Chapter 115 - 115: Establishing A Contract

Chapter 115 of 150 chapters

"Umm...I  don't think I know someone smart like that"  Long Chen gazed at Xun carefully but soon shook his head as he muttered with a thoughtful expression. Xun was dumbfounded as she stared at Long Chen.

"You... Am I not smart? Are you calling me stupid? " Xun said in a voice filled with anger as her face turned red.

"You?... Oh right, I totally forgot about you!! You're the smartest person I know. " Long Chen said as if struck with the realization

"umm hmm," Xun nodded with a prideful look on her face.

"Can you help me? " Long Chen asked as he gazed at Xun.

"Hmm. Since you know about my greatness and are asking so sincerely, I'll help you out. Just do as I say" Xun said with a light smile on her face.

"Cut one of your fingers lightly or stab it with a pin to make it bleed, as you need to make a symbol on the egg with your blood. " Xun said to Long Chen.

Xun touched Long Chen's forehead with her finger as an image of a strange symbol appeared in Long Chen's mind.

"Make the pattern you see on the egg with your blood. If the contract is successful, the blood will be absorbed by the egg but if it fails, the blood will stay there, doing nothing" Xun said with a smile.

Long Chen thought about that for a moment but soon did as she said and made a slight cut on his finger making it bleed. He then started carving a pattern on the egg with his blood. As soon as the strange symbol was carved on the egg, Long Chen started looking at the egg with great expectations.

"How is it? I wasn't able to make it perfectly " Long Chen muttered.

"It's good enough to work," Xun said with a smile on her face.

" Something is happening" Long Chen muttered as he saw the symbol he carved shine with a violet light and soon after, it was absorbed by the egg without any trouble.

"It is successful!! " Long Chen exclaimed with a smile.

"Of Course it would be. Your blood is no ordinary blood now, so there wasn't a chance of failure unless there was a legendary beast inside who hated you enough that it would die rather than establish a contract with you. " Xun said with a smile.

" Hmm, so there's no legendary beast inside" Long Chen muttered.

"I never said that. I meant that if there was a legendary beast inside and he didn't want to establish a contract with you. Even though I'm not sure what's inside but if it's a legendary beast, you're really lucky" Xun said with a chuckle.

" I can feel a link being established," Long Chen said.

"Can you see it? Do you have the beast's image in your mind? Allow me access to your thoughts! I want to see it too!!" Xun eagerly said.

" It's not like that. Whenever I try to look at the other side of the link, I only see mist everywhere. I can't see anything clearly" Long Chen said with a confused look on his face.

"Oh, it's alright. We will know what's inside soon enough anyways. I feel like it won't take long" Xun said as she stared at the egg.

"I'm going to start my cultivation for the day. I'll see you later" Long Chen said as he began his cultivation.

"Hmmph... Alright," Xun muttered as she disappeared while puffing her cheeks.

Long Chen began his Cultivation as he started absorbing Natural Qi, making it pass through a  certain path before it was all absorbed by his Martial soul. His cultivation slowly kept increasing. Although the increase was at a much slower pace than it was in the trial world, he knew that this rate was pretty abnormal as well. The increase in cultivation he was achieving in an hour was something average people took days to achieve.

As Long Chen was lost in Cultivation, His grandfather had reached the Royal Palace where he was immediately allowed entry.

The king of Shui, Yue Han was sitting on his throne in the Royal court talking about official matters when an Eunuch came and whispered something in his ears.

"Hahaha, That old man will never change. We always tell him that he can enter the royal court anytime he wants without informing us, but he still follows the formalities. Go call him in" Yue Han laughed as he heard the Eunuch's words before he ordered the Eunuch. The Eunuch hurriedly walked out.

The doors of the Royal Court opened, as Long Ren stepped inside and walked towards the king, Yue Han.

"What brings you here today?" The king asked as he looked at Long Ren.

"Your majesty, I'm here to invite you and all the royal family to the feast at our house in celebration of my grandson waking up from his coma after three long years," Long Ren said with a smile.

" Hmm? He woke up? how? We believe that every physician in the kingdom had given up. They all said that there was no cure for him. Is there a new miraculous physician in our kingdom we don't know about, who managed to do something that our top physicians weren't able to?" The king's brows arched as he said.

"Your Majesty is right.  No physician was able to do anything but the greatest physician in the world graced us and Tian'er woke up" Long Ren said with a smile.

"The greatest physician in the world? Who? What is he doing in our kingdom" Yue Han asked with a confused look.

"I meant God, your Majesty. By God's Grace, Tian'er was able to wake up without needing any cure" Long Ren said as he clarified.

" Ha ha ha, so you were talking about god.  You really confused us there for a moment" The king said with a laugh.

"Alright! We accept the invitation. We will attend the celebration tomorrow" The king said with a smile as he accepted the invitation.

Long Ren looked around and invited the court members as well.

"Your Majesty, I will take my leave now. I apologize for interrupting your important matters. "Long Ren said as he looked at Yue Han.

"Alright. You may leave. " The king said. Long Ren left the Royal court and soon exited the palace as well as he entered his carriage. The carriage started driving towards the east.