Chapter 12 - 12 : Caught In A Scheme

Chapter 12 of 150 chapters

While Long Chen was walking with Long Su, the entire duration of the walk, he wondered what was happening today. Why would Long Su, who had never talked to him, start talking to him now?

He had heard about Long Su before. He was a genius of the Long clan and the grandson of Long Hua, Supreme Elder of the Long clan. Long Chen could never have imagined that a person at such a high level of strength would talk to him because of a breakthrough in his own Martial skill cultivation.

'Was it actually just as he said? He was in a happy mood after he achieved a breakthrough in his Martial skill, so that Martial skill must be pretty amazing for him to be so happy if it is true.' Long Chen thought to himself.

Although he thought that the chances of this actually being the reason were pretty low, there was still a small possibility of it actually being true.

He did not think that Long Su would scheme against him as he never had any enmity with him in the first place. And Long Chen thought that he wasn't even strong enough for him to scheme against.

Their cultivation was worlds apart. While Long Su was at the 8th stage of the Spirit Establishment Realm, Long Chen was only at the 10th stage of the Body Refining realm. So while Long Chen did not think Long Su would scheme against him, he kept having a dangerous feeling since the first moment he met Long Su.

While walking along the path, Long Chen was also confused as to why he never saw anyone walk by them. No clan members, no servants, no one in the path leading to Long Su's courtyard. Every place he walked through was empty. No person could be seen walking near them.

His bad feeling started getting even more intense, but Long Chen could not put his finger on it as these were only his doubts, and at the end of the day, strange coincidences always happened in this world. Even on earth, where he was originally from, this happened quite often. Sometimes crowded streets would be completely empty, so Long Chen ignored his doubts again.

After walking for a little over 15 minutes, Long Chen saw a beautiful courtyard. Although it did not have a big and beautiful garden outside like Long Tian's courtyard had, it still looked just as luxurious as his.

'No wonder he's the grandson of the Supreme Elder and a top Spirit Establishment realm cultivator. Of course, his courtyard would be nice, "Long Chen thought as he gazed at Long Su.

Long Su brought him inside and sat on a chair. Long Chen also sat in a chair in front of him. There was only a table placed between them. After they were both seated, Long Su asked a servant to bring tea for them. As the servant went back, Long Su smiled and started a friendly conversation with Long Chen about random things.

"You know, little brother Tian. I have been cultivating this skill for a long time. It is called Lion's roar, and it's a sound wave attack type Martial skill. Finally, I achieved minor success in it," Long Su said to Long Chen with a smile.

Long Chen knew about this skill from Long Tian's memories. This skill was said to be a mid-rank Spirit grade technique, and it was just as Long Su had described. It was a pretty hard skill to successfully cultivate without years of effort, and only a few people chose to cultivate this skill.

Long Su kept talking about things like how he was so happy, and that Long Tian should share his happiness by having a drink with him. And that after he achieves more success in it, he'll invite him again to celebrate with him.

Finally, the servant entered the room with tea. There were two cups neatly placed in a beautiful tray.

"Take one, little brother Tian," Long Su said with an eager look.

Long Chen noticed these small changes in his expression. Long Chen glanced at those cups but didn't pick them up, wondering if there was anything harmful mixed in them. He couldn't help but doubt Long Su from his expressions. Long Su noticed his hesitation and started laughing.

"Hahaha, does little brother think that I poisoned the tea for some reason? I wouldn't even dare to do it in my dreams, as I do not want to die so young in the hands of your old man," Long Su said, talking about Long Chen's grandfather and Patriarch of the Long clan, Long Ren, while trying to make himself look innocent.

Even after that, Long Chen did not pick the cup up, as he would not dare to play with his life and take chances.

After seeing things change and take this unexpected turn, Long Su still did not lose the smile on his face. He tried another plan that he had made just in case something like this happened. Even though he knew Long Chen was stupid now, every stupid person can sometimes do the smart thing by accident. So he had done long and proper planning, taking every situation that may arrive into consideration.

He picked up one of the cups in the tray and drank it completely without taking a break.

"Now do you believe me, little brother Tian?" Long Su said with a smile.

Long Chen thought that maybe he was worrying too much as he also picked a cup that was left on the tray and started drinking the tea. After drinking a few sips, he felt that something was wrong. He suddenly started losing focus and feeling sleepy.

"Brother Tian, are you ok? You look sleepy?" Long Su said with a worried look on his face, but he was laughing on the inside.

Long Chen realized that he was drugged and caught in Long Su's deadly scheme. He did not know why Long Su would do this to him.

Long Chen wanted to stand up and go outside, but he couldn't; he was so sleepy he couldn't do anything and fell asleep.

"Hahaha... Long Tian, you should be glad I just added a little medicine that makes you sleep for a day and not poison because I am such a nice person. I am just making you sleep for a while," Long Su said as he gazed at the sleeping Long Chen.

Although Long Su said this, there was actually a reason behind why he did not poison Long Chen and only made him sleep.