Chapter 117 - 117: For You

Chapter 117 of 150 chapters

Long Chen was cultivating in his room when a knock was heard.

"Master! The dinner is ready. Madam is waiting for you at the dinner table "Came a voice. Long Chen recognized that voice as the voice of Mei. He finished his cultivation and stood up.

"It's already night? Time passed so fast during Cultivation. I can already feel that the breakthrough is imminent. I already achieved the peak of the 8th stage of the gold core realm in the trial world, soon I will be in the 9th stage of the gold core realm. When I reach the Earth realm, Grandpa would be so astonished if at that time he knows that I'm in the same cultivation realm as him" Long Chen muttered as he walked towards the door with a smile.

Long Chen opened the door and saw Mei standing outside. She wore a light blue dress that wrapped around her body, highlighting it even more.

"You look good in blue" Long Chen commented with a smile. Mei couldn't help but smile as she heard his words. She gazed at her blue dress with a red face.

" Alright, let's go. Can't keep mother waiting for long.  " Long Chen commented with a smile. He left the room and closed the door.

"By the way, where is your sister? I've never seen one without the other " Long Chen asked as he followed Mei.

"Sister was with madam getting things ready when I came here to inform you. Oh right, I noticed that there were no medicinal herbs left in your washroom for your morning bath, I'll bring more of them in the morning. " Mei said turning back as if she remembered something important.

"It is alright. You can do it in the morning" Long Chen replied with a smile. They soon entered the courtyard of Sima Ziyi where a rectangular table was placed and a few chairs surrounding it. Sima Ziyi was sitting in one of the chairs while Xue stood behind her

"Hurry, the food will get cold!" Sima Ziyi said with a beautiful smile on her face as she saw Long Chen enter. Long Chen sat near her. The plates were already placed in front of them as Xue started serving the dishes. Sima Ziyi and Long Chen continued talking about random things during their meal.

"By the way, What's the matter with ling. I heard some guards talking about it today. I should tell you right now, that I myself don't want to marry a girl I don't know. Anyways, About the supposed broken engagement. Can you tell me about the whole matter, I'm curious about it" Long Chen muttered in between their dinner.

"This.... you already know...I thought it would be better if you didn't know about it, but it looks like it can't be hidden" Sima Ziyi said in a low voice.

" Its fine mother. It's not like I care about it, it's just out of curiosity that I want to know about it" Long Chen muttered as he gave an assuring smile.

" The whole thing started before you were even born. Your father was just 18 at that time and had already reached the peak of Spirit Establishment Realm. He went to the Xuan kingdom to participate in the Sect Entrance Exam of Glorious blossom sect. I heard that his performance was one of the best amongst all the participants. He was easily selected. Amongst the selected Cultivators, was another person whom your father had befriended. It was Yu Tianhao.  They stayed in the sect and cultivated there. Their friendship grew over the years. One day they were both drunk when your father and Yu Tianhao made a promise to each other. " Sima Ziyi started explaining.

" Was that promise about my engagement?" Long Chen inquired.

" Kind of. They promised each other that just like they are brothers. If they both had a son, they will be considered brothers as well and if one had a son while the other had a daughter, they will be considered engaged and will be married when they become of the right age." Sima Ziyi said with many expressions clear on her face.

" When your father was 23 years old, he left the sect for some reason. Although he never told me the reason, I heard that he had some trouble with one of the elders of that sect, that's why he left. Anyways, Even after leaving, your father occasionally kept going to Xuan Kingdom to meet his friend. And just after you were born, you were engaged to Yu Tianhao's daughter, Ling, who was just 2 years old at that time. It was promised that the both of you will be married when you turn eighteen." Sima Ziyi continued.

" A few days after you went into a coma, The girl you were engaged to, arrived here. Maybe she had just found out about her marriage or some other reason, but She wanted to cancel the engagement. Although it was the promise your father made, I didn't want to force a girl. So I agreed to her request." Sima Ziyi said with a sad smile on her face.

"Its alright mother, you don't need to worry about it. That's what I would have suggested you do as well " Long Chen smilingly said.

"Thanks for the food. I'll be going back now" Long Chen said as he stood up.

" Alright. Have a good night." Sima Ziyi said as she gazed at Long Chen with love in her eyes. Long Chen left her courtyard walked back to his courtyard.

As he reached his room, he changed his clothes and wore more comfortable clothes before he lay on his bed.

"I'm not sleepy at all. Hah, I've technically slept for over three years, how could I be sleepy now" Long Chen laughed as he muttered seeing that he couldn't sleep.

"I should cultivate instead"Long Chen muttered as he sat up and started his cultivation.

Night passed and day arrived. Long Chen didn't realize the time he spent during his cultivation. He finished his Cultivation as he opened his eyes.

"Hmm., The night passed so quickly. So today is the feast grandfather was talking about. I should probably get ready fast " Long Chen muttered as he walked towards his wardrobe. He chose a nice pair of clothes, placed them on his bed before taking his old clothes off. He walked towards the bathoom hoping to take a bath first.

He opened the door of the bathroom towards himself but stood there dumbfounded seeing someone already inside.