Chapter 11 - 11: In Danger

Chapter 11 of 150 chapters

After Sima Ziyi left Long Chen's room, he sat there alone, thinking. But this time, he was not thinking about Long Xue Ying or any other women. Instead, he was thinking about himself and his cultivation.

"Although I am stronger than many other kids in the clan, there are still quite a few who can crush me like an ant whenever they want," Long Chen thought as he touched his lips with a finger, lost in deep thoughts.

It had only been a day since Long Chen had arrived in this world, but he already knew how weak he was and could see his weakness.

In the Martial arena, he had seen many people practicing, and quite a few of them were in the Spirit Establishment realm and were way stronger than him. He was sure that it would be tough to win a fight against them the way he was right now, but he also knew that he had yet to see some of the true strongest genius kids of the clan like his eldest uncle's son, who was only  12 years old and at the 3rd stage of Spirit Establishment Realm. Long Chen could already judge his own weakness.

"Even Long An alone can beat me to a pulp, let alone people who are stronger than him. And I can't even hold on for long if I actually had to fight someone like Long Xue Ying when she is serious. Although she is older than me, only strength matters in this world." Long Chen thought.

"I should start cultivating and try to break through to the Spirit Establishment Realm first. Then I'll have some defense in case of an emergency," Long Chen muttered as he said to himself.

Although he had never actually cultivated by himself before, he had all of Long Tian's memories and experiences like he had experienced it himself personally. So he felt like there wouldn't be any difficulty in his cultivation. He was sure about it.

He sat in a meditating position and started absorbing Qi from the outside air in his body.

There were many realms in cultivation in this world. Starting with the Body refining realm, Spirit Establishment, Gold core, Earth, Sky, Heaven, and higher ones. The body refining realm mainly focused on the cultivation of the body, making it strong and resilient.

The body refining realm's main focus was on absorbing Qi from the air and refining the body using it, to make it as strong as a weapon.

Whereas Spirit Establishment Realm focused on absorbing the Qi from the air, making it pass through the meridians and cultivating a small Martial soul inside their body.

This Martial soul could help cultivators control the Qi in the air to attack their opponents and also in using their own qi to attack the enemy standing at a distance from them. Also, having a strong Martial soul could provide some level of protection against mental attacks.

To break through to Spirit Establishment Realm first, Long Chen had to establish a soul seed in his body using the Qi from the air and a part of his spirit. After cultivating that seed, they had to nurture it with their Qi to make their soul seed grow and become an actual Martial soul. Long Chen cultivated for a few hours before he decided to stop.

"It's not as easy as I thought, but not difficult either. I'll probably break through to Spirit Establishment Realm in the next two months," Long Chen said to himself with a smile.

As he was tired after cultivation, he straightaway went to sleep after that. He slept soundly that night.

Long Chen woke up early in the morning the next day and got ready to go out again.

"Last time, I could not see the whole Long mansion because of Long Xue Ying's interruption. I should continue this tour today." Long Chen thought as he opened the door and walked out. He was once again greeted with the sweet smell of his garden. He walked past it happily.

As he passed by his mother's room, he noticed that she was not outside today.

'She is probably cultivating right now,' he thought as he quickly went past it.

After walking for a while, he reached the destination where his tour had stopped abruptly yesterday, the treasure Hall. He continued walking ahead, and after some distance, he saw a nice looking building. Although it was not as fancy as skill Hall or Martial fall, it was still quite amazing.

This was the library of the Long clan. It had many unique books, but Long Tian had already read most of them before the attempt on his life. He remembered in Long Tian's memory that he often used to come here. Long Chen decided to go inside this time and roam around.

As he walked inside, Long Chen noticed a long row of shelves containing books.

"There must be more than a few hundred of them." Long Chen thought as he gazed at the books

The elder in charge of the clan library noticed him, but decided to ignore him.

Four years ago, this elder used to flatter Long Tian a lot whenever he came there to read the books, but now that this genius fell, he did not consider Long Tian to be worthy of his attention.

The elder snorted as he continued reading the book in his hand. After roaming inside for a while, Long Chen came out of there, but the elder in change didn't even move his eyes as Long Chen left.

Long Chen continued walking on this path, and after he had walked for a while, he was stopped by someone.

"Little brother Tian, where are you going alone?" The person asked. It was an 18-19 year old boy.

Long Chen recognized this guy. He was Long Su, son of the Supreme Elder of the Long clan. Long Chen was confused about why this guy stopped him and started talking to him suddenly.

As far as he could remember, Long Su never talked to him before. Long Tian didn't have any kind of friendship with him, but there weren't any wrong feelings between them either, and Long Su was one of the few who never bullied him. Long Chen found it confusing why he would suddenly stop him.

"Come with me, little brother Tian; your elder brother is so happy today. I finally succeeded in cultivating the Martial skill I was stuck at for so long. I wanted to share my happiness with someone when I found you. Let's go to my courtyard," Long Su said with an excited expression on his face. Long Chen thought that this guy was quite strange but didn't say anything.

Long Su brought Long Chen with him towards his courtyard. He had already used his followers and cleared the road ahead of them, because of which no one saw Long Chen walking with Long Su. While walking with Long Chen, Long Su was laughing in his mind but kept an innocent smile on his face.