Chapter 123 - 123: Showing One's Prowess

Chapter 123 of 150 chapters

"I am fifteen as well and same cultivation realm as yours. Let's have a good fight" Long Wei said with a proud expression.

"Alright," Prince Ming muttered as he got in his attacking stance.

"Drifting Motion! "  Prince Ming let out as he started advancing in the direction of Long Wei.

"Flash steps!" Long Wei let out as he increased his speed as well but his speed seemed to have paled in comparison to Yue Ming's speed.

He decided to give up the defensive and go on the offensive as he suddenly stopped.

"Sky twisting Finger! " Long Wei muttered as he attacked in Yue Wei's direction who was rapidly coming towards him.

"Mighty Triumphant Fist!" Yue Ming said softly as he gathered all his Qi in his fist and punched out. Their attacks collided but soon Long Wei could be seen flying back and falling on the ground.

"Thanks for the amazing battle" Yue Ming smiled as he walked back. Long Wei with an embarrassed look on his face stood up as he patted the dust off his clothes and walked back as well.

"That was a good battle, fourth brother. Your skills are growing" Second Prince said with a smile as the Fourth Prince walked by him.

" Thank you second brother" Fourth Prince, Yue Ming answered back with a smile.

"Third brother, why don't you go now? " Second Prince said with a smile as he looked at Yue Ding.

" Alright," Third  Prince said as he accepted.  He knew that he would've denied to go before the Second Prince if only their father weren't near him. He didn't want to argue with Yue Luan in front of their father.

He took his first step out but stopped himself as he saw that someone else had already taken the lead and stepped in before him.

"I'm Gu Nanli from the Gu Clan. I am Eighteen and at the 8th stage of the Spirit Establishment Realm. Anyone from the younger generation below the age of nineteen can battle me. Is there anyone in the Long clan who wants to give it a try?" Gu Nanli said as he looked towards the younger generation of the Long Clan, especially towards Long Chen.

More than a minute passed but no one took the lead and stepped forward.

"Hah, what is it? Is there no one in the younger generation of the Long Clan who can fight me? The Long clan had disappointed me a lot" Gu Nanli said as he feigned a disappointed expression on his face.

"Unfortunately, we don't have any Cultivator above 7th stage Spirit Establishment Realm who is below nineteen years old. Did he know about it? Is that why he said anyone from the younger generation? If only Su'er was here" Supreme Elder muttered lightly.

" Young master Nanli, Why don't you fight me instead?  " Qin Ruo muttered as she started walking towards the center but stood still with a shocked look on her face when she saw Long Chen already standing in front of Gu Nanli

" I apologize Miss Ruo, but since he called out my Long Clan, I would like to give it a try first. I hope you won't mind" Long Chen said with a smile as he looked at Qin Ruo.

The whole arena was shocked as they saw this scene and heard Long Chen's bold words.

" What is he doing? It's not safe!" Third Princess muttered with a worried look on her face as she gazed at Long Chen. Even Second Prince had his mouth open. He couldn't understand what was happening.

"Ren? Is he alright? The young shouldn't be so hot-blooded that they stop thinking about the consequences completely." King Yue Han looked at Long Chen with a frown on his face as he said to Long Ren who was sitting beside him.

"Come back!! It's dangerous!!" Sima Ziyi said loudly as she stood up with a worried look on her face

"Mother, Just trust me! " Long Chen said to Sima Ziyi with a confident smile.

"Trust....I..." Sima Ziyi decided to believe in Long Chen as she sat down again.

"He looks so confident. Does he really have a plan that can make him win or is he still Re.." First Princess Muttered as she gazed at Long Chen but didn't complete her sentence.

'hmm ... Looks like this guy has again become retarded. What an embarrassment to the clan' Long Wei thought as he snorted.

"Hmm... Strange..." The king let out as he used his divine sense on Long Chen.

"What's strange? " Long Ren asked with a confused look on his face.

" I tried using my divine sense on your grandson but I can't see his Cultivation. It feels like he is a normal mortal with no cultivation. How strange... Did you give him some special artifact to hide his cultivation? " Yue Han muttered in a low voice.

" What? ... Your majesty is right. I can't see this Cultivation either! " Qin Wen heard Yue Han's words and tried using his divine sense as well but he couldn't see Long Chen's Cultivation either.

"Oh, that's... Right... I gave him the family heirloom to hide his cultivation for the day. He was embarrassed about showing it to everyone, so I helped him and gave him an artifact just for today " Long Ren gave an excuse.

" Oh... Is that the real reason you gave him that artifact or are you trying to surprise us later? Looks like we'll see his strength soon enough" Yue Han Chuckled.

" Young master Nanli, I kindly accept your invitation." Long Chen said with a smile.

" Little kid... Are you making fun of me? You're three years younger than me and trash when it comes to the cultivation realm. Are you playing with me? Do you really think I would go easy on you just because we are in your clan? " Gu Nanli let out with a fierce expression on his face.

"Oh, I sure hope you don't go easy on me. That wouldn't be much fun, would it? I want you to show me your full strength Young Master Nanli" Long Chen replied as he smiled.

"Alright kid, since You're so desperately trying to get beaten, it will be my pleasure to fulfill your death wish," Gu Nanli said as his face covered in anger.

He started running towards Long Chen and punched out. He used no special skills, just his physical strength to attack Long Chen as he didn't think Long Chen was worthy of making him use his full strength.

Everyone couldn't help but be shocked as they saw what happened next.

Long Chen didn't even take a single step backward as he stood in his spot tall like a mountain. As the fist came close to him, Long Chen simply used his left hand to grab the fist of Gu Nanli, stopping the attack on its tracks. To the audience, it looked like Long Chen stopped this attack without using any effort whatsoever.

The king frowned as he gazed at everything happening in front of him with deep focus.

"Young master Nanli, are you playing with me? Didn't you say that you won't go easy on me? " Long Chen said with a chuckle.

Gu Nanli utilized all his strength to free his hands from Long Chen's grip but no amount of effort was able to help him. He used his other hand as he attacked towards Long Chen's face but Long Chen grabbed that hand as well.

"You shouldn't target the face just because yours isn't any good looking" Long Chen muttered with a smile as he tightened his grip on Gu Nanli's fist. Pain could be clearly seen on the face of Gu Nanli as Long Chen kept tightening his grip.

" Leave me you son of a... " Gu Nanli clenched his teeth with rage in his eyes as he muttered but before he could complete his sentence a palm heavily landed on his face making him fly far away like a broken kite.

"Keep things civil, Young Master Nanli, or I will be forced to teach you how to talk properly " Long Chen muttered in a low voice but everyone in the hall was able to hear him clearly.

Even the king couldn't help but gaze at Long Chen with his eyes wide open.