast. Are they all dead? " Tribe leader Bala asked shocked

" So you consider me as someone who mindlessly slaughters? why would I eliminate the entire monster tribe? "Long Chen responded with a slight smile

" ah No No ... That's not what I meant. I was just curious about how it helped you"Tribe leader Bala hurriedly clarified

" Of Course it helped me to find the monster emperor I was looking for. I knew he would go in the direction of the monster tribe and this helped me to find him. Also before you ask, Yes, he's already dead"Long Chen said with a smile

" Amazing" Tribe leader Bala couldn't help but say with a stunned expression

"We are getting off-topic. That's not what I'm here to talk about. I'm here about the orb you gave to the queen in exchange for her protection" Long Chen said with a slight smile

" That... what about that" Tribe leader Bala muttered with a slightly nervous expression

" I'm sure that we both know that it wasn't the same orb Tian Shen had comprehended from. Why did you lie and where is the real orb?" Long Chen asked

" This... The truth is that it wasn't my intention to lie. I didn't want to lie to the queen but I had no choice" Tribe leader Bala said with a downcast expression

"What do you mean? There's a reason you didn't give her the real orb?" Long Chen inquired

" Right, it's not because I didn't want to, but the truth is that I didn't even have the orb. Right after Great master, Tian Shen disappeared from this world, that orb went missing with him. It's written in our history books that When our ancestors went to the temple where the orb was placed, it was empty. We don't know where it went either " Bala replied in a deep tone

"So you had three orbs, and the one Tian Shen studied from disappeared when he went back to his real world? Did you find any broken pieces in that place?" Long Chen asked with a thoughtful expression

" There were no broken pieces in that place and it was completely empty. Also, we didn't have three orbs, we only had two orbs before great master tian Shen appeared. As for where the orb we gave Queen Mia came from? I can give you the answer to that. It was found by our previous tribe leader who one day returned to the tribe from his journey with that orb"Bala explained to Long Chen

" Oh, Thanks for telling me. I need to leave now" Long Chen said as he stood up

" Will you tell the Queen about this?" Bala asked with an anxious gaze

" I have no need to tell that girl anything" Long Chen smiled slightly as he left.

Long Chen walked towards the exit as he kept thinking

"There are many mysteries in this world, too bad I don't have the time to think about all of them. Cultivation is what matters"Long Chen muttered

'If I go back to the Elphia tribe, it would take some time as I can't use Spatial travel before tomorrow. Oh right, there's a good place to cultivate here as well' Long Chen thought as he exited the palace. He walked towards the back of the palace and entered the temple where he found the orb of ice and orb of space

"No guards are here now, I guess since there were no orbs, Mia felt like this place wasn't worth protecting anymore. I wonder how long She'll take to realize that her orb is back where it once was" Long Chen thought as he gazed at the law of ice orb inside the temple. Long Chen ignored the orb as he knew that he won't be able to gain anything from it

He sat in the ground as he took out the egg from his spatial ring and started feeding it with his qi. After finishing it, Long Chen finally began his Cultivation once more