Chapter 129 - 129: I'll Tell Her Myself

Chapter 129 of 150 chapters

"I'm sorry for screaming at you... It was my fault for not listening to your words and selecting this skill without understanding the depths of your warning" Long Chen said softly as he gazed at Xun.

"You don't have to worry about it. Although your heart demon will affect you, I'm sure you can suppress that. Just stay aware of who you are" Xun said in a low voice as she gazed at Long Chen.

"You're right. I can do it" Long Chen said in a voice full of determination as he looked at Xun.

"You have already finished the core part of Demon Monarch Physique. Now, all there's left is to increase your strength by providing Qi to your heart demon regularly, which you can easily do. So Which other skill are you going to learn next? " Xun inquired as she looked at Long Chen.

"I've already completed the initial cultivation of Demon Monarch Physique, Next I think I should cultivate Earthly Monarch Effect. My empty courtyard might not be good enough to practice it. I feel that this place is too small for it, I need to think of another solution. Maybe I can go to Northern Black Forest again. It will be tough convincing mother to allow me to go out again but it's a necessity for my cultivation " Long Chen muttered as he stood up. As soon as Long Chen stood up, His stomach started growling again making him realize that he hasn't eaten for over a day.

He walked towards the exit. As soon as he reached near the door, he could hear some of the voices.

"I... I am going to knock now! " One of the voices said. Long Chen realized that it was the voice of Xue.

"But... but what if master got angry. What if his cultivation was disturbed because of us. " Another voice came which sounded like Mei's voice

" Master hadn't eaten anything for over a day. He might be busy in Cultivation but eating is important as well. I feel like we should take the risk of getting scolded by master and remind him to eat. " Xue said with a voice filled with determination.

" But... there's a risk in it sister. What if master is at an important juncture of his cultivation and suffer a cultivation deviation because of our distraction. I...I don't want to see him hurt " Mei said in an emotional voice. Long Chen couldn't help but smile as he heard them.

"I... You are right but I don't know what to do either..." Xue's confused voice sounded.

"How about both of you bring me some delicious food. I am really really hungry" Long Chen said with a smile as he opened the door and took a step out of his courtyard. Xue and Mei after their initial shock, hurriedly ran back with a bright smile to bring Long Chen something to eat.

Long Chen smiled as he walked back and sat on his chair leaving the door of his courtyard unlocked.

Xue and Mei soon came back with trays in their hands as they placed them all in the table in front of Long Chen.

Long Chen for some unknown reason felt intense hunger as soon as the food was placed in front of him. Without wasting a single second, He started eating the food. Even the girls were amazed as they saw Long Chen eating so fast, it looked like he was hungry for weeks. Everything was finished within a matter of a few minutes

After he finished eating, Long Chen reclined at his chair as he stretched his arms.

"That was some great stuff. I feel really better now" Long Chen said with a smile as he gazed at Xue and Mei. Suddenly, Unknown to Long Chen, the heart demon inside Long Chen smiled, like it had found something fun

"Wow, Now that I've satisfied my number, I noticed that both of you look really pretty in those clothes. " Long Chen let out as he gazed at the both of them from top to bottom.

Xue and Mei were wearing identical green dresses that looked like a gown from the top but it only came down to their knees, showcasing their beautiful legs. Long Chen kept gazing at them. He could feel a flame inside him, he didn't want to take his eyes off them and wanted to just keep gazing at the girls.

"Thank you, master." Both of them replied with a beautiful smile.

"We should be going out now. We shouldn't interrupt your cultivation any longer" Xue said as she walked forward to pick up the tray.

"It is fine... Why don't you stay here for longer so that I can gaze at your cute face all day long" Long Chen said with a smile.

" Really? Won't that disturb your cultivation? " Xue gave a charming smile as she asked.

"It is fine, I can cultivate a few hours later, just let me fulfill my wish for now. Stay here. Let's talk for some time" Long Chen said as he smiled.

"Only sister is allowed to stay? " Mei asked with an unpleasant tone.

"Of course not, I want you to stay as well. How can I let my lovely Mei go? I wanted to get some time to talk to you since the last time you came to my room" Long Chen said in a soft voice. Mei's face turned red as she remembered what she had done. She couldn't help but glimpse at her hands and  Long Chen's lower body as she reminisced about the past.

Xue, unable to understand her reaction, just gazed at her with a confused look on her face.

"How was it?" Long Chen inquired as he gazed at Mei

"It was.. really good master," Mei said in a low voice with a red face.

"Good enough for there to be a next time? " Long Chen asked with an amused look on his face.

"If Master allows it," Mei replied.

"What are both of  you talking about?" Xue finally asked Long Chen as she stood near Mei.

" Mei, you want to tell her? " Long Chen asked Mei with a smile.

"I... I can't" Mei let out in a soft voice as she lowered her head, hiding her Red face.

"I'll tell her myself then" Long Chen smiled as he said.

" Xue, come closer, " Long Chen said as he glanced at Xue.

Xue followed the command as she walked closer to Long Chen. As she reached near Long Chen, Long Chen stood up from his chair as he moved his face closer to hers.  He could smell the sweet fragrance coming from Xue. Long Chen brought his lips closer to her ears

"Last time she walked inside my room when I was sleeping and... " Long Chen whispered till here as he paused before he continued.