Chapter 124 - 124: Against The Prince

Chapter 124 of 150 chapters

"Keep things civil Young Master Nanli, or I'll be forced to teach you how to properly talk" Long Chen muttered in a low voice but everyone in the hall was able to hear his words clearly.

Even the king couldn't help but gaze at Long Chen with his eyes wide open.

"This strength... He is physically stronger than that kid from Gu clan. I could see that none of them used any Qi. It was a purely physical fight, and your grandson clearly had an advantage" King Yue Han commented as he gazed at Long Ren.

" I like this little grandson of yours. He's pretty good. Is he cultivating a body strengthening technique? " Qin Wen said to Long Ren as he stared at Long Chen.

"Ah..." Long Ren couldn't decide what to say as even he was surprised at Long Chen's performance. He only knew that Long Chen was a Fifth Stage Spirit Establishment Realm Cultivator but he himself never knew that he was a Body Cultivator as well. As only body Cultivators could defeat someone with a stronger cultivation then them with pure power. He didn't know that Long Chen wasn't a body Cultivator yet, it was just that his cultivation was already way too high for Gu Nanli, making his body even stronger.

"Yo... You Little bastard!"  Gu Nanli stood up from the ground with various light wounds on his body. His clothes were covered in dirt, but what attracted the attention of most people was a large palm print on his cheeks.

"I tried to make you understand without violence but Looks like you'll never understand that way" Long Chen muttered with a thoughtful expression on his face. Many people couldn't help but roll their eyes as they heard his words. They wondered if that was Long Chen's 'without violence' then how would his violence be like.

"I will crush you! " Gu Nanli clenched his teeth as he let out in a loud voice. He started using his Qi, the Qi of 8th stage Spirit Establishment Realm Cultivator. A shining green light appeared in his hands. He crossed his arms sending that green beam of light as quick as lightning towards Long Chen.

"Flash steps!" Long  Chen used his footwork as he dodged that attack easily.

"Hmm... He used the same technique as your other grandson did, but his mastery in it seems to be way better. His use of this low-level movement technique makes its performance closer to a higher-level one. Looks like people weren't wrong in calling your grandson a genius in his early days" The king complimented with a smile. Long Ren thanked him with a pleased smile on his face

'I want to finish it fast, but the only moves I know will kill him in one stroke. Looks like I can only use physical strength to crush him as killing him in this situation will be too troublesome' Long Chen thought as he gazed at Gu Nanli and then at the people watching them.

"Stop dodging, you coward!" Gu Nanli roared in anger.

"Shhhh... stay silent  I'm not dodging because I'm afraid of you, Young Master Nanli, I'm just thinking of a way to not kill you with my first strike" Long Chen replied casually.

" You... You... " Gu Nanli's body trembled in anger as he heard Long Chen's words. He stopped attacking From long-distance as he used his movement skill to increase his speed and started advancing towards Long Chen.

"Great Earthly Fist! " A fist stuck out. This time instead of using only his physical strength like before, Gu Nanli used a Martial skill which used the Qi from his body to strengthen his attack. The attack carried a strong energy that quickly spread in the arena, causing the weaker clan members to take a step backward.

The fist moved like lightening towards Long Chen but before Gu Nanli could understand anything, he saw Long Chen disappear from his spot. His attack missed. He hurriedly looked backward but a hand gripped him by his throat and crashed him on the ground after picking him up in the air. It all happened in the blink of an eye.

"Enough!" Long Chen was about to attack again when a loud voice came. He looked in that direction only to see it was Gu Nanli's father who has spoken.

"It is just a friendly spar and my son is already defeated. You shouldn't be so cruel as to still attack him" Gu Lin said in a heavy voice as he walked towards Long Chen. Long Chen was already ready to attack in case he did something, but ..... He did nothing strange. He just picked his son up and walked back. But before walking back, He muttered something to Long Chen in a low voice which Long Chen was able to hear clearly

"Don't make too many enemies, little guy" Gu Lin had said to Long Chen.

" Great performance! You're really talented. I can still see the genius in you. You're really sneaky Ren, hiding from us the strength of your grandson." The king openly praised Long Chen after which he looked to his left and talked to Long Ren.

"You flatter me, your Majesty. " Long Chen smiled as he said.

"Hmm? " Long Chen gazed at the Third Prince who had begun walking towards him and soon stood in front of him.

"I don't want to fight someone younger than me but your performance makes me excited to fight you! I hope you won't deny me" Third Prince Ding muttered in a low voice with eyes full of fighting intent.

" I don't know your cultivation realm, but I know that your physical body and movement skills are really strong. it will be a fun fight if you agree to battle me. I promise I will stop before I seriously injure you" Third Prince said with a serious look on his face

"It's not my injuries I'm worried about, Third Prince. It's about yours that worries me. You look like a nice person and  I have no enmity with you. So I don't want to harm you accidentally. " Long Chen said with a serious expression on his face.

Second Prince couldn't help but chuckle as he heard Long Chen's words. Third prince's face turned sour as he noticed Second Prince laugh.

"It is fine, you don't have to worry about me. I can take care of myself. " Third Prince said with a confident look on his face.

"I Will try to go easy on you" Long Chen muttered in a low voice.