Chapter 119 - 119:Guests Arrive

Chapter 119 of 150 chapters

"Y... did you want some of that as well?" Mei asked with a worried look as she looked at Long Chen.

" Ahem ahem...Me? No... it's only for girls" Long Chen couldn't help but cough a few times with an awkward expression on his face before he said as he gazed at Mei.

"Oh," Mei smiled as she again began moving her hand back and forth.

"Ah... it's alright. You can stop doing that" Long Chen said to Mei.

"Ah.. is anything wrong master? Did I make a mistake? I apologize, it's my first time touching it" She asked with a confused look on her face.

"Well... technically...Ah, nevermind" Long Chen was about to say something as he remembered the moment Mei used his thing as a holy weapon during their journey from northern black forest to the Long Chen but he stopped himself from speaking.

"Well... the thing is that I need to take a bath and get ready as well. If I stay here, we'll be late for the party. " Long Chen said with a wry smile on his face.

"Oh, Right. I'll stop for the day" Mei muttered as she stood up.

" That's better," Long Chen said with a smile.

"I'll be taking my leave now master" Mei muttered in a low voice as she turned back, but not before taking one last look at Long Chen from top to bottom.

Long Chen entered the bathroom as he saw Mei walkout. Soon, finished with his bath, Long Chen came out of the bathroom and walked up to his bed. Wearing the clothes he had chosen, he got ready.

"Hah, The beginning of the day was interesting. Let's see how it ends" Long Chen said with an interested look on his face as he took his first step outside his courtyard. He walked through his garden but noticed a servant watering the plants. Long Chen recognized him as the guy who made fun of him on the day Long Chen had first arrived in this world.

With an amused smile on his face, Long Chen walked towards this servant.

"Good morning young master" The servant wished Long Chen with a smile.

"Oh? Since when did I become your young master?  " Long Chen asked with a chuckle.

"Since the beginning, young master." The servant smilingly replied.

"Oh? How long have you been working here?" Long Chen inquired.

"I've been working in the clan for the last twenty years, young master. I've been working for you since you were four though." The servant smilingly said.

" You can pack your bags and take your leave. Since today, you don't work for the clan anymore" Long Chen ordered with a smile.

"But... but why master? Did I make a mistake?" The servant asked with a confused and worried look on his face.

"Let me just tell you one thing." Long Chen said as he started walking towards the servant.

"Do you think I don't remember the things, since the assassination attempt on me till the moment I recovered?" Long Chen said in a low voice and a serious expression on his face. The servant started sweating as he heard Long Chen's words.

"You're lucky that my morning was good and that I'm in a good mood today, or I would be treating my plants with your blood instead of water"  Long Chen said with a demonic smile on his face. His servant's trembling increased as he heard Long Chen's words and tears started coming out from his eyes.

"Get out as fast as you can before I change my mind and crush you right here and right now" Long Chen muttered in a heavy tone as he gazed at this servant.

The servant started running without thinking and soon disappeared from Long Chen's view.

Long Chen continued on his journey as he left the garden. He noticed that the whole clan was decorated and servants could be seen walking here and there in a hurry.

Long Chen knocked on Sima Ziyi's courtyard as he reached there. Xue opened the door letting Long Chen inside.

"Oh...You're here." Long Chen asked as he saw Xue.

"Mei is here as well. She is helping madam get ready" Xue said with a smile.

"Mother must've taken a liking to both of you. She keeps you close to herself" Long Chen couldn't help but say with a smile as he sat on the chair.

"You're already here? I was just about to send Mei to bring you here and wake you up if you were sleeping" Sima Ziyi walked out of her bedroom as she said gazing at Long Chen. Mei could be seen following behind her. She smiled brightly as she saw Long Chen. Long Chen smiled back as he gazed at her.

"She already woke me up in the morning. " Long Chen said with a smile.

'Oh? So that's where she went early in the morning. But how come she didn't tell me that she went to wake up master? I would've went with her as well. Also, when she came back, her face was all red. Even after asking, she didn't say what happened. Something isn't right ' Xue thought to herself.

"Oh, that's nice of her. These girls are so nice. We're lucky that you brought them to our clan. "Sima Ziyi muttered as she praised them both.

"Anyways, it's good that you're ready. Let's eat breakfast first then go to the main hall. The guests will start coming in an hour or so. As the host, and the man of the focus, You need to get there before them. " Sima Ziyi smilingly said.

"I'm ready to go. I was just waiting for you. You took so long to get ready. I heard that women take a long time to get ready, looks like it was a correct statement" Long Chen said with a chuckle.

" Where are you hearing such nonsense from. I didn't take long." She said as she walked towards the table and sat in front of Long Chen.

Without her saying anything, Xue and Mei served breakfast. Finishing it soon, they all left for the Main Hall together.

The Main Hall of the Long Clan was so big that it was said that it could house over a thousand people inside comfortably. Long Chen followed behind Sima Ziyi and took his first step inside the main hall. He saw that there were many round tables placed in the hall, covered with a clean white cloth. four chairs surrounding all the tables each. There were many tables towards the right wall of the hall, which housed all the amazing food Long clan had prepared, while the left side of the hall housed the Alcohol and glasses arranged like a beautiful pyramid.

Long Chen noticed that there were quite a few clan members already present in the hall. Some of his cousins were already there. His grandfather and many of the elders were there as well. Long Chen walked further inside, following behind Sima Ziyi.

Long Ren saw Long Chen enter the hall. He left the elders he was accompanying after excusing himself and walked towards Long Chen.

"Here's the man of the hour. Come sit at the front with me. The guests will be here soon.  " Long Ren laughed as he said.

"I apologize father but I can't do that. I'll be at the nearby table as I don't like to sit in the front. Go stay with your grandpa. Enjoy the party! " Sima Ziyi said to Long Ren before she turned back and said to Long  Chen.

"My apologies grandfather, but I can't let mother sit alone, "Long Chen said as he denied the invitation of sitting at the front table as well. After the insistence of Long Ren, they decided to sit on another table which was closer to the front table.

Five minutes passed as the clan members kept arriving. Long Chen kept looking at the ones entering with an interested look on his face.

"Hahaha, Little Nephew is already here. Uncle wanted to visit you yesterday when I heard that you woke up, but I couldn't because of some pressing matters. It's good that I can finally see that you're safe. "  A loud laughter came as a middle-aged man entered the Hall. He was wearing a golden robe covered with dragon patterns of the Long clan. All right of his fingers had a gold ring which shone just as brightly as his golden clothes.

Long Chen recognized that person as his Eldest Uncle, Long Xuan. He was the eldest son of patriarch Long Ren and the elder brother of his father. He was someone who had the greatest chance to become the next patriarch. He was walking with a luxuriously dressed woman who looked to be in her late twenties. Long Chen recognized her as his aunt and the wife of Long Xuan.

They were followed behind by a young boy who looked to be just as old as Long Chen. But unlike Long Chen, He had a haughty aura surrounding himself. Long Chen could feel that this was a boy who was a little too proud of himself and arrogant. He had black hair and a face that looked quite similar to his father. Long Chen recognized him as Long Wei, the son of his Eldest Uncle Long Xuan.

"It's alright uncle. Thank you for your care though" Long Chen said with a smile as he stood up.

"Hahaha, Little Nephew is so smart and well mannered. Wei, say hello to your cousin" Long Xuan said as he looked at the boy standing behind him with a smile.

"Hello, Little Tian. Congrats on recovering. Keep working hard and maybe you can still reach the Spirit Establishment realm one day. You've only lost seven years of your life. Stay happy and don't lose hope. Enjoy the day" Long Wei said with a proud look in his eyes.

Long Ren arched his eyebrows as he heard Long Wei's words but didn't interrupt. He just looked at Long Chen and waited for his response.

Long Chen gazed at Long Wei with a wry smile on his face.

"Hah, Time really changes. The one who used to call me brother Tian, now calls me Little Tian. The one who used to ask for cultivation advice is giving me advice now. I had heard that ignorance is bliss, but not always it seems. Oh, how I pity the ignorant ." Long Chen said in a sarcastic tone as he looked at Long Wei.

This time it was Long Xuan's turn to be shocked. Long Ren couldn't help but smile as he faced at Long Wei, waiting for his reaction.

Long Wei heard the sarcastic tone of Long Chen and was about to say something when a loud voice came from behind.

"Hahaha, Old Ren! You said that I'm the one who's always late to a party? I'm already here and no one has arrived. Doesn't that mean that I'm the most punctual" A laughter came from the direction of the door.