Chapter 112 - 112:What Happened In The Last Three Years?

Chapter 112 of 150 chapters

As they finished eating, Long Chen walked back towards his courtyard with his mother followed behind by Xue and Mei.

"Go, rest mother. As far as I've heard, you haven't rested properly in the last few years, " Long Chen said as he reached near Sima Ziyi's courtyard with her.

"I don't need rest. My baby has recovered after so long, I want to spend more time with him" Sima Ziyi said with a beautiful smile on her face.

"Nope! You need to rest. I'm not going to disappear, I'll be here in my courtyard for you to find me whenever you want" Long Chen said with a smile.

" But..." She wanted to say something but Long Chen interrupted her.

"No buts! Go take a rest now! We have a long life ahead of us to talk " Long Chen said with a smile.

" Alright," She said dejectedly as she walked towards her courtyard.

" Xue! Mei! " She suddenly turned back and called out.

"Yes madam" They both replied as they hurriedly walked towards her. She brought them towards her door as she created a long distance between them and Long Chen.

"He might ask you to inform him of the happenings in the last three years. Don't mention to him about what happened three years ago involving her." She whispered as she got closer to them.

" About the thing involving miss ling? " Xue asked in a low voice.

" Yes, I'm just telling you. Don't mention that to him. He didn't know about her and it's better he doesn't know what happened and live his life in ignorance" She whispered in a low voice as she gazed towards Long Chen who was standing far away, gazing at the scenery.

" Alright Madam," They both said together as they nodded.

"You can go now. Stay with him and take proper care of him" She said as she opened the door and entered her room. Both, Xue and Mei, walked back towards Long Chen.

"What was mother talking about?" Long Chen asked with a slight smile.

"Oh.. nothing. Just some minor things" Xue said with a straight face.

"Oh, Alright. Let's go then" Long Chen said as he started walking towards his courtyard.

' Who is this ling that they were talking about? And what happened three years ago? I remember she mentioned that name once before as well' Long Chen wondered as he continued walking.

Although Sima Ziyi had created a long distance between him, Long Chen was still able to hear her whispers clearly. Long Chen had noticed that his senses were better than they should've been since he formed his Martial soul. He was able to hear things that he normally shouldn't be able to. He wondered what the reason was.

He was able to hear his mother talking about Ling and couldn't help but think about it throughout the way.

Long Chen finally reached his courtyard and entered it, followed behind by Xue and Mei.

He sat on the chair and asked Xue and Mei to sit on the chairs in front of him. They immediately sat down.

"So... Tell me what major things I missed in the last three years. Start from the beginning" Long Chen said as he gazed at them with a smile.

" Many things happened in the last three years, master. I will start with our family first. The eldest son of supreme elder Long Hua went missing three years ago when he went to the Northern Black Forest. Supreme Elder himself went to the forest to find the clues and ask around but he didn't find Long Su anywhere. People saw him enter the northern black forest but no one saw him exit. Even his carriage driver said that Long Su never came out. " Xue said as she looked at Long Chen.

" Also, the news of young master falling to a mysterious coma spread throughout the city. The family called all the famous physicians to cure you but None of them was successful. The family even declared a reward for someone who could find a cure to wake you up, but it has no effect. " Xue continued.

" Also, Last year, Your Eldest Uncle's son, Young Master Long Zheng successfully broke through to the fifth stage of Spirit Establishment Realm and got a Spirit grade treasure after passing the trial of treasure Hall. Your eldest Uncle wanted him to be named the youngest in the clan to achieve this feat in the current generation but the patriarch denied him without giving a reason." Xue further said.

"And finally, A few months back, the third prince of the kingdom expressed his wishes to marry the daughter of Grand Elder Mu, Miss Xue Ying but your cousin, Miss Xue Ying denied. The third prince still occasionally sends gifts to miss Xue Ying in an effort to win her heart but she always sends them back without even opening them" Xue said as she gazed at Long Chen.

" Oh, Prince Zhu wants her? Interesting. It's too bad for him that ...." Long Chen muttered as he thought about his first meeting with Long Xue Ying and his first kiss.

"What else?" Long Chen asked again as he ended his previous sentence abruptly.

"That's everything major that happened in our clan. Other than this, A few of your cousins broke through to the 4th stage Spirit Establishment Realm but nothing worth mentioning" Xue said as she looked at Long Chen

" Now I'll tell you about the major things that happened in the dragon city," Mei Said with a smile.

" Go on," Long Chen said to her.

"The Royal family went through major changes in the last three years. Many things happened in the Royal family that shook the entire kingdom " Mei said with a thoughtful look.

" Like what?" Long Chen asked with a curious look on his face.

"The crown prince decided to give up on his right to the throne for reasons unknown which caused a large chain of reaction throughout the Royal family?" Xue said.

" Not fair! It's my turn to tell master!!" Mei protested in her cute voice

" Alright Alright. You can say" Xue said with a wry smile on his face.

Mei smiled as she looked back at Long Chen and found him in deep thoughts.

"The crown prince took a decision like this? There seems like a pretty big storm brewing in the Royal family" Long Chen muttered.

" You can continue" Long Chen gazed back at them and said.