Chapter 125 - 125: Your Turn

Chapter 125 of 150 chapters

"I will try to go easy on you" Long Chen muttered in a low voice. The Third Prince frowned at his words but didn't say anything.

"You are good at movement skills, but that's the area I am good at as well" Prince Ding muttered as he moved from his spot. He came whistling through the air towards Long Chen. But before closing in on Long Chen, he made a gesture with his hands as various spheres of blue light appeared in his hand. He threw them all towards Long Chen. Long Chen didn't move as he let all the spheres strike him. Sima Ziyi and many people couldn't help but stand up shocked as they saw Long Chen struck my Yue Ding's attack.

'Hah, Struck by his first attack, Pitiful. Looks like it's over' Long Wei thought to himself.

Unlike others, the King and both patriarchs kept gazing at Long Chen as that clearly saw that Long Chen, although struck by the Martial skill of Yue Ding was still standing unharmed in his spot, the same spot he was at since the beginning.

"That was ... a decent skill. You are quite strong compared to Gu Nanli" Long Chen muttered softly as he showed indifference on his face.

"Are you satisfied by the fight and concede defeat or should I make a move as well?" Long Chen said to Yue Ding.

"I accept that you are physically pretty strong and your defense is really good too! But how about we complete in real skills instead. I heard that you were a swordsman before and coincidentally I'm good with swords as well. Don't worry, I will stop my attack before I hurt you" Yue Ding said as he gazed at Long Chen.

" Alright... if you say so. Although it will be tougher with a sword, I'll still try to control myself so that I don't kill you accidentally" Long Chen muttered with a considerate look on his face.

'Hahaha, This little brother is really good at pissing people off' Second Prince thought with a bright smile clearly visible in his face as he saw the distorted expressions of Yue Ding following Long Chen's statement.

"My sword! " Yue Ding let out loudly. A servant quickly entered the arena with a sword and handed it to Yue Ding.

It was a light blue sword with a black hilt giving off a really strong aura. Long Chen realized that it was a high-rank Spirit grade artifact.

'Should I bully him with the big one? I feel like that will be too much. I'll use the weaker one' Long Chen thought.

"Xue, can you give me my smaller Sword?" He asked Xue who was holding something in her hands. Although it was properly wrapped, people could still understand that it was a sword or a blade from its shape. Right beside Xue, Mei was also standing not with a slightly bigger sword in her hands. Long Chen had already given them his swords before he entered the arena.

"Here master!"Xue said as she walked towards him and handed him his sword. Long Chen unwrapped it as he uncovered his peak mortal grade sword, Mountain Destroyer in front of everyone. He had decided to not use his Peak Rank spirit grade sword as he wasn't sure if his attack might accidentally kill Third Prince. He didn't want to kill anyone at the family gathering in front of the whole family, especially a Prince.

As the sword came out, people could feel a strong fierce aura excluding from it.

'Strange, I have seen this sword before... it never gave this strong feeling. Why does it feel like it's a sword that had drank the blood of countless people? It's just a peak rank mortal grade sword, how can it have a stronger aura comparable to a high-rank Spirit grade sword'  Long Ren thought to himself as he saw the sword and the fierce aura excluding from it. Even the King and Qin Wen looked at the sword with an interested expression.

Yue Ding again showed his skillful steps as he used his movement skill, closing the distance between him and Long Chen and struck towards Long Chen's chest. Long Chen Skillfully used his sword as he blocked the attack and pushed Yue Ding backward. Long Chen noticed that there was a small dent on his Mountain Destroyer. Although it wasn't visible to the naked eye of a normal person, Long Chen with his high perception was able to notice it.

'Looks like the durability of the sword has a lot to do with the usefulness of a sword as well. Although the power a sword excludes depends on the user but it's durability can't be changed and a mortal grade sword is really not as durable as a high-rank Spirit grade sword.' Long Chen thought as he gazed at his sword.

"Alright, I will end it fast then "Long Chen muttered.

He restricted his cultivation to a Sixth Stage Spirit Establishment Realm as he believed that it was enough coupled with his sword technique to defeat Yue Ding. He felt like if he did a little more, he might accidentally kill Yue Ding whom he didn't want to kill as he didn't have any enmity with him.

"Alright, I'll fulfill your wish and end it fast" Yue Ding muttered as he took a sword stance.

"Convergence! " Prince Yue Ding took the initiative to attack as he slashed with his sword. A bright beam of light whistled through the air and moved in the direction of Long Chen. Immediately after the first slash, Yue Ding made a second and a third one, with each slash being faster than the previous one. All three slashes of lights combined along their path as they became even brighter as they advanced towards Long Chen.

Long Chen gazed at the incoming attack with an indifferent look on his face

"Seven forms of Saint Sword: First Form- Cleansing! " Long Chen muttered softly as he made a simple looking gesture from his Mountain Destroyer. A bright red beam of light moved towards Yue Ding at an even faster speed than his attack. It soon collided with the attack of the Third Prince. Immediately destroying it after a short collision with the attack as it continued moving forward.

Prince Yue with a stunned look on his face immediately used his sword to block the attack but instead of being able to stop the attack, he was tossed backward with a mighty force. He coughed a mouthful of blood as he tried getting up. He felt aching in many of his bones.  With some effort, he stood up as he wiped the bloodstains off his mouth.

He stared at Long Chen for a brief moment before walking towards him.

"Although You're younger, You're really strong. I don't know what will happen if we fight a life or death battle, but for this occasion, I concede defeat. " Prince Ding said to Long Chen before walking to his seat. Princess Miao gave him a healing pill as he sat down grunting.

"That was a good effort, Third brother" Second Prince Yue Luan said with a comforting smile as he looked at Yue Ding.

"It's your turn, Second Brother. I'm looking forward to seeing your performance" Third Prince Ding said with a smirk on his face.