Chapter 104 - 104: Farewell

Chapter 104 of 150 chapters

" Wait a minute... My real body is back home, how can I interact with real people in the real world with my spiritual body? " Long Chen asked as he grew more confused

"The one you're using is not a spiritual body but more like a clone that your spiritual body is possessing. Its a clone made just for this trial by bloodline Temple. It will disappear when you exit this world" She replied like it was a matter of fact

"What are you talking about!! How can a drop of blood make all of this happen? A clone, a trial, a new world? " Long Chen let out loud

" This world is more complex than you think little boy. And my master was at the top of it so of course, anything is possible" Xun said with a smile

"Whatever, I don't even feel like giving a response anymore" Long Chen stopped talking as he lay down on the ground.

" So Tired after sitting for two whole days," Long Chen said as he gazed at the roof

" Who don't you go to the palace and rest on the bed? " Xun asked

" It's fine here as well, I'll be leaving soon enough."Long Chen replied

"By the way, Exactly how long till I leave this world?  " Long Chen asked as he looked at Xun

" An hour " She replied looking at him

" Hah, Not much time left now. Let's go meet Tensha and others one last time to say our goodbyes before we leave" Long Chen muttered as he stood up

" The ability I received from the space orb is really amazing. Traveling within a hundred kilometers range though space travel is so awesome. Too bad it has so many limitations" Long Chen muttered

" What limitations? You only told me about the two. It could only be used to travel in a hundred Kilometers range and that it could only be used once a day. Is there any other limitation?" Xia asked confused

" There's another limitation. The place you need to go to must be the place you've been to before. There's one more thing, although it can't be called a limitation, its something which affects me a lot. It is that You can't be sure of the place the spatial crack will bring you. Although it will be really close to the place you want to travel, it can be any spot in that area, even the spot you haven't visited before" Long Chen explained to Xun

"Just like before, I wanted to travel to the banshee tribe, inside their boundary, but the place I exited was right above the battlefield outside their boundary. Although that worked out in my favor. By the way, My entry was pretty badass, wasn't it?" Long Chen asked with a cheeky smile

" Yes, it was pretty bad... But why add ass? It wasn't that bad, right? " Xun said innocently

" Y... That means pretty awesome, not bad!" Long Chen couldn't help but cough as he heard her words

"Oh...You should be glad you have such awesome...I mean badass ability like space travel. Even though it has some limitations" Xun replied with a smile

" You're right. It's a pretty useful ability. I should go now" Long Chen said as he gazed at Xun

" Warp! " Long Chen muttered as he waved his hand in empty air. A spatial crack appeared which Long Chen widened as he entered. Soon the spatial crack disappeared from that spot

A spatial crack appeared inside the Elphia tribe. Long Chen exited from it as he looked around but his eyes opened wide as he saw what was in front of him.

"Oh f***," Long chen thought

He saw that he was inside a room and a girl was standing in front of him with her back towards him but what made him opened his eyes wide was the fact that this girl wasn't wearing anything. He could see her amazing figure but he didn't have time to think about it. He realized that he was in deep trouble now. The door was in front of the girl so long Chen couldn't exit through the door and he couldn't use Spatial travel either as he had already used his ability

His heart started beating faster as he saw the wet body of the girl. He had guessed that she had just finished taking a bath but his expressions turned weird as he thought about something. He knew that all his reputation was about to be destroyed today as a towel was hanging just near him. He could guess that she would turn around to get that towel and that will be the moment that a dark stain will be placed upon his honor

His biggest fear turned true as the girl turned around extending her hand towards the towel but her eyes opened wide as her expressions changed. She covered her bountiful breasts with one hand and used her other hand to cover something else. She was just about to scream when Long Chen closed the distance between them and  a hand covered her mouth

"M... mammm yemmm?" She said shocked as she saw who it was. But since her mouth was covered by his hands, nothing was clear to Long Chen

"Miss Xia, I... I apologize that I accidentally entered your bathroom. Please don't scream. I was testing an ability and accidentally appeared here "Long Chen brought his lips close to her ears as he said lightly. Xia could feel her heart beating faster as long chen neared her. Her face couldn't help but turn red as her breathing fastened

She nodded her head as long Chen slowly removed his hands from her red lips but didn't move back

"M...Master Chen. I believe you. You are not the type of  person who would do something like this intentionally"Xia said softly with her face still turned red

" Your eyes.... Were you crying? " Long Chen asked as he saw that her eyes were slightly red. She nodded in affirmation

"I'm sorry that I couldn't protect your father. I was late and couldn't save him" Long Chen said lightly

" You could do nothing about it, but the one who killed him...?" She asked

"He died a brutal death. All the monsters who took part in this war were slaughtered" Long Chen replied as he gazed into her eyes

" Thank you," She said as she hugged Long Chen

" Ahh... you can wear clothes now" Long Chen muttered as he gazed towards the door

After Long Chen's reminder, Xia remembered that she wasn't wearing anything. She immediately pushed Long Chen back as she picked up the towel and covered hey sensual body

Long Chen hurriedly exited the bathroom without Looking Back and walked towards the chair in the room attached, waiting for Xia to come out.

Xia soon came out after getting properly dressed and sat in front of Long Chen gracefully.

"I'm here to bid you farewell. I am leaving this place and I don't know when and if I'll ever meet you again. I wanted to thank you for all the help you all provided me" Long Chen said straight away before she could even say anything

"Y... Alright. Thank you for giving us a chance to get to know you and saving the people of this world. You, humans, are like the guardian entity of this world. Just like Master Tian Shen saved this world the last time, you saved it now. We should be the ones thanking you" Xia said with a smile hiding her true emotions