Chapter 107 - 107: Second Reward

Chapter 107 of 150 chapters

" How many books  am I allowed to choose by the way?" Long Chen asked as he looked at Xun with expectations.

" Go through all the books first, decide which ones you want. When you're done, I will tell you how many you can take" Xun replied with a smile

"There are only three shelves here, if I'm not Wrong, this third one should contain either an Attack, defense or flying type Martial skills" Long Chen muttered as he picked the first book on the third shelf.

"Earth cracking fist- A fist is enough to destroy life, A fist is enough to crack the earth. When cultivated to the peak, a single punch can break a mountain to pieces! This one can be really useful after I cultivate a body cultivation technique and increase my strength"Long Chen said lightly as he finished reading the description of the first book

"Heavenly Elephant strike! Hmm... It's a good one as well. Making a heavenly elephant avatar using qi and using him to attack the opponent. Weaker opponents can't even stand a chance" Long Chen muttered as if wondering to himself

"Thunder blade! Making thunder fall From the sky at the opponent, cleansing all sins and destroying even soul. I like this one as well" Long Chen muttered as he put the book back

" Hah, is there anything that you don't like?" Xun asked in a teasing voice

"Fire prison!  Fire Can burn anything, reduced to ashes! A prison made of fire to trap your opponent preventing their escape. They can do nothing but wait for their imminent demise "Long Chen said as he finished reading about book without responding to Xun

"It feels more like the skill that the monster emperor used to trap me. Could be useful in certain situations  as well" Long Chen muttered with a smile

After a short while Long Chen was finished reading all the books on this shelf as well

"All the Martial skills on this shelf are remarkable offensive type Martial skills. There are so many that I want for myself. Is there no flying to Martial skill in this place?"Long Chen asked as he gazed at Xun

" I don't think a flying Martial skill Is here this time but I don't think that you need one either as you already have a pretty good flying skill"Xun replied looking at Long Chen

" Alright, anyways, I've read all the books. Can you tell me how many books I can choose now? " Long Chen asked as he gazed as Xun

" I've chosen three books, for now, one from each shelf. If I can choose more, I have other skills in my mind as well" Long Chen said to Xun

" Pretty lucky, As that's the exact number of skills that you could take as your reward. Three shelves, three books. So which one did you choose? Pick them up, we're leaving this room"Xun said as she stretched her arms

" I chose these three. Thunder Blade, Earthly Monarch Effect and ... Demon Monarch physique"Long Chen said as he picked up the three books he named

" So you've chosen Demon Monarch physique even after my warning. You must have a lot of confidence on yourself" Xun asked as she looked at Long Chun

" I believe I can control myself, "Long chen said with a smile

" If you say so. Since you've picked the three, leave this room now. Those books will disappear and the knowledge on how to cultivate them will appear in your memory" Xun Said as she pointed towards the door

"I know that I shouldn't be greedy but Are there no other rewards? " Long Chen asked glancing at Xun

"There's more that you'll receive, " Xun said mysteriously as she disappeared

Long Chen walked towards the exit with a thoughtful expression before finally exiting the room.

He saw xun standing in front of him

"Now time for your third reward. Enter that room" Xun said as she pointed towards the door Long Chen came out of.

Long Chen with a tired expression entered the room again without asking

As he entered the room, the view was again different There were no shelves or books. The entire room was completely empty. He gazed at the walls bit only strange patterns were there

"What am I supposed to get in this room?" Long Chen said as he gazed at Xun

" The walls," Xun said with a smile

" What about the walls? " Long Chen asked back

" You see the patterns on there? Just touch any pattern that you like and you'll gain some interesting knowledge. What knowledge you get depends on the pattern you chose"Xun explained

" What knowledge are you talking about? " Long Chen inquired

" You'll know when you tough one. I can't help you on this one" Xun said with a slight smile.

Long Chen walked forward and looked at all the patterns. He could see that there were over Twenty patterns on different walls. He understood nothing about any pattern and could only take a chance by choosing a random one.

"This one I guess" Long Chen walked towards the left wall towards the corner most pattern which somehow looked kind of like a plant. Xun watched him with an eager expression on her face

Long Chen touched the pattern but fell unconscious on the ground immediately

"That's a good choice. I guess you really are walking a different path than Tian Shen" Xun muttered as she looked at the sword-like pattern on the right wall

" Ahem? Where am I" Long Chen muttered subconsciously as he opened his eyes

"Oh right, Bloodline Temple" He let out as he gazed at his surroundings and saw xun sitting there

"What just happened. wait a minute... This knowledge in my mind... it wasn't there before. What the..." Long Chen muttered as he grabbed his head tightly

" Calm down. I know it's tough absorbing so much information but it'll pass in just a few seconds after you assimilate the knowledge" Xun said in a soothing voice

" This knowledge! It is alchemy!! The techniques of making pills, various herbs, recipes... so much!!" Long Chen let out shocked as he assimilated all the memories

"This much knowledge!! I'm sure not even the best alchemist in our empire will not know so much!!" Long Chen said with a wide smile

" This is your second reward. What you have is just theoretical knowledge. Also, comparing this knowledge to a lowly alchemist of a lower world is like an insult to this knowledge! " Xun told Long Chen

" By the way, although you have just gained the knowledge of a great way of Alchemy. You can reach the top in alchemy but only if you can apply this theoretical knowledge practically. That is the actual tough part. If you can succeed, then you can become one of the greatest alchemists ever known" Xun further explained

" So the pattern I chose represented alchemy knowledge? So in a sense, now I have the same knowledge the best alchemist in the universe may have? Awesome" Long Chen said with a bright smile

"Well… Not exactly" Xun stood as she looked at long chen