Chapter 109 - 109: Lucky Day?

Chapter 109 of 150 chapters

"If you say so. Anyways, How much time has passed in this world since I entered that land? "Long Chen inquired as he looked at Xun

"Three years if I'm not wrong" Xun replied

"Hmm...I guessed it was somewhere in that range"Long Chen muttered as he stared at his reflection

"I should go outside and tell her. She must be pretty worried in the last three years…" He said as he turned  back but he suddenly thought of something

"First, I need to wear proper clothes" Long Chen muttered as he walked towards his wardrobe.

"Since the clothes I am currently wearing fit me, there's a good chance that my mother got larger clothes for me. Maybe there's a proper outdoor dress in there somewhere" Long Chen muttered as he opened his wardrobe

"What the? They're still here. " Long Chen smiled as he said. He saw that his older clothes were still here, placed just like they were before. He saw that more clothes were placed in a newer compartment without disturbing the clothes he used to wear before.

'This one... kind of looks good' He picked the newer clothes one by one until he picked a set for himself which he liked and thought.

He wore a luxurious blue dress covered by a golden robe with a dragon embroidered on it.

"Much better now" Long Chen looked at himself in the mirror as he walked towards the door. He pushed the door open

"Ah..."Came a sound followed by a crashing noise as soon as Long Chen pushed the door open

He Hurriedly exited the room and saw a Cute girl who looked like she was in her early twenties lying on the ground while another similarly aged girl was picking up the plate and a pill that fell on the ground

Both of them simultaneously looked at Long Chen and their expressions become that of shock as a wide smile bloomed on their beautiful faces

"You woke up!!" The girl picking the plate left the plate on the ground as she immediately ran to Long Chen and hugged him tightly. Long Chen could feel the soft chest of the girl being squeezed between their bodies as she hugged him. Long Chen didn't know what to do with his hands which awkwardly stayed in the air

"Ah...Mei?" Long Chen said lightly.

"Yes, young master! The girl said as she looked into Long Chen's eyes with her slightly wet eyes but her face turned red as she realized how close she was to Long Chen. She could feel Long Chen's light breathing as their lips were only a few inches apart. Long Chen gazed at her luscious lips as a part of him told him to move his face just a few inches forward and kiss those red lips of hers

"Xue... You're here as well" Long Chen gazed at the girl standing behind them. It was her sister Xue who had fell down to the ground. She had picked herself up and was gazing at the both of them.

"Ah..?"  Mei hurriedly created some distance between her and Long Chen but didn't take her eyes off him.

"Sister..." Mei wanted to say something but before she could say much, she saw Xue going forward and embracing Long Chen as well

'Is this my lucky day or what?' Long Chen thought as he was shocked by Xue who was usually more well mannered, hugging him.

"I am so glad that you're alright..." Xue said in her soft voice as she held him tightly

"Ah... thank you." Long Chen replied as he finally gave up and put his hands on her back. Mei gazed at her sister with jealousy

"I apologize for doing it but can I stay like this for just a moment longer?" Xue muttered as she kept hugging him

Long Chen didn't say anything as they stayed like this for a little longer. Long Chen could feel her heartbeat while she could feel his. After a few seconds, she separated from him

"I am extremely sorry for such misconduct. I hope that the young master could forgive my rudeness" Xue said as she bowed slightly

" Ah...Me too" Mei hurriedly said as she bowed as well

"It's fine. You both did nothing which requires you to apologize to me" Long Chen replied with a smile

" Oh right, what's that pill," Long Chen said as he looked at the pill on the ground.

" Ah...I completely forgot about that! " Mei said as she hurriedly picked up the pill

"It's a very incredible pill the family had been giving you to provide you nourishment since you fell into... the coma for so long," Xue said to Long Chen as she gazed in his eyes

" Oh right, since I couldn't eat anything myself. This pill must be pretty expensive though" Long Chen muttered

" I heard that it's made by a great alchemist of the kingdom. It's pretty expensive but I'm sure the family can afford it" Mei replied as she held the pill

" Oh, By the way how much time was I asleep for?" Long Chen asked them

" 3 years 2 months and 21 days " Xue and Mei both replied at the same time

"Wow… so much time had passed. You know, I feel like You two have become even more beautiful in the last 3 years." Long Chen replied with a bright smile as he gazed at their well-curved body.

"You've become even more handsome as well Young master," Mei said with her head down hiding her bright red face

" Hahaha.... is that right? " Long Chen laughed as he replied

"Is my mother in her room by the way?" Long Chen asked looking at them

"Not at the moment. Madame is in the Great Hall at the meeting of the patriarch and the elders. She heard that many of the elders wanted to talk to Patriarch about something related to you. So she went with the patriarch to attend the meeting" Xue said with an odd expression

" Oh? What about me? " Long Chen inquired

"I apologize young master, but I don't know the details," Xue said with a sorry expression

"It is fine, I'll go meet them myself. You two can stay here"Long Chen smiled as he walked away

" We're coming with you Young master," They both said as they started following him

"Alright, but you can't enter the Great Hall," Long Chen said as he continued walking ahead

He walked through the huge Long clan mansion. Most of the Clan members didn't even recognize him as they haven't seen Long Chen in the last three years and even barely seen him before that. The ones who barely recognized him, were shocked as they kept staring at him walk past them.

Long Chen soon reached near the Great Hall. He walked near the door and just as he barely opened the door, he was able to hear the voice from inside. The more he heard, the angrier he got.