Chapter 130 - 130: Journey

Chapter 130 of 150 chapters

"Last time she walked inside my room when I was sleeping and... " Long Chen whispered till here as he paused before he continued.

"... and being the considerate girl she is, without disturbing me, she went into the bathroom to prepare my bathwater. Want to know what happened next? " Long Chen smilingly asked.

" then…" Long Chen slowly began telling her the events of that day

"This...She... swallowed... " Xue's face turned red as she heard all this. She glanced at Long Chen's lower body and then looked back at Mei, but saw her standing there with her head down, not denying Long Chen's statement. She understood that it was true.

"Do you want to know how she did it? Have an experience of your own " Long Chen asked with a charming smile.

" I... I want to... " Xue said with a red face.

"How about you go ahead and open my pants yourself. We can recreate that scene" Long Chen said with a smile.

Xue after thinking for a brief moment decided to do it. With some hesitation, she moved her hands towards Long Chen. But before her hands touched Long Chen's pants, Long Chen grabbed her hand preventing it from moving forward.

"You... both of you can go now! " Long Chen said as he gritted his teeth trying to control himself. Xue and Mei both could feel that there was something wrong with Long Chen.

"Master... Are you alright?" Xue asked.

" I... I'm fine. Just go. I need to cultivate, I'll call for you when I'm hungry.  " Long Chen walked away from them as he entered his bedroom and closed the door. He grabbed his head tightly as he felt like his head was going to burst.

"It's tough suppressing your Heart Demon. isn't it?" Xun appeared as she said in a gentle tone.

" It is... I almost lost myself for a moment there" Long Chen said in a heavy tone as he grabbed his head tightly.

"You know it would have been fine if you had went along with it. The Heart demon only intensified your inner desires. It was you that wanted to do that. And I don't think the girls would have denied you either. There was no need to go through such pain" Xun said as she looked at Long Chen with a concerning gaze

"Of course I had inner desires to do that with those girls but who wouldn't! I'm a guy and I have inner desires for many. I... I like those girls but... but I don't want to mess things up and lose myself to my Heart Demon by following its desires. Whatever I do, I want to do that by my own will. Not because of something's influence.  Although Heart Demon only intensified what I myself wanted but it also weakened my reasoning as well." Long Chen said as he tried to control his headache.

"You need some time to get adjusted to the Heart Demon. I remember you wanted to go out. How about you go to someplace without any human. Just you, me and your Martial skills cultivation. You will have a long time to self reflect on yourself and get used to the slight influence and learn to control it as much as you can" Xun said lightly with a smile.

"Alright... I wanted to go somewhere to practice but it looks like that trip will have some other use as well" Long Chen muttered as he lay on his bed with relief. His painful headache had finally ended.

"Where will you go? " Xun asked with an interested look on her face.

"City of Thunder … in the nearby Huanji Kingdom. That will be an important place for my Cultivation journey" Long Chen said lightly as he gazed at Xun.

"Huanji is a second rank kingdom just like Shui and is right beside Shui. We will just have to pass three cities of Shui to enter Huanji Kingdom. And a few more cities to get to the City of Thunder. " Long Chen explained with a tired expression.

"City of Thunder... Are you going there to cultivate Thunder blade? " Xun inquired as she looked at Xun.

"Exactly... You already know the cultivation steps of Thunder Blade. The city of Thunder will be the perfect place to cultivate it. And the journey will be a long one and mostly solitary. It will allow me to get used to my Heart Demon" Long Chen said with a smile.

"It's a good plan... but are you sure that your family will allow you to leave this residence ever again. You are a walking disaster in their eyes" Xun chuckled as she said.

"Hah... I know they won't give me permission, so I thought of another plan. " Long Chen said with a smile.

" What plan? " Xun inquired as she looked at Long Chen.

"Simple. Leaving without permission. I will leave a letter saying that I'll be going on a cultivation journey for a few months. Although mother will be worried, it's all for the best of the family. I don't feel like I should stay here with the strength that I hold and my emotions out of control " Long Chen muttered as he looked towards the door.

"Can you leave without them knowing? " Xun asked.

"Did you forget who you are talking to? " Long Chen smiled as he waved his finger creating a minor distortion in space. I am a Law of space Cultivator and Warp, the special skill I received when I learned the law of space, allows me to travel up to a distance of hundred Kilometers. Although it had limitations that I can only use it once a day, and that I can only travel to a place that I have visited before, but it's still enough for me to exit this mansion without anyone knowing" Long Chen said with a smile.

"Hahaha... Awesome! You are finally using what little brain you have. Looks like we're going on a journey" Xun said as she smiled.

"A journey filled with unknown dangers and adventures. My very own story is about to begin" Long Chen said with a smile.