Chapter 105 - Cchapter 105: Rewards

Chapter 105 of 150 chapters

"You told uncle Tensha and Terra yet or am I the first one?" Xia asked as he gazed at Long Chen

"Not Yet. You are the first one I've told so far. I should go and tell them as well. I don't have much time left" Long Chen said as he got up

"I'll come with you then" Xia smiled slightly as she heard him and stood up as well but Long Chen somehow felt like her smile looked quite different than her usual bright smile

" Ah... alright. can you walk ahead? I don't know where the exit to your house is " Long Chen gave a wry smile as he said looking towards the door

" Alright," Xia said as she walked, followed behind by Long Chen

After a short trip, both of them reached Tensha's residence.

Tensha was sitting on a chair in the hall writing something while terra was sitting nearby reading a book.

"I never took you as an intellectual person who liked reading, terra" Long Chen commented with a smile as he and Xia walked inside

Both terra and Tensha got up shocked to welcome him.

"Keep sitting, I won't take much of your time. I'm just here to bid you farewell. I'm leaving and I don't know when I'll be back so I wanted to tell you and thank you for taking care of me before I leave. " Long Chen said with a smile without waiting for their response

" This... Just like before when great master Tian Shen left after saving this world. Are humans really the gods of this world? You always appear in times of danger, protect us and then disappear" Tensha gazed at Long Chen as he said in a low voice

"I'm no god. But I'm glad that I was able to save ...the most of you" Long Chen replied but by the end, his voice almost became inaudible as he remembered about Deputy chief  Xu. He gazed back at Xia but she had no expressions on her face like she didn't hear him

"Can't you stay for longer?" Terra asked looking at Long Chen

"Unfortunately I can't. But maybe we'll see each other again in the future" Long Chen said with a slight smile on his face as he gazed at terra

"Now that I have done everything I wanted to, it's time to leave. Goodbye everyone" Long Chen said in a soft tone as he walked towards the exit.

"Wait!"Came a voice from behind which made Long Chen stop in his tracks

He turned back and gazed at Xia who came running as she closed the distance between her and Long Chen.

"Yes?" He asked after a brief moment

"I...I know it's inappropriate but… Can I come with you as well?"She said in a low voice

Long Chen gazed at her for a short moment before words finally came out of his mouth

"I apologize that I can't take you with me even if I want to. As far as I know, the place I'm going, only a human can enter" Long Chen replied

" Oh, alright. Sorry for making such a weird request" She laughed awkwardly as she said diverting her eyes

Long Chen gazed at her for a moment before turning back. He exited the residence

"Heavenly demon wings" After exiting the residence, Long Chen used his Martial skill as two wings appeared behind his back. He looked back once before he flew in the air and soon disappeared into the horizon

"Things changed so much in the last few days" Tensha muttered as he saw Long Chen leave

" Father, Where do you think the humans disappear after saving us? "Terra asked as he looked at Tensha

" Who knows, maybe they're out there helping another world in need, "Tensha said as he looked towards the direction Long Chen departed in

"I hope we will meet again" Xia muttered in a soft voice before walking towards her residence


Long Chen was flying in the middle of nowhere when suddenly a portal appeared in front of him. As he couldn't stop, he entered the portal.

"Back here" Long Chen muttered as he found himself back In the bloodline Temple

"Xun! What now? I passed the trial, Why am I not back in the real world yet? " Long Chen asked as he stared at the walls

"It's the right place. Don't you want it?" Xun appeared near Long Chen as she said while gazing in Long Chen's eyes

"What?" Long Chen asked confused

"Your rewards dummy. I told you that you'll get the  rewards when you pass the trial"Xun gave a cheeky smile as she said

" Oh right, where are the rewards?" Long Chen remembered as he asked excitedly.

"Enter the room in front of you," Xun said with a smile

"That room? Isn't it the doorway to the trial world? Are you trying to fool me? " Long Chen asked as he stared at xun

" You think I'm lying? You can choose not to enter if you don't want to" Xun puffed her cheeks as she said

" Alright alright, I trust you little girl" Long Chen said with a smile as he pinched Xun's cheeks.

" You!!!!" Xun's face turned red in anger but before she could say anything, Long Chen had already entered the room. She disappeared and entered as well

"You're the little girl! Your whole family is the little girl!! I'm older than your oldest ancestor! How dare you talk to me like that! " Xun let out loudly with puffed up cheeks as she gazed at Long Chen.

"I was just messing around. You know, People say that the wise ones ignore the mistakes of the younger ones.I'm sure you'll ignore my mistakes since you're so wise. Right?" Long Chen asked with a bright smile as he looked at Xun

", Ah... yes that's right!! I'm really the wise one, I'll forgive you for your mistakes! " Xun said as she nodded her head up and down with proud expressions on her face

"Tell me about my rewards," Long Chen asked her

"Look at the shelves in front of you. There are some Martial skills in there, you can choose any one of them. For now, you can only open the first page and read the summary of the book but once you choose one, you'll gain the complete knowledge of that skill in your memory. Then you can Cultivate that when you're back" Xun explained as she glanced at Long Chen

" Are they the strongest skills in the Bloodline Temple? " Long Chen inquired

" Of course not. Since you've just passed the first trial, you're getting the lowest grade of skills in bloodline Temple. But even this lowest grade will be considered a treasure in a lower world like yours" Xun replied to Long Chen.

" First trial? There will be more?" Long Chen asked in a loud tone

" Yup, there will be more. And every trial will be different than the first one. " Xun told Long Chen.

" When will be the next trial? " Long Chen asked as he glanced at xun

" When your bloodline density reaches 5 percent. You've only unlocked the ability to gain 5 percent bloodline after passing the first trial. When you reach that limit, the second trial will begin" Xun explained to Long Chen

" Whatever, I'll think about all that later. First, it's time to choose a suitable skill for myself" Long Chen muttered with a smile as he gazed at the books on the shelf