Chapter 126 - 126:What's Your Real Cultivation?

Chapter 126 of 150 chapters

"It's your turn, Second Brother. I'm looking forward to seeing your amazing performance" Third Prince Ding said with a smirk on his face.

"He's my little brother, why would I fight him? Also, You are not much weaker than me, Third Brother. If you are crushed so easily like a bug by him, he must be pretty strong. I don't think I can defeat him considering how helpless you were" Second Prince said to Yue Ding with a smile.

"Why don't you accept it, that you are scared? " Third Prince replied with a smirk.

" You can think whatever you like if that's what makes you feel better" Second Prince said with a chuckle.

" Little Sister, He is pretty good, isn't he? " Yue Luan whispered in the ears of Yue Fei as he saw her gazing at Long Chen intently.

"Yes, he is." Yue Fei muttered without focus.

Looking at the crowd and that no one was coming forward, Long Chen walked back to his seat. He gazed at Sima Ziyi who just stood there with a shocked look on her face like she was still trying to understand what was happening.

"Looks like the party's over. Your grandson is the bright star of the evening. " King Yue Han said as he gazed at Long Ren.

"Old Ren, tell me! Why did you hide his cultivation realm from us? There's no way he can do all that while only being a body Refining Realm Cultivator. Even if he had a good body cultivation technique, it's still tough as hell to defeat an 8th stage Spirit Establishment Realm Cultivator. I believe that although he is a body cultivator, his cultivation realm is pretty good as well. Tell me, What his actual cultivation realm is!"  Qin Wen said with an amused expression on his face as he looked at Long Ren.

"Did you lie to all of us about his brain being damaged and him being unable to cultivate or do anything since the assassination attempt on him? I can understand if you did that to protect him from the threat to his life. His cultivation realm, with the Qi he used in his last attack, I felt like it's the strength of at least a sixth stage Spirit Establishment Realm Cultivator. Is that really the case?"  Qin Wen inquired.

The king, being influenced by Qin Wen's words gazed at Long Ren as well.

"Why don't you call your grandson here. I'm interested to have a talk with him" Yua Han said with an interested look on his face.

After thinking for a bit, Long Ren decided to go with the flow as he called out for Long Chen.

Long Chen hearing his grandfather calling for him, immediately walked towards them.

"That was a good performance you showed us right there little guy. We are all interested in what your real cultivation realm is. Why don't you tell us?" Qin Wen gazed at Long Chen as he asked him.

Long Chen thought for a brief moment before he answered back with a smile

"8th stage Gold Core Realm" Long Chen replied.

Qin Wen, Long Ren, and Yue Han all looked at Long Chen with a blank look on their faces before Qin Wen started laughing loudly. Even King Yue Han and Long Ren couldn't help but chuckle.

"Old Ren, Your grandson really knows how to make people laugh," Qin Wen said in between laughter as he looked at Long Ren.

"Why don't you take the artifact preventing us from seeing your real Cultivation Realm? Let us have a look at your Gold Core Cultivation" Qin Wen said with a smile as he stopped laughing after much effort.

'What artifact are they talking about?' Long Chen though with a confused look on his face.

"It's alright. You don't have to be ashamed of your real cultivation. It's already pretty good for you age, Just tell them honestly" Long Ren said with a smile.

"Ahh… Alright, I broke through to Sixth Stage Spirit Establishment Realm last night" Long Chen said with a wry smile on his face.

" As I expected. So you're still the most talented amongst the younger generation of Long clan. Same age as Long Wei but higher cultivation than him, as for your real fighting strength, I think we all saw a glimpse of it " King Yue Han said as he looked at Long Chen.

"Thanks for your kind words, your Majesty" Long Chen replied.

Many of the people who heard their conversation couldn't help but be shocked to their core. Some people like Sima Ziyi, Mei and Xue were happy while others like Long Wei were upset. Gu Nanli and his father had already left long ago so they weren't here. Qin Ruo only gazed at Long Chen with a thoughtful look unlike everyone else.

The evening soon ended as people departed with various experiences of their own.

That night Long Chen walked back with his mother. When she asked Long Chen how he got this strong, Long Chen told her the same story he told Long Ren which made Sima Ziyi thank the heavens for giving Long Chen such luck which helped him overcome this adversity. After spending some time with his mother, Long Chen walked back to his room.

"Ahh .... what a day" Entering his room, Long Chen lied in the comfort of his bed, getting some rest. After staying in the bed for over an hour, Long Chen sat up again.

He began with his daily routine of feeding his egg before beginning his cultivation for the night.

Night passed as morning arrived. Long Chen ended his cultivation. He lay on his bed as he soon fell asleep, Eventually waking up in the afternoon, Long Chen got ready as he walked out.

"Good Morning sleepy head, I had Mei go wake you up but she came back saying that you were deep asleep, You must be tired from yesterday. I'll get food ready" Sima Ziyi said with a smile as she saw Long Chen enter her courtyard.

"Yea, I kinda slept late." Long Chen said as he sat on a chair.

Soon, the Lunch was served in front of Long Chen.

"Mother, I have something to tell you," Long Chen said as he gazed towards his mother.

"What is it?" Sima Ziyi inquired.

"I will be going to seclude myself in my room to cultivate for the next few days or so. So I won't be able to eat with you or see you for the next few days. I'll tell the servants outside to bring me food when I'm hungry. Just have Xue and Mei send the food in my courtyard. " Long Chen explained to his mother.

" This… Alright" Unable to deny Long Chen, She agreed.

Long Chen again went back to his Courtyard and closed the door.

"Hah, Time to work on the new techniques I received" Long Chen smiled as he sat on his bed