Chapter 114 - 114: Engagement

Chapter 114 of 150 chapters

"It doesn't matter! Tell me the whole thing involving ling" Long Chen said as he looked at both of them.

"We... We can't tell you, master! We promised madam that we won't say anything. I am extremely sorry" Xue said with a worried look on her face.

"You?" Long Chen asked as he shifted his gaze to Mei.

" I... I will keep my promise as well, master. This is for your own good! It's better that you don't know about it" Mei said as she looked down.

"So you're both not following my orders" Long Chen stood up as he gazed at both of them.

He started walking towards them and just after a few steps, he was standing near them.

"Keep sitting" Long Chen ordered as he saw them getting up. They both sat down again.

He got on his knees in front of Xue and Mei.

"Are you really going to hide things from me?" Long Chen gazed straight in Mei's eyes as he brought his face closer to hers and asked.

"I...". Mei stuttered as she thought about what she should do.

"You think I'm so weak that I can't handle a piece of news?" He shifted his focus and gazed at Xue as he said. Long Chen immediately stood up and started walking towards his bedroom.

"If you can't tell me, then it's fine. You two can go now." Long Chen said in a disappointed tone as he walked towards his room without looking back.

"Wait, master! I'll tell you!!" Mei let out as she stopped Long Chen.

" Sister?" She gazed at Xue who nodded in affirmation.

Long Chen turned back and sat back on his chair.

"Go on," Long Chen said.

"It all happened three years ago when two girls came flying like immortal maidens on spirit beasts. One who looked to be 13-14 years old while the other one looked slightly older in age and had a more mature aura around her.  Since you had gone into a coma and Madam was taking care of you, the other elders welcomed them. The younger girl said that her name was ling and asked to meet the patriarch and the madam. "Mei started telling the whole story to Long Chen.

"After the patriarch and madame came out, Sister was left behind with you to take care of you while I was with madam and saw everything that happened," Mei said in a low voice.

"The younger girl was apparently your fiance and she had come here to cancel the engagement," Mei said as she occasionally glanced at Long Chen.

"What? Since when did I have a fiance?" Long Chen's expression changed as he became astonished by the things he heard.

"I don't know the inner details, but after her insistence, the engagement was canceled by patriarch and your mother. Both the girls left on their flying Spirit beasts" Mei explained as she looked at Long Chen trying to see his expressions.

"That's it? That's what this whole thing was about? I don't even know her to care about her canceling the engagement and if she hadn't canceled the engagement and if I knew about it, I would have gone there to cancel it myself! I don't want my life to be decided by others, especially my love life" Long Chen muttered with a thoughtful look on his face.

"I don't know why you were afraid to tell me about this's nothing major," Long Chen said to both of them with a smile.

"Alright, I'll go cultivate for now You two can do anything in the meantime " Long Chen smilingly said as he walked in his bedroom.

"Young master is so mature and manly"  Mei muttered lightly as she looked at the door of Long Chen's bedroom.

"Hah, little Mei, why are you looking at the door so intensely? Do you want to open the door and jump into young master's arms? " Xue said with a light chuckle as she looked at Mei.

"How did you know? Do I have the same expression as the one you had when you saw master outside his room when he woke up?  'Can I hug you for longer master?'. If I remember right, that's what you said. " Mei laughed as she replied to Xue, whose face turned red as she remembered what she had done.

"But sister... I seriously like young master. I wish I could be his lover, but it will just be an unfulfilled wish as he's in a completely different world than us" Mei muttered as her tone became melancholic.

"Me too. In Fact, I don't think there will be any girl who wouldn't think like us when they stay with master" Xue said with a smile as he looked at her sister.


Not caring for what was happening outside his room, Long Chen sat on his bed.

Long Chen took out the egg from his ring as he started looking for the changes in it after coming back to the real world. Long Chen noticed that the patterns on it were slightly brighter than before and it's golden color looked even more prominent.

Long Chen put his hands on the egg and started feeding him his Qi. He could feel that the hunger of this egg had increased from previous times as it was absorbing his Qi at a faster rate and did so for a longer duration than previous times.

"Take as much as you need Little guy" Long Chen muttered as he continued supplying Qi.

After half an hour, the egg stopped absorbing and returned to normal.

" This time it was longer. Looks like it is actually growing. I feel like it will actually come out soon. You should probably establish a contract with it as soon as possible. Although I think that a newborn will consider the person who fed them as their family, but it's still better to take precautions and establish a contract first so that it could not betray you on the off chance" Xun said in a heavy voice as she appeared.

"I've heard that Beast Tamers establish contracts with the beasts to keep them loyal but I don't know how to do it," Long Chen said as he glanced at Xun.

"Hmph... Maybe you can ask someone for help. Someone smart. Someone who's knowledgeable with years of experience ." Xun said as she folded her arms and tilted her head upwards while standing with a proud look on her face.

"Hmm... Someone smart. I feel like mother and Grandfather will be knowledgeable. Maybe they'll know"  Long Chen muttered with a thoughtful look on his face

"There's not a good chance that they will know about the contract method of taming a beast as all those who know such method are beast tamers who have a beast. Think carefully, You must know someone smarter whom you can ask for help. Like someone who's close to you," Xun said again with a smile

"Umm...I  don't think I know someone smart like that" Long Chen gazed at Xun carefully but soon shook his head as he muttered with a thoughtful expression. Xun was dumbfounded as she stared at Long Chen.