Chapter 128 - 128: Demon Monarch

Chapter 128 of 150 chapters

"If I can cultivate Demon Monarch Physique for myself, It can be really helpful in the cultivation of Thunder Blade and Earthly Monarch Effect. Without a strong body, those will be really difficult to Cultivate, especially Thunder Blade. If Thunder Blade's cultivation method was written in the description I read while choosing the rewards, I really doubt if I would have chosen it" Long Chen let out with a wry smile.

" Hah, Since everything is already done, I better stop worrying about the future " Long Chen muttered as he tried to gain focus.

"To cultivate Demon Monarch Physique, I need to create a heart demon first and connect that to my Martial Space. Hmm, This heart demon will collect the Natural Qi I provide it during my cultivation, It will supplement that Natural Qi with some of its Demonic Qi and provide it to my body to create a Demon Monarch Physique out of it. I'm a little worried about creating a heart demon though, as one of its side effects is that it will weaken my will. It can be really troublesome if I can't control myself and lose myself somewhere along the way... Should I go along with it? " Long Chen talked to himself.

"Alright, Be brave!  To gain something, I'll need to take some risks as well. And If I can't even control a little heart demon of my own, how the hell am I going to reach the peak of this world? If I can't even have a strong will, how can I become eternal? " Long Chen let out with a voice full of determination.

He began the cultivation of the Demon Monarch Physique. He went through the steps mentioned in the Cultivation Manuel to create a heart demon. Although Long Chen knew the method to create a heart demon from the Demon Monarch Physique Manuel, it still took him over five hours to form one.

Henceforth, Four things existed in Long Chen's Martial space. His Space Law seed, his Red Core, his heart demon and his Martial soul donned in armor.

The heart demon which was created looked similar to Long Chen, the only difference was that it had two horns growing out of his forehead. He was wearing a

red robe when it came into existence. After forming his Heart Demon, Long Chen lay on his bed, tired from all the effort it took.

Unbeknownst to Long Chen, When the Heart Demon came into existence, Long Chen's Martial Soul finally had a slight movement after a long time.

As the Heart Demon appeared inside the Martial space, Long Chen's Martial soul which had a blood-red sword in his hands and a golden armor on its body slowly opened his eyes as it gazed at the heart demon with his blood-red eyes. After gazing at the heart demon for a short moment, the Martial Soul again closed his eyes like the heart demon was not worth his attention.

The Heart Demon felt a chill run down its spine only a few moments after it was born in Long Chen's Martial space. It felt like it was in grave danger. It slowly turned back only to find a Martial Soul standing at some distance from him with its eyes closed. He looked around but only saw a Red Core floating above his head and a seed-like thing floating right in front of the golden armored Martial Soul.

He tried looking everywhere but couldn't determine what caused him to feel scared.

Long Chen sat up after half an hour as he began absorbing Natural Qi from the atmosphere. He decided to give all the Qi to his Heart Demon which supplemented the Natural Qi with demonic Qi and sent it to Long Chen's body, strengthening it. Long Chen could feel that his strength was increasing. He could feel himself becoming stronger. He continued this process for over twelve hours before his stomach started growling again, yet, without stopping, Long Chen continued his cultivation for twelve more hours before stopping.

"Hah, Just after a day of Cultivation, I already feel so much stronger. My physical strength has increased by a significant amount. If I had such strength during the completion, the simple slap I hit Gu Nanli would have crushed his skull. If I continue like this, I can become the strongest in the world, slaughter everyone who stands in my path as I reach my goal... wait... what the hell am I talking about, why am I thinking about crushing someone's skull. What is this feeling...This thirst to slaughter someone" Long Chen smiled as he said but he soon stopped with a confused look on his face as he carefully thought about the words he said.

"It's nothing serious, just the effects of Demon Monarch Physique. Deep inside you hate Gu Nanli for insulting you, you are just saying all these words because your emotions are heightened by your heart demon. " Xun appeared again as she explained.

" But... I just started cultivating it. how can it be affecting me this much right at the beginning? Shouldn't it be like this when I cultivate it to perfection? " Long Chen inquired.

" Nope, it's like this from the start and it will only continue to increase with time. " Xun explained.

"It's still not too serious... Just some heightened emotions. But What if I stop cultivating this technique in the future when I feel like I have reached the threshold and never cultivate further? " Long Chen asked as he gazed at Xun.

" You can stop cultivating this physique but what will you do about that heart demon that's already in your Martial Space? You can't banish it from your Martial Space now and even if you stop providing your heart demon with natural Qi but when you stop cultivating this physique, its when a worse problem will arise for you." Xun said to Long Chen.

" What problem? " Long Chen asked her.

"When you don't provide your heart demon with natural  Qi for a certain amount of time, it will start absorbing Qi from your Martial space and send that to your body after supplementing it with his demonic Qi. It will result in your Cultivation realm decreasing while your Physical Cultivation realm increases. So in a way, once you started cultivating Demon Monarch Physique, all the exit doors were closed. It can't be stopped. All you can do now is keep your Will strong and keep that heart demon in your control. Don't let it use you, Use it for yourself instead. If you use it properly, you can become invincible " Xun said in a low voice.

" You... Why didn't you tell me all this before!" Long Chen roared in anger but he soon controlled himself. He understood that it was his heart demon that made him get so angry.

"I'm sorry for screaming at you... It was my fault for not listening to your words and selecting this skill without understanding the depths of your warning" Long Chen said softly as he gazed at Xun.