Chapter 106 - 106:Choices

Chapter 106 of 150 chapters

"Wild Steps- A Martial skill that can increase the speed of a normal mortal comparable to that of a wild beast with even more miraculous effects on the cultivators" Long Chen muttered as he read the first book's introduction. Without thinking for long, he picked up the next book

" Blink- A movement skill that can make you change your position in a range of one meter within a blink of an eye. Not useful for long-distance movement but pretty useful trick during a life or death battle" Long Chen thought about the next skill as he finished reading

Long Chen kept reading books one after another before he finished reading the shelf completely and realized that all the skills in it were movement skills

"I quite lacked a good movement skill as the level of flash steps was too low. It came at a good time but all these movement skills are so amazing, it's tough to choose. Some have good versatility while others have high effectiveness. Some are effective for short-distance whereas others for longer distance. Every skill has the use of their own. I think I have a few choices in my mind though

"Earthly Monarch Effect! Although I like blink as well, but if I had to choose, I'll take Earthly Monarch Effect"  Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the book

" So you've decided on this one? " Xun asked as she stood in the back

" Yea. It is something that I find more useful. Although it can't increase my speed on a burst like some of the other skills, it's the one which will grow stronger with me. This movement skill strengthens the muscles while increasing the overall speed by once twenty percent. I've known that my speed had gone up by a lot as my cultivation increased. Any fixed increase will become useless after I reach a certain cultivation. But compared to other movement skills, the usefulness of  earthy monarch effect will keep increasing as my cultivation increase " Long Chen explained with a smile

" So you're investing in this movement skill for the long run. Do you think you should think as much? You'll get even stronger skills in the future " Xun laughed as she said

" Of course I am investing in the future with what I have as I'm not ready to place everything on hope. Every skill of bloodline Temple is extraordinary and I don't want this chance to be wasted but it's just a decision about movement skills, there are more shelves and books in this room. I need to learn more to decide which skill is more important for me" Long Chen said as he gazed at Xun

Long Chen moved to the left shelve and picked up books one by one and putting them back after reading their introduction

"Steel body- A body Cultivation technique that makes your body as hard as steel, no mortal weapon will be able to cut your skin even the slightest when cultivated to the completion of the first stage. No Spirit grade weapon will be about to cut your skin when cultivated to third stage…." Long Chen muttered

"Heavenly Snake body - A body Cultivation technique that increases the flexibility of your body by softening your bones when needed while increasing the defense as well. It'll be easier to avoid opponents attacks with a more flexible body" Long Chen talked to himself as he read another description

" Dragon Transformation - A technique that when cultivated to the finest, can make the bones and skin as tough as that of a dragon. This once looks pretty useful " Long Chen thought as he put the book back

He finished reading all the books in this shelve except one. He opened the last book and read its name.

"Demon Monarch Physique! A very dominating name" Long chen said as he picked up the last book. He opened the book and read it's description

"Demon Monarch Physique- A demon is within all of us, a hidden strength and a hidden weakness. After Cultivating the Demon monarch physique to the peak, The strength of a demon monarch will flow through you. You shall make everyone tremble just by your name. Every stage comparable to a Qi cultivator. Most Suitable for the Cultivators who have high patience, calm mind and a strong will" Long Chen let out lightly as he read

"It's description is as powerful as its name. Xun, Do you know about this skill? " Long Chen asked as he looked back

" I have heard of it once. It's a really powerful body cultivation technique but its drawbacks are pretty good as well" Xun explained with a smile

" What drawbacks?" Long Chen asked looking at Xun

"You remember the last words you read? Most Suitable for Cultivators who have high patience, calm mind, and a strong will? Don't you wonder why? " Xun asked with an interested expression on her face.

" Simple. It's probably because it's hard to cultivate it in a short period of time so the ones with better patience have a better chance to cultivate it "Long Chen replied

" Nope. Although it's true that it's one of the hardest skills to cultivate amongst the body cultivation technique present here but that's not the reason for that warning. It has something to do with the drawback I was talking about" Xia told Long Chen

" Can you tell me straight away without all this suspense?" Long Chen asked annoyed

" Alright alright, I'll tell you. The thing is that you can cultivate this technique even if you don't have any quality involving calm and patience. It'll be just as hard for any person cultivating it whether it be a calm minded person or the one who always stays angry. It's what comes after Cultivating this technique" Xun said as she gazed at Long Chen

" After you cultivate this technique, you'll have a hard time controlling your emotions. When you're angry, you'll have an urge to slaughter and only through sheer will, can you have a chance to control yourself. The higher you cultivate this technique, the more effort it will require for you to control yourself and there's a good chance that you'll lose yourself to your emotions and anger is not the only emotion it will strengthen. If you can't control, you'll be just like a demon who does what his heart wants" Xun explained further

" Wow. That's...." Long Chen couldn't find words to explain his astonishment as he heard Xun's description

" Other than the negatives, there are many positives as well. Your physical strength will improve explosively and you'll be able to take on Cultivators without using any cultivation or Qi and your defense will improve a lot as well while cultivating this technique"Xun said with a smile

" This sounds like a pretty good Martial skill, it's just the side effects that are making me worry. I don't know if I should choose it or not. I'll decide later, first look through the last shelve"Long Chen muttered as he turned back

" How many books  am I allowed to choose by the way?" Long Chen asked