Chapter 13 - 13 : Perfect Plan?

Chapter 13 of 150 chapters

Although Long Su had said this, there was actually a reason why he did not poison Long Chen and only made him fall asleep.

He could not kill Long Chen in the Long Clan Mansion as things would have gotten worse if someone had found Long Chen's dead body. That might have somehow resulted in people getting to him, so he had to do it outside. And for that very reason, he needed to bring Long Chen outside the Long Clan's mansion first.

Long Su knew Long Tian never went outside the Long clan mansion since his accident. In fact, in the last four years, he had not gone outside even once, so Long Su knew that he would not go with him even if Long Su had invited him.

On the other hand, even if he killed him and tried to get his body out of the Long clan through his connections, it would be a dangerous situation if anyone saw him moving Long Tian's dead body outside and, on checking, found out that he was dead. If that happened, Long Su would be the next person to die as Long Chen's grandfather Long Ren would bury him alive, and not even his grandfather, Long Hua, would be able to save him.

Only if Long Chen was sleeping when they brought him out, would there be a chance of success with the least amount of danger to himself. He would still use his connections to leave a backdoor open in the Long Clan's security, through which he would bring Long Chen out of the Long Clan mansion, but this time things would be different.

As even if someone noticed him bringing Long Chen out, Long Su could just give the excuse that he was bringing Long Chen out with him to show him their city and its new entertainment places that opened up in the last four years in Dragon City when suddenly Long Chen somehow felt sleepy and fell asleep.

Long Su would say that he thought Long Chen was just a little sleepy and would wake up when they reached their destination outside. Although they might doubt his story, they would not be able to accuse him of anything.

The medicine Long Su gave Long Chen would not leave even a trace after half an hour, but its effects would last for over 12 hours. If anyone were to check Long Chen, they would just find Long Chen breathing and sleeping like a normal person, no drugs or poison in his body. So Long Su would be safe.


Long Su laughed as he saw his plan working. As for why he was not affected even after drinking that tea, which was also due to his meticulous planning. There was no safe tea in either cup. Both cups had this sleeping medicine in them. Long Su did this to have another contingency, in case he did not need to use his second plan of drinking the first cup to convince Long Chen and if Long Chen picked a cup first.

Even if Long Chen had picked a cup before Long Su picked one to prove that there was no poison, Long Chen would still get the drugged tea. This was because both cups were drugged.

The only difference was that Long Su had already taken the antidote that countered the sleeping drug's effects. That was why he was not affected in the slightest and was laughing at the success of his perfect plan now.

"Now, it's the time for the next step of my plan, the most crucial step in the plan. Getting him out of the mansion," Long Su muttered with a thoughtful expression.

"Dugu!" Long Su said in a loud voice.

A servant entered the room hurriedly. It was the same servant who served the drugged tea.

"You did good today. Here, take this," Long Su said as he gave his servant a silver coin.

The servant hurriedly accepted the silver coin with an excited look on his face. Although a silver coin was nothing for Long Su, it was still worth a lot for his servant. His servant earned 20 bronze coins after working for a month, and one silver coin was worth 100 bronze coins. So just for doing the simple task of following his master's orders, he had earned what he would normally have earned after working for five months. He was so happy.

"Thank you so much, master," The servant happily said as he gazed at Long Su with a grateful expression on his face.

"You don't need to thank me, just keep following me like my loyal dog, and your life will keep getting better," Long Su said in a superior tone.

"But most importantly, if anyone ever finds out what happened here today, I will personally kill you and your whole family. I heard you have little kids; you wouldn't want anything to happen to them, right?" Smiled Long Su as he said this to his servant with a smirk on his face.

His servant was so scared that he kept promising that he would keep all secrets to himself and would never disclose any of Long Su's secrets ever. Long Su gave him a satisfied smile and told him to go back.

After his servant went back, there was a knock on the door. Long Su looked like he knew who it was. He opened the door and saw a tall woman standing there. She was wearing a normal black dress with some light makeup on her face. Although her face wasn't anything special looking and was pretty average, what made her alluring was her more than moderate-sized chest sticking out proudly.

"Come inside, Yue," Long Su said with a smile on his face, his focus staying on her proud chest.

She entered and walked towards his bedroom. She sat on his bed. Long Su walked behind her, looking at her perfect looking ass in her tight fitted outfit with a greedy expression.

"Is everything I asked for ready?" Long Su inquired as soon as he entered his bedroom.

"Yes, young master Su. Everything is ready as per your instructions. I have arranged for everything. After 3 hours, the guards in the South gate of the Long mansion will leave their position for a change of shift. And I have ordered the guys who will take their place to come 20 minutes late today. So for these 20 minutes, there won't be anyone protecting the South gate of the Long mansion. You can pass through there easily during this time," The alluring woman said as she gazed at Long Su tenderly.

Her Name was Tu Yue. She was the supervisor of the security of the South gate of the Long clan and handled the guard's shifts and timings.

Although she was over 25 years old already, she was still at the 7th stage of the Spirit Establishment realm. She was considered very much talented in cultivation.

She was given this supervisor position because she had excellent management skills and the people of the Long clan were happy with her performance so far.

Long Su laughed while going towards his bed, and sat near Tu Yue as his shoulder touched hers.

"So that means I have three hours to waste. Hmm, what should I do in these three hours…? What do you think I should do, Yue?" Long Su said as he started moving his hands all over her slim back while looking into her deep eyes.