Chapter 122 - 122: Spar

Chapter 122 of 150 chapters

"You're looking at that table quite attentively little brother. Are you interested in the First Princess? Already breaking the heart of my poor little sister....ouch.... not... again ... kidding..." Yue Luan joked as he looked at Long Chen looking towards the table of Third Prince but he soon started regretting opening his mouth as the pinching again commenced.

As the Second Prince didn't lower his voice, First princess, Yue Miao heard his words. She frowned slightly but decided to ignore them.

"Third princess is so beautiful. I don't think any guy will have the guts to break her heart" Long Chen said with a smile.

"Hahaha, You're really good with words little brother. If only Third Prince was this good, he wouldn't be so desperate now" Yue Luan Chuckled as he looked at Long Chen.

Princess Miao and Third prince heard their words and couldn't help but stare at them with a frown.

"Second Prince Luan, I urge you to control your mouth. You should think a little before you speak" Princess Miao said lightly as she gazed at Prince Yue Luan.

"It's fine sister. Second brother is just using what little time he had left to say whatever nonsense he wants to about me. He knows that he won't be able to say anything after I become the crown prince"  Third Prince, Yue Ding said with a smile as he looked at the Second Prince.

"Hah, Third brother might have quite a few shortcomings but his sense of humor isn't one of them" Yue Luan ignored them and said to Long Chen with a smile. Long Chen could feel the disharmony between them but he decided to stay out of it.

"My strength isn't one of them either, Second Brother" Third Prince muttered as he looked at Second prince.

"I never said you aren't strong, third brother. I am sure that you will show your true strength in the little competition we will have later on" Yue Luan said with a smile.

"What competition? " Long Chen couldn't help but ask.

"You don't know about it? Oh right, You were only interested in cultivation and studies when you were younger and your last 7 years weren't spent well either" Yue Luan muttered as he looked at Long Chen.

" At every large gathering of families, a small Competition is held at the end. To see the performance of the younger generation. It's more like a friendly spar. It had been a long tradition to do such things on occasions like this. I'm sure today will be the same. " Yue Luan ate the fruit on his plate as he explained to Long Chen.

"Oh? Interesting" Long Chen couldn't help but smile as he heard about it.

"I'm sure third brother will shock everyone with his performance today. Whether that will be a positive shock or negative, is to be seen though." Yue Luan Chuckled.

"Do you really feel superior just because you are one cultivation realm higher than me? I'll soon break through to the 9th stage of Spirit Establishment realm as well. So keep feeling Superior as long as you can, Second brother" Yue Ding said to Yue Luan as he drank the wine on his glass.

"I will be happy if you can reach that realm, third brother. First brother broke through to 9th stage Spirit Establishment realm a few months before he turned eighteen while I reached the 9th stage Spirit Establishment realm two weeks before I turned eighteen last month. I hope you don't break this tradition. You'll turn Eighteen next week. If you can't break through to 9th stage Spirit Establishment realm, that would be really disappointing " Yue Luan said with a smile.

" You'll see. There's no point in arguing with you. " Yue Ding muttered as stopped looking towards the Second prince. He started eating as well.

The feast continued as people kept socializing. Gu Lin and his Son, Gu Nanli sat at the same table as the fourth prince and the royal advisor. They could be seen talking and occasionally laughing.

While the Second Prince and Third Princess enjoyed the Companionship of Long Chen. Occasionally a few other clan members also came to greet them.

Qin Ruo and her mother spent time with Sima Ziyi. Although Qin Ruo kept glancing at Long Chen occasionally, she didn't walk towards them.

The Third Prince mostly stayed with his Sister on their table not socializing much.

'Looks like Second Prince is on good terms with him. It looks like he's not that good after all. Selecting such trash as a friend shows his bad judgment. Not a good quality for the future king' Long Wei thought to himself with a poisonous smile on his face as he saw Long Chen spending time with Second Prince Luan and the Third Princess Fei.

'I'll go with the Third Prince. I'm sure he'll be looking for the support of one of the supreme clans as well. With my status in the clan, I'm sure he'll be interested in forming a friendship with me and if he became the King, that will be even better for me in the future. Hmm, Second Prince Luan, you have lost a good opportunity by choosing a wrong friend' Long Wei thought to himself as he started walking towards the Third Prince.

"Greetings Prince Ding and the Princess Miao. I hope you are enjoying your time in the Long Clan" Long Wei greeted them with a smile.

"Hmm… and who might you be?" Yue Ding asked with an uninterested look on his face.

"I am Long Wei" He introduced himself as he sat on one of the chairs on that table. Yue Ding frowned at his behavior but didn't say anything.

"Long Wei...Hmm … If I'm not wrong, You're the Grandson of Long Clan Patriarch" First Princess said in her soft voice.

"It is nice to meet you Young master Wei. I have heard quite a few good things about you" Princess Miao politely said.

Their conversations continued. Although the Third Prince didn't talk much, Princess Miao was much more sensible and knew how to make allies. She talked to him nicely as she knew that if she could get the Long clan's support for her brother, It would be really helpful in his path to the throne.

Just like this, Time slowly passed. The king, Long Ren and Qin Wen finished with their drinking, stood up.

"Looks like everyone is done with the feast. Let's get to the fun part of the evening" King Yue Han said loudly in the hall attracting everyone's attention.

"Everyone! Let's go to the Martial arena. It's time for the younger generation to show their skills." Long Ren said following Yue Han's statement.

"Come, I will show you the direction. You can follow me" Long Chen said to the Second Prince as he stood up. The second prince and the Third Princess stood up as well and started following him. Soon, everyone started walking towards the Martial Arena of the Long Clan.


Everyone was standing in the Martial arena. A few chairs were already placed there. The king, Yue Han, Long Ren, Qin Wen, and a few other important guests and clan members sat in chairs while the other stood behind.

"Ming'er, Why don't you go first. You are the youngest " Yue Han said as he looked at the Fourth Prince.

"Yes father," Yue Ming said as he stepped into the center of the arena.

"I, Yue Ming, Would like to spar with someone. I'm a fifth stage Spirit Establishment realm Cultivator. Since I'm young and inexperienced, I'll only take challenges from people who haven't stepped in the 7th stage of Spirit Establishments Realm. I hope someone can guide me" Fourth Prince, Yue Ming said in a low voice as he looked towards the younger generation of the Long Clan.

"I would like to experience Prince Ming's skills" Long Wei smiled as he walked towards Prince Ming and stood in front of him.

"I'm fifteen as well and same cultivation realm as yours. Let's have a good fight" Long Wei said with a proud expression.