Chapter 108 - 108: Last Reward

Chapter 108 of 150 chapters

"So the pattern I chose represented the Great way of alchemy? So in a sense, I now have the same knowledge the best alchemist in the universe may have? Why do I feel this knowledge is not all there is to it?" Long Chen asked as he gazed at Xun

" You're right. The knowledge you have is something a Spirit grade 9th rank Alchemist should possess. As you know, there are many grades above  Spirit grade alchemist" Xun explained.

"Yea, I know a few. The lowest grade being Mortal grade Alchemist, Spirit grade alchemist and then Saint grade alchemist. Every grade is divided into 9 ranks, with first Rank being the lowest" Long Chen said to Xun

" Yup, the knowledge you received makes you a 9th stage spirit grade Alchemist, but only theoretically" Xun laughed as she said

" That's a good reward as well. I've only heard about mortal grade alchemist being in our kingdom and now I'm Superior to him" Long Chen smiled brightly as he said

" Not yet, but you will be if you learn to use the knowledge you have. But it'll take a lot of practice though" Xun replied to Long Chen

"Oh right, the pattern I chose represented the path of alchemy, what about other  patterns?"Long Chen asked as he looked at the other walls but realized that there were no patterns on any wall now

" Don't bother looking for them. They disappeared since you made your choice. By the way, They represented other great knowledge like the great strategist, painter, poet, Physician, Artisan, oracle, appraiser, Tamer, Formation Master, etc" Xun explained

" I don't want to compare myself to him, but I can't help but be curious, What did he choose? " Long Chen asked as he looked at Xun

" He? Oh, you mean your senior Tian Shen! "Xun laughed but stopped after Long Chen glared at her with an annoyed expression for over a minute

" He chose the wall on the right, the corner most pattern. The knowledge was something similar yet totally opposite to the one you chose. While your path as an alchemist can help you as well as help others. The path he chose was most helpful in creating destruction" Xun said to Long Chen as she reminisced about the past

" What was it? " Long Chen couldn't help but ask

"Since we're done with this room, let's exit" Xun changed the topic as she disappeared

Long Chen exited the room with a confused expression and found Xun standing there.

"Both the rewards were really nice, makes up for the effort of going through the trouble but are there any other rewards?" Long Chen said as he gazed back at the door of the room he exited from

"Yup, there one more! It's s the best amongst all three" Xun said with a bright smile

" What?" Long Chen asked with an excited expression

"Oh Right, I probably need to enter the room again to get that" Long Chen said as he walked towards the door again

"You don't need to go there to get your last reward," Xun said with a smile

" What is it?" Long Chen stopped as he turned back to look at Xun

"Me! "  Xun folded her arms around her tiny chest as she said with a proud expression

"You? Is that a joke?" Long Chen tilted his head and asked with a  confused look

"Nope. It's totally not a joke. If you had failed the test, we couldn't meet again but you passed it and now I'll be with you as your guiding spirit" Xun Said with a smirk

Long Chen's expressions changed as he smiled and he walked towards her

"You said that you're my reward?  Does that mean you're mine now? " Long Chen asked in a soft voice as he closed the distance between them and caressed Xun's cheeks with his fingers.

"Y... you ..." Xun's face turned red as she stuttered to find words but before she could say anything, Long Chen started laughing and walked back

"You're really cute Xun," Long Chen said while still laughing

"You're Cute! Your whole family is cute! You idiot"  Xun Said annoyed as she disappeared with a red face

"Hey, you forgot to tell me, how can I go back to my world!" Long Chen said loudly in the empty temple

" Exit the temple, you'll wake up at your right place" Xun's voice echoed in the temple

" That girl, " Long Chen smiled as walked towards the exit and passed through the  door into the white light

"Hmm..." Long Chen felt hungry as he slowly opened his eyes and looked around

"Same old room, looks like I'm really back" Long Chen sat up and looked around. Nothing had changed and everything is as before. Xun must be messing with me before" Long Chen said as he stood up from the bed but he felt something was different

He looked at his hands and found that they were longer, and so were his legs. He could feel that he had grown taller as well

He hurriedly walked towards the mirror and looked at himself but his mouth opened wide as soon as he saw his reflection in the mirror

Although he still had golden eyes and dark hair, his face had become even more mature. He looked to be around 15-16 years old now and his height had increased a lot as well. From the initial height of five feet, his height had increased to 5 feet 7-8 inches now.

"Xun was right, it looks like quite a few years had passed in the real world. Well, it could've been much worse. Hah, Now I've grown up now without having to wait" Long Chen smiled optimistically

" Wait a minute... I wasn't wearing these clothes. Who changed them? " Long Chen muttered as he looked at the clothes he was wearing currently.

"It was your mother" Xun's voice came in Long Chen's mind

"She... She saw?" Long Chen's face turned awkward as he understood what it implied

"So what? I saw as well... It's quite good I must say" Xun laughter could be heard by Long Chen as he was looking at the mirror

"Why aren't you Appearing outside?" Long Chen changed the topic as he asked

"I'm resting. It was so tiring teaching you so many things in bloodline Temple. I'll come outside when I'm free" Xun replied to Long Chen

"If you say so. Anyways, How much time has passed? "Long Chen inquired