Chapter 113 - 113: Selection

Chapter 113 of 150 chapters

" You can continue" Long Chen gazed back at them as he said.

"Alright, So since the First Prince has given up on his right of the crown prince, the other princes have been having various internal struggles in between them to get ahead of their brothers and win the right of succession. " Mei further said.

"The main contenders for the crown are the Second Prince, Yue Luan, the Third Prince Yue Zun and the Fourth Prince Yue Wei who just turned Fifteen years old.

"While the Second prince has the support of half the royal court, the third prince has the support of the other half. Although the Fourth Prince who just turned Fifteen isn't supported by the Royal court but he has a good chance as well because of his mother.

"I heard that the mother of Fourth Prince, Noble Consort Gu Yin, is from the Gu Clan. The Gu Clan is one of the three supreme clans of this kingdom along with the Long Clan and the Qin Clan, so of course, he has a good chance to fight for the succession" Long Chen muttered as he thought about the whole situation deeply.

"Right, What's the stance of the Qin Clan and our Long Clan? " Long Chen Inquired as he looked at Mei.

"It's obvious that the Gu Clan will support the fourth prince but the other two supreme clans have stayed neutral throughout everything. I feel like both the clans want to test the waters before actually taking a decision" Mei said as she glanced at Long  Chen.

"I'm pretty sure that the clans will choose to support the second or the third prince as none will support the fourth prince. He's too inexperienced and hadn't proven his worth. Although I'm not interested in the Royal family politics, but It will be interesting to see what happens" Long Chen muttered as he thought.

"What else?" Long Chen asked again.

"There's another major news that has been going around in the capital city lately," Xue said as she thought about something.

"What News?" Long Chen inquired.

"It's about the selection of disciples in a sect," Xue said in her light voice.

" That?" Long Chen said with no change in his expressions.

"Tell me in detail" Long Chen said as he looked in her eyes.

"Last week a news started spreading in the capital city like fire. It stated that the various sects of the Xuan Kingdom will have a joint sect entrance exam. The candidate who performed well will get an invitation from one or more sects to join them. They can decide the one they want to join. Just Like previous times, People from Second and third-ranked kingdoms can participate in their entrance test this time as well" Xue said looking at Long Chen

"Oh really? What's so shocking about it? I read that the sects of first rank kingdoms have an entrance exam to select newer disciples every three years. Although it's the first time they're all doing it jointly, there shouldn't be such a big Commotion  " Long Chen muttered to himself. It was a piece of common knowledge. He couldn't understand why this news was spreading in this city this year, unlike other years.

Long Chen knew that the kingdoms in this world were divided into three categories. First rank kingdoms, Second rank kingdoms, and third-ranked kingdoms. He had read that a Kingdom was classified as a third rank kingdom if they had no Earth realm cultivators while a second rank kingdom was one which had at least one Earth realm Cultivator residing there. First rank kingdoms were considered the most powerful kingdoms as they had more than ten Earth realm cultivators residing there and had many sects established on their soil.

Shui was considered as a second rank kingdom as it had Earth realm cultivators and Long Chen's grandfather was one of them.

"It's not only because of the sect entrance exam! It is because of the other news associated with it. " Mei said as she looked at her sister.

" What's that?" Long Chen asked Mei.

"There's a rumor that the daughter of one of the Earth realm cultivators of Xuan kingdom was selected as a disciple of a Supreme Sect from an Empire many years ago. As her father is an Elder of one of the sects of Xuan Kingdom, he invited her to come and watch the Entrance examination as well as to meet the family. I don't know how it spread, but everyone knows that she will watch the sect entrance exams of this year and will come with her senior sister from the Supreme Sect" Mei explained.

"Supreme Sect... Sky Realm Cultivators..." Long Chen fell in deep thoughts.

" Interesting... So people are excited because they think that if their performance is good, then they have a chance to attract the attention of the girls from the supreme sect and get a chance to join their sect" Long Chen muttered with a smile.

" Exactly! Many Geniuses from the various clans are working hard to increase their cultivation to have a better chance to get selected" Mei said with a smile.

"Idiots... Do they really think that they can enter a supreme sect through the recommendation of two girls?" Long Chen snorted

" They are not normal girls master! I heard that the girl and her senior sister are personal disciples of the Supreme Elder of that supreme sect?" Xue interrupted Long Chen as she said.

" Hmm? " Long Chen's eyebrows arched as he was shocked.

"A girl from Xuan kingdom became the personal disciples of someone who's most probably in the Sky Realm? She must be really talented. I wonder how it happened. Whatever, it has nothing to do with me" Long Chen smiled.

" Aren't you going to join the entrance exam master? " Xue asked as she heard him.

"There's still three months for the exam. That's a long time for the exam. The journey will take around 15 days so I  have plenty of time to think about it. If I'm in the mood, maybe I'll go check it out. Is the criteria, to take part in the examination, the same as in previous years?" Long Chen said with a smile.

" Yes, master. One must be not be older than 18 years old and must have reached the fifth stage of the Spirit Establishment realm" Xue replied to Long Chen.

" Is there anything else that happened?" Long Chen asked again.

"N... None master " They both replied as they both glanced at one another

"Oh? But you didn't mention what Ling did, did you?" Long Chen asked with a smile on his face as he shocked both the girls.

"M...master, how do you know about that?" Mei asked with a nervous expression.

" It doesn't matter! Tell me the whole thing" Long Chen said as he looked at both of them.