Chapter 120 - 120: Qin Ruo

Chapter 120 of 150 chapters

"Hahaha, Old Ren! You said that I am the one who is always late to a party? I'm already here and no one has arrived. Doesn't that mean that I'm the most punctual one" A laughter came from the direction of the door.

"Hah, Who came late at his Majesty's birthday celebration? Being on time once doesn't make you punctual, my friend! " Long Ren said as he looked at the person who arrived.

'The Qin Clan'  Long Chen thought as he saw the green robes covered with distinguishable patterns, of the people who arrived. The man in the lead looked just as old as his grandfather. He was followed by three people. A middle-aged man with a head full of black hair, who looked to be in his early thirties was walking together with a well-dressed woman who looked to be in her late twenties

The one who attracted Long Chen's gaze the most was the third person. A beautiful girl in a beautiful dark green gown, who looked to be younger than eighteen, was walking behind the middle-aged man and the woman. She had a slim face, thin eyebrows, and long dark hair which were folded into a bun behind her head. A slim bang of hair could be seen in front of her left eye making her look somewhat enchanting. It looked to be about ten centimeters of length which fell just a little short of reaching the tip of her tiny nose.

Long Chen gazed at her but not for long as he shifted his focus.

"Welcome to my humble abode. I'm so glad that you were able to attend with your family. Little Ruo is here as well. You have a nice daughter, old Wen. I had heard so many good things about her. She is just seventeen years old this year and had already reached the 8th stage of the Spirit Establishment realm. An amazing talent" Long Ren said with a smile as he gazed at the girl behind them.

'Oh, So she is Qin Ruo. The granddaughter of Qin Clan leader. She is pretty I must say and talented as well. If what I heard is correct, she is just seventeen and her cultivation realm is the same as Long Su had, the eighth stage of Spirit Establishment realm.' Long Chen thought as he again took a look at Qin Ruo.

"Hahaha, You're right. She is the pride of this old man and she had never once disappointed me with her talent and hard work" Qin Wen said with a laugh.

" You have a good younger generation as well. I had heard that your grandson Long Wei had broken through to the fifth stage of Spirit Establishment Realm and that he is only fifteen. That's a great achievement. You must be proud of him as well. " Qin Wen said with a smile.

Long Wei couldn't help but smirk as he heard Qin Wen's words. He gazed at Long Chen with a prideful look on his face. His father and mother also had a pleasant expression on their faces as they attentively looked at Qin Wen.

"Of Course. And not just him, I am proud of all the younger generation of my Long Clan. " Long Ren said with a smile as he used this opportunity to praise his clan.

"Oh Right, Speaking of pride, Which one of them is your grandson, Long Tian? " Qin Wen said as he looked at the two boys standing near Long Ren.

" He is my grandson Long Tian and she is his mother, and my daughter in law Ziyi" Long Ren said as he pointed towards Long Chen and Sima Ziyi.

"This one here is my son Long Xuan, his wife Meng and this little one here is the one you were talking about, Long Wei" Long Ren pointed towards Long Xuan, his wife, and Long Wei as he introduced everyone with a smile.

"Oh, So you're him! I think my granddaughter is a fan of yours. She said that she wanted to meet you when we told her that we were coming here" Qin Wen said with a chuckle. Long Wei's expressions turned ugly as he heard his words.

'She's a fan of his? Is there something wrong with her head?' Long Wei thought as he looked at Qin Ruo and then at Long Chen.

"You flatter me," Long Chen said politely with a slight smile.

"Father is not kidding. Little Ruo, Don't you have something you wanted to say? " The woman standing behind them said with a smile as she gazed at her daughter Qin Ruo.

"When I was little, I used to hear all about your achievements and miracles. You were younger than me but still so far ahead of me. Your cultivation realm was miraculous and so was your intellect for that age. You motivated me so much. I realized the hard work you must have put in to reach that level. You were the light that always inspired me to work harder. Not just me, you were shining so brightly that I'm sure you inspired many more people like me throughout this kingdom. I wanted to thank you. " Qin Ruo gazed at Long Chen as she said with a slight smile.

"Thank you, but that was all in the past. Now you are the light inspiring others to work harder, not me." Long Chen replied to her with a smile.

"No, I can feel that you're still the same. Even though your cultivation realm had fallen so behind due to the terrible things that happened to you, but still, you can smile so positively. That in itself says a lot. No matter what your cultivation realm, you will always be the prodigy of Shui in my eyes" Qin Ruo said in a low voice as she looked at Long Chen. Long Wei's expressions kept getting uglier the more he heard her.

"Thank you, Miss Ruo. You are really too kind" Long Chen said with a gentle smile. He liked the gentle nature of Qin Ruo.

"Exactly, You are too kind Miss Ruo. He used to be good, but now he's even worse than my servants" Came a voice from the door.

They all looked towards the door only to see two people entering, followed by a group of servants.

"Oh? You are entitled to think whatever you want but It is really unfortunate if you actually think that, young master Nanli"  Qin Ruo looked at the newcomer as she muttered in a low voice.

From her words, Long Chen recognized that boy as Gu Nanli, Grandson of Gu Clan patriarch Gu Yong.

'That Chubby man in the lead must be his father, the eldest son of Gu Clan patriarch, Gu Lin ' Long Chen thought to himself as he gazed at the guy.

"Gu Lin, where is your father, Gu Yong? Is that old man not coming? Is he still ashamed of being defeated by me last time? " Qin Hua asked the middle-aged man in lead with a smile.

"I apologize but father is in secluded cultivation so he couldn't come. We came in his stead. " Gu Lin said with a smile.

"You must be Long Tian. Congrats on waking up. You are really lucky to have survived so many disasters" Gu Lin muttered with a smile as he gazed at Long Chen.

"Thank you. You are right though, I really am lucky. The unlucky ones would be the ones who plotted against me " Long Chen replied with a bright smile as he gazed at Gu Lin.

"Hahaha...Sharp words for someone in the Body Refining realm. You think that you can take your revenge with that measly bit of strength of yours" Gu Nanli said as he started laughing.

"You look like a good person so can I be honest with you? I apologize for saying this but you look really ugly when you laugh like this, I'm not sure but that might just be your face though. " Long Chen muttered as he gazed at Gu Nanli with a thoughtful expression on his face.

Everyone started looking at Long Chen with a shocked expression while a pearl of laughter started echoing in the hall.

" I… I'm sorry but I couldn't control myself," Qin Ruo said as she tried controlling her laughter.

Seeing her face, Qin Huo also started laughing loudly as well.

Long Chen gazed at her with an amused look on his face while Gu Nanli and his father had an ugly expression in their face.