Chapter 121 - 121: Royal Clan

Chapter 121 of 150 chapters

" Tian'er! You shouldn't be Rude to Guests" Sima Ziyi Chided Long Chen.

" Your...! You are lucky that we're in your clan right now! If you had dared to say this to me outside, You would've come home with so many broken bones" Gu Nanli said to Long Chen with an angry expression.

"Oh? You really think too much of yourself, don't you Young Master Nanli?" Long Chen said as he chuckled.

" Of course I do. I have the right to, as I'm not a body refining realm trash" Gu Nanli said with a smile.

" You shouldn't underestimate anyone, Young Master Nanli. You can never know someone's true self. Wouldn't it be shameful if you were crushed by a Body Refining Realm trash? " Long Chen muttered as he gazed at Gu Nanli with a smile.

"Hah, are you always this delusional?" Gu Nanli said as he stared at Long Chen.

"Not as much as you" Long Chen replied back.

"Enough Nanli! Senior Ren, We are not here to argue! Can you control your grandson as well? " Gu Lin said as he looked at Long Ren.

" Hahaha, It's not an argument. Just the younger generation playing around. Don't be so serious Lin, have fun. Your old man would understand it if he was here" Long Ren said with a smile.

"Hah, right. I remember your old man used to argue with old Ren just like this when we were younger. Our elders never interfered." Qin Wen said with a smile.

"Take a seat everyone. Don't be standing for so long." Long Ren said with a smile.

When Long Chen and Gu Nanli were arguing inside the Great Hall, Four Luxurious carriages with the Royal Moon symbol on them arrived in front of the clan. The Grand Elder of the Long clan was already standing at the front door waiting for these specific carriages.

A White-haired man, in Luxurious Blue Robes, exited the first carriage.

"Your Majesty, the king !" Grand Elder Long Mu greeted as he bowed slightly. The man was the King of Shui, Yue Han.

The door of the second carriage opened as a well-dressed man exited. He looked to be just seventeen-eighteen years old. He had long black hair when came up to his shoulders. He had light blue eyes matching with his clothes beautifully.

A young girl looking somewhere around 15-16 years old exited from the same carriage after him. She had a cute somewhat naive looking face while her long shiny blue hair agreed to her beauty. She also had deep blue eyes just like that boy.

"Your highness the Second Prince and the Third princess. Welcome" Grand Elder greeted the boy and the girl as he recognized them as the Second Prince, Yue Luan, and the Third Princess, Yue Fei.

The doors of the third carriage opened simultaneously as a boy and a girl exited as well.

The boy looked the same age as the second prince but had bright red hair while the girl looked to be just slightly older than Third Princess, Yue Fei. She had Long black hair coming down to her lower back. She was wearing a tight blue gown with some expensive-looking jewelry, unlike the third princess which was going with the minimalist approach with no jewelry.

"Your Highness, the Third Prince and the First Princess. Welcome to the Long clan" The Grand Elder, Long Mu welcomed them as he recognized them as the Third Prince, Yue Ding And the First Princess, Yue Miao

The door of the fourth carriage opened soon after. A 14-15-Year-old boy wearing the Royal robe exited the carriage followed behind by a man who looked to be in his early thirties.

"Your highness, the Fourth Prince and Royal Tutor Zhu! Welcome" The grand elder again said as he recognized them as fourth prince Yue Ming.... and his royal Tutor Di Zhu.

"Lead us" The king, Yue Han said with a smile.

Everyone had just seated when the Grand Elder, Long Mu entered the Hall with the Royal family. Everyone stood up as they greeted the king, Long Chen did so as well but Long Chen couldn't help but gaze at the Third Princess and the Second Prince behind the king.

"Long Ren, Qin Wen, hmm... Did Gu Yong not come? " King Yue Han asked as he didn't see the Gu clan patriarch anywhere.

"Hahaha, your highness. He is 'supposedly ' cultivating… but we all know that he is just embarrassed since he came last at our friendly spar a few months ago. " Qin Wen said with a laugh as he looked at the king.

"Hahaha, He will be quite upset if he heard you say that. Anyways, let's sit and start the celebration. I hope you have good wine, Ren" King Yue Han said with a smile as he looked at Long Ren.

"Of Course. I have prepared a special wine for Your Highness.  Let's sit there" Long Ren said with a smile as he pointed towards a table.

" Go enjoy yourself," The king said to his kids before he left with the patriarch of both clans. The third prince and the first princess selected a table as they say together while the Royal Tutor and Fourth Prince chose a separate table that was near the table of the Third Prince. The Second Prince also selected a table nearby and was about to sit when Long Chen came up to them

"We meet again," Long Chen said with a smile.

"Hahaha, of course, we did little brother. Sit please" Second Prince said with a smile.

"You look good Prince Luan and you look even more beautiful than before, Princess Fei. Your beauty keeps growing day by day" Long Chen said with a smile as he gazed at Yue Fei who couldn't help but smile at his comment.

"Hah, you're just as glib as you were in the forest. I like your personality but aren't you to brave? Flirting with my little sister when our Royal Father is nearby?" Second Prince, Yue Luan said with a chuckle.

"I feel nothing wrong with stating the truth. If that's what people call flirting, then I hope that I can always flirt with the third princess like this" Long Chen couldn't help but smile. Yue Fei's face turned red the more she heard Long Chen compliment her.

"Hahaha... You have wide ambitions, don't you? My sister is the jewel of the kingdom, and you want to flirt with her? What if she fell in love with you... Ouch... sister...I was..ouch kidding ....ouch ... stop it.... it hurts" Yue Luan said with a laugh but started groaning as Yue Fei started punching his waist in between his sentence.

"I don't think I have such luck as to win the heart of Princess Fei. " Long Chen said with a smile.

" I don't see Xue Ying here, Is she not well?" Long Chen heard a voice coming from nearby. He turned back only to see the Third Prince talking to Grand Elder nearby.

"Ying is perfectly fine. It's just that she is in secluded Cultivation for more than a week in preparation for the sect entrance exam. " Grand Elder, Long Mu replied to Yue Ding.

"Oh... Alright?" Third Prince Yue Ding muttered with a disappointed expression as he walked back to his table.

"Little brother, You have fallen so deeply in love with Long Xue Ying. She's a lucky girl" First princess, Yue Miao said in a soft voice as she gazed at Yue Ding.

"I can't understand why she tries to avoid me so much. I've never once misbehaved with her. Is there something wrong with me, Sister? Will my love always be Unrequited?" Yue Ding asked with a sad look on his face.

"Not at all. My little brother is the best man in the world. I'm sure she will soon fall for you and you two will get married. " Yue Miao said as she gazed at Yue Ding.

"You're looking at that table quite attentively little brother. Are you interested in the first Princess? Already breaking the heart of my poor sister....ouch.... not... again ... kidding..." Yue Luan joked as he looked at Long Chen looking towards the table of Third Prince but soon started regretting opening his mouth as the pinching again began.