Chapter 127 - 127: Learning

Chapter 127 of 150 chapters

"Hmm, Time to work on the new techniques I received" Long Chen smiled as he sat on his bed

" Where should I start with? I have three things to learn. Thunder blade, an elemental offensive skill. Earthly Monarch Effect, useful in movement and lastly Demon Monarch Physique" Long Chen muttered to himself.

"I need to take some time out to comprehend the law of space further as well, can't stay with a law seed forever," Long Chen said as if he was talking to himself.

"You have to learn more laws as well, not just the space law" Xun appeared out of nowhere as she told Long Chen.

"Great, You were the only thing missing from this seclusion" Long Chen said with a slightly annoyed expression.

"Do you know where I can get the next law orb from?" Long Chen inquired.

"Nope," Xun answered back.

"So... Was there a need to talk about something which we don't have a clue about? " Long Chen asked Xun.

" You can try learning without a law orb as well " Xun chuckled as she said.

" I don't have so much free time in my hand. I'm already running behind on the things I need to do" Long Chen replied to Xun.

" That's for you to decide, I won't interfere in your decision" Xun replied.

" Oh right! I remembered that I wanted to ask you about something" Long Chen exclaimed as he remembered something.

" What do you want to talk about? " Xun replied as she stared at Long Chen with an interested look on her face.

"This thing, with people not being able to see my cultivation... Will it always stay like this? " Long Chen asked her as he gazed at her.

" Yup, It's been that way since the moment you received the bloodline of Master. No one in this world is worthy to see the cultivation of his successor '' Xun replied with a proud smile.

" Do you... ah... know a technique that can help me show a fake cultivation realm to others? I don't want to roam around like an awkward existence. People are starting to notice that they can't see my cultivation. I don't know what unexpected disaster this can cause" Long Chen said as he disclosed his worries to Xun.

"Oh, that? I know a technique. Tian Shen searched far and wide to find this technique. He faced a similar problem as yours. His cultivation realm was hidden as well and he didn't like that. Not because of the reason you are talking about... but because he wanted people to see his real cultivation. He always used to say that he didn't want insects bothering him because they didn't know their place. One day, his search came to fruition as he found what he was looking for. A Martial skill that was able to show people the cultivation realm he wanted. Though he never used it to show a fake realm. " Xun explained to Long Chen.

" Awesome!!! Can you teach me that technique? " Long Chen asked optimistically.

" I... can. But what will I get? I already helped you in establishing a contract with that egg for free before" Xun asked with a cheeky smile.

"You'll get a long kiss from me" Long Chen made a joke.

"Eww... who would want that?" Xun said in an annoyed tone.

" Many girls would want it. Anyways, what do you want? " Long Chen Chuckled.

" A promise" Xun gazed at Long Chen as she said seriously.

" A promise about what?" Long Chen asked with a confused look.

" A promise that you will help me once when I need it," Xun said to Long Chen.

" If I'm in a position to help you without risking my life, then sure," Long Chen told Xun.

" I'll take that as you accept," Xun said with a smile.

"Open your consciousness to me .. I'm transferring that technique to you," Xun said to Long Chen.

"Alright" Long Chen allowed Xun access to his consciousness and soon he felt like there was a new knowledge in his mind.

Long Chen unknowingly began learning that knowledge. Without him knowing, two hours passed as he finished reading.

"Wow... So it's called 'heavenly shroud'. Such detailed steps... Complicated yet easy to understand. Looks like this will be the technique I'll be spending my time to comprehend first" Long Chen said with a smile.

" As you might know since you went through that knowledge, This skill can help you show fake cultivation to others. But it's not that it's not without its limits either." Xun let out with a thoughtful expression.

"Yea, as far as I understand, I can only show a cultivation ranging from two major realm below my real cultivation Realm to one Major Realm above my real cultivation realm. " Long Chen muttered as he gazed at Xun.

"Exactly. If you were a 2nd stage Gold core realm cultivator, You could make others see your cultivation as 2nd stage body refining realm, all the way to 2nd stage Earth Realm, depending on your desires" Xun said with a smile.

"It's good enough as I only need it to show my cultivation realm. Though it can be pretty useful in the future" Long Chen said as he smiled.

"Alright, can you give me peace now? I need to comprehend this skill as fast as I can so that I can start comprehending Thunder b

Blade, Earthly Monarch Effect and Demon Monarch Physique" Long Chen said as he closed his eyes and started comprehending

"Hmph " Xun snorted as she disappeared.

Long Chen stayed in that position for over a day trying to understand heavenly shroud and trying to master it. He stayed like that until his stomach started growling.

"Looks like the human body can't keep up with the human mind" Long Chen muttered with a wry smile on his face as he stood up and walked towards the door of his courtyard. Long Chen opened the door and saw a servant who was already standing there.

"Bring me food" Long Chen ordered before closing the door again.

Right after fifteen minutes, a knock was heard on the door. Long Chen opened it only to find Xue standing outside with a tray in her hands.

Seeing the door open, Xue entered the courtyard as she placed the tray on the table. She just stood there as she watched Long Chen eat his meal. Not after much long, she exited the courtyard with an empty tray in her hands. She didn't do much else as she didn't want to disturb Long Chen's calm mind through any of her actions.

Long Chen gazed at her walkout. He prevented himself from saying anything as he closed the door right after she exited and went back to his room. He again began his efforts of mastering Heaven's Shroud.

It took Long Chen two more hours before he completely mastered Heaven's Shroud.

"Perfect, One skill learned. Next up… Demon Monarch Physique" Long Chen said with a serious expression on his face.