Chapter 103 - 103: They Were Real

Chapter 103 of 150 chapters

Long chen was lost in his cultivation inside the temple while the outside world had finally retained it's calm.

After a day, the burial process ended, All of the tribe leaders left with their army. They were provided with luxurious carriages by the banshee tribe to make their travel, in their injured condition, as comfortable as possible. The Banshee tribe also sent their people to the Elphia tribe to escort their young and elderly back as the danger had passed.

Although the queen found out that Long Chen had entered the temple, she decided against getting involved in it and left Long Chen free to do whatever he wanted as she knew that Long Chen was a god-like existence in this world since he could even kill a monster emperor so easily


In the monster city, Monster Emperor Balang had found out about the result of the battle and the crushing defeat of the monster army. He knew that he couldn't do anything about it. After regretting this and his inability to stop Taras and Shentia from taking this foolish decision, he decided to do something to prevent something like this from happening again in the future.

He made a decree that no monster was ever allowed to exit the monster forest or interact with any other tribe. They were to stay within their region peacefully for eternity. Anyone who didn't follow this order was to be killed brutally by every monster.

He also decided to write about this tragedy in a book to warn future generations against taking a stupid decision like this which could cause their downfall. He made it compulsory for this book to be read by every monster when they turned of age.

After doing everything, Monster Emperor Balang walked to the monster forest and started waiting. Waiting for a disaster to arrive.


Another day passed.

Inside the Elphia tribe, A burial was taking place. The burial of deputy chief of the elphia tribe.

Xia could be seen in the front as tears kept falling from her eyes at the sight of her dead father.

She was eagerly waiting for their army to return and was excited when she heard that it had returned. Her eyes couldn't help but look for her father but her whole world turned upside down as the tribe leader tensha exited the carriage and called for her. As she saw her father lying inside the carriage, she couldn't believe that this was actually happening.

The burial was soon arranged.

Hours had passed since that moment but her tears never stopped. Tribe leader tensha walked towards her from behind as he put his hands on her head.

"I'm really sorry, little Xia. It is true that your father died trying to protect me. So in a way, I'm the culprit who caused his death. I ask for your forgiveness" He said in a sad voice

" It's not your fault uncle Tensha. You were fighting with your life on the line for our tribe and so was my father. He did what he thought was right, so I can't blame you. " Xia said in a coarse voice

" I want you to shift in my residence. I'll arrange everything. Although he couldn't complete his last words. I know what he wanted to tell me. It was to take care of you and I fully intend to keep his last wish "Tensha said as he gazed towards the burial taking place

"It's fine uncle Tensha. You don't need to do that. I want to stay in our old home" Xia replied

"I... Alright, I'll respect your wishes. But whenever you need anything, just tell me. Till now I Only had two sons, but now you're a part of that family as well" Tensha said softly as he walked back deciding to give her some space

Terra kept standing in the back unsure of what to say. He wanted to go forward and console Xia but didn't know how to. He didn't want to disturb her when she needed peace but he didn't want to leave her alone as well. He kept standing wondering what to do.

Soon the burial was finished and after saying what everyone wanted and sharing their greatest memories of deputy chief Xu. everyone walked back.


Back in the temple inside the banshee tribe, After over two days of cultivation, Long Chen finally opened his eyes with a smile on his face.

"The peak of the 8th stage gold core realm. Amazing If I could stay here, I could achieve the peak of cultivation easily" Long Chen muttered with a smile.

" Hah, you dream! "Came a mocking voice from nearby

"why? Don't you think that I could do it?" Long Chen asked confused

"You can do it if you could maybe maintain the same speed. But.... did you forget about the time dilation? Also, even if there wasn't anything related to time, you still couldn't do anything as the peak of the gold core realm is the best you could achieve in this world. " Xun explained

" Why? " Long Chen inquired

"The Qi of this world is not sufficient. Although you can cultivate fast in this world, this speed will decrease by a large amount as the Qi of this world starts depleting. This place is not like the cultivation world of yours where large amount of Qi is generated daily" Xun further explained

" Isn't this an illusory world made just for the trial? Why can't the qi be unlimited here? " Long Chen asked confused

" Who said it's an illusory world?" Xun said in a confused voice

"Ahmm.. you? When you talked about the orbs, you called it illusory" Long Chen pointed out

"Ahem...I don't remember what I said but I was talking about the orbs, not this world! " She coughed once as she replied

" So it's a real world? And the monsters I killed...? " Long Chen asked as he gazed at Xun

" They were real as well! " She smiled as she said, shocking Long Chen

"Why didn't you tell me before?" long Chen asked

"This topic wasn't raised before" She replied

" Wait a minute... My real body is back home, how can I interact with real people in a real world with my spiritual body? " Long Chen asked as he grew more confused