Chapter 116 - 116: A Son Like That

Chapter 116 of 150 chapters

There existed a large Mansion in the East of dragon city. A carriage having a luxurious dragon symbol arrived at the front of this large Mansion.

The guards at the door saw the carriage and one of them immediately entered the mansion to inform someone.

"Hahaha Old Ren, what brings you here today?" A man in a white beard and a head full of white hair, filled with enthusiasm came out from the mansion wearing a Luxurious green attire. He was followed behind by a black-haired middle-aged man who looked to be in his early thirties. A few servants were following behind as well.

"Hahaha, You're still so quick even at such an old age. I just arrived and you are already here. " Long Ren laughed as he vacated the carriage and walked towards the old man in green.

"Of course, how can I not come out personally to welcome someone of your caliber " The man laughed.

" We're both in Earth Realm, so our caliber isn't much different. Isn't that right old Wen" Long Ren replied with a smile.

" That's true. I've gotten stronger than before. I'll prove my growth the next time we fight. Last time you were able to defeat me and won the title of the second strongest person in the kingdom after his highness, but next time you won't be able to defeat me" The man said with a smile on his face having eyes filled with determination.

"We'll see about that when the time comes. Today I'm here for a different matter by the way. " Long Ren said with a smile.

" What matter? Come inside, we can talk in peace" The man asked with curiosity clear on his face.

"Old Wen, I apologize as I can't rest today. I have to go to many places. By the way, This time I'm here for a happy matter. My grandson, Long Tian, had woken up from his coma after three years. I've decided to throw a feast in celebration. I'm here to invite you and your Qin Family to the celebration" Long Ren said with a smile.

The man he was talking to was called Qin Wen. He was the patriarch of one of the three supreme clans of Shui, the Qin Clan of the East. Although they were the leaders of their respective families who argued sometimes, but there was no clash between the Qin and the Long clan. At Least on the outside.

"Oh, The little one woke up? Congratulations Old Ren. Since you've come to invite us personally we will definitely come. "  Qin Wen accepted the invitation with a smile.

"Thanks, old Wen. I will be leaving now. I need to go to the west as well" Long Ren said as he looked towards West.

" You're inviting the Gu Clan as well? I thought everything wasn't good between your two clans?" Qin Wen asked with a thoughtful expression.

"Our clashes are a different matter but this is a happy occasion. Also,  I can't single out the Gu Clan, when I'm inviting others. Old man Zian will cry to his highness about it like a little kid and I'll be considered a petty person by the whole kingdom" Long Ren said with a smile.

"Hahaha… Your right. You should invite them as well" Qin Wen started laughing as he heard Long Ren's words.

"I will be taking my leave now. I will see you at my house tomorrow. Don't be late like you always are" Long Ren laughed as he walked to his carriage, entering it.

The carriage started driving towards the Western part of Dragon City.

"Father, are we going to their feast?" The middle-aged man following behind Qin Wen asked with a straight expression.

"Yes, We have to. He came to invite us personally, Do you think we can deny his personal invitation. Can we? Also, I would like to see this fallen genius who keeps appearing and disappearing from the light of the dragon city with my own eyes. It is funny that he can make old Ren so restless. " Qin Wen said with a smile.

" We can't take everyone, who are we taking with us!" The middle-aged man asked.

" Bring your wife and daughter. We four will go" Qin Wen replied with a smile.

" Alright, I'll inform them," The man said as he walked back inside the mansion. Qin Wen soon followed suit and entered as well.


Long Ren's carriage reached the Gu Clan mansion in the West of the dragon city. This mansion was just as big as the Long and Qin Clan's mansions.

Long Ren came out of the carriage and saw a black-haired man coming out of the mansion with the servants and guards behind him. This man looked to be in his forties. He had a fat belly that complimented his chubby face nicely.

"Gu Lin, where is your father? I'm here to meet him " Long Ren said as he looked at the person and recognized him as the son of Gu clan's Patriarch, Gu Lin.

"Senior Ren, I apologize but I can't fulfill your wish to meet him. The thing is that father had just entered the closed-door cultivation. I can't disturb his Cultivation. So if you need anything, or have anything to talk about, you can tell me" The man said with a smile.

"It is alright. It's not like I have anything important to talk to your old man about. I'm just here to invite the Gu family to the feast we are having tomorrow in celebration of my grandson walking up from his three years of slumber" Long Ren said with a smile as he gave a card to the man.

"Thank you for the invitation. We'll send someone to attend " The man said with a smile.

" Whatever suits you. I'll be taking my leave now. Many important people to invite" Long Ren said with a smile as he walked back and entered the carriage. The carriage drove away.

"His grandson waking up from the coma after three years? What's there to be so happy about. He was a genius but without cultivation for the last seven years, he's just trash now and he will always be trash as seven years gap in Cultivation, especially in their golden years, isn't something anyone can overcome. I wouldn't be happy if I had a son like that. "The man muttered in a low voice as he saw the carriage driven away.

"Whatever, it's their family. They can celebrate even trash if they want, nothing to do with me" The man muttered with a straight expression as he walked back inside the mansion followed behind by his servants.

That day, the Long clan's carriage could be seen through the dragon city going from one part of the city to another.