Chapter 131 - 131: Desire(*)

Chapter 131 of 150 chapters

"Ahem...What will you do about the money though? You'll need plenty of it to live comfortably on long travels" Xun looked like she remembered something as she asked.

"That… Right!  I do have quite a good amount of money and since I am a gold core Realm Cultivator, I can hunt gold realm beasts as well. I can hunt along the way and sell them to shops. They are always in high demand because of their usefulness in alchemy and medicine weather it is their blood, their core or other components. They will sell for a pretty good price.  That should be enough if there's ever a need for money"Long Chen at first looked like he had just realized about this issue but he soon thought of a proper plan as he told Xun.

"When are we leaving?" Xun asked with an excited smile.

" Tomorrow! I am pretty tired today so I will sleep first and then collect some necessities from the clan and get ready for the journey. Good night beautiful, I'll see you later " Long Chen said to Xun as he closed his eyes.

Long Chen soon fell asleep leaving Xun alone.

"Hmm... At Least you know I'm beautiful. He always called me cute and treated me like a child" Xun muttered as she gazed at Long Chen before she disappeared.

A few hours passed as morning arrived again. Long Chen woke up and got off his bed as he went to pick up his clothes from his wardrobe. After selecting a nice pair of clothes, Long Chen placed them on bed. He took his old clothes off as he walked towards the bathroom but just before opening his bedroom door.

"Oh wait… Did I  forget to close the door yesterday as well? Better take precautions "  Long Chen thought as he remembered something. He walked back to his wardrobe and selected a towel which he wrapped around his waist as he covered his essentials.

Long Chen opened the door as he left his bedroom and entered the hall which was attached to the bathroom. He saw Xue and Mei sitting in the chairs with their heads on the table, sleeping soundly.

'Those girls kept waiting here'  Long Chen thought as he gazed at them. He walked towards them as he gently touched their soft cheeks with his fingers. Long Chen suddenly felt like if he didn't leave soon, he'll have another problem at his hand as he won't be able to control himself. He could feel another fire beginning to burn inside him. He soon took off his hands from their cheeks as he began to step back but Mei and Xue both had woken up by this time as they saw Long Chen.


WARNING: ADULT CONTENT AHEAD!! Skip this chapter if you are a minor or don't want to read such content


"Master! Are you feeling better now?" They both said at the same time as they walked closer to them. Long Chen couldn't help but gaze at their curvy figure wrapped in a tight dress.

"It would be best if you stay away from me. If you walk any closer, I will have a tough time controlling my desires. " Long Chen said as he stopped and gazed at them.

"What desires? What are you talking about master? " Xue said as she gazed at Long Chen.

" The desire to ravish you right here and right now!" Long Chen let out loud enough for them to hear.

"R... really? " Xue exclaimed with a stunned expression on her face.

"Does... Does master find us attractive?" Xue asked again as she lowered her head.

" Of Course I find you attractive. Your perfect devilish figure, your unique beauty, Your big and soft breasts everything have a demonic charm that is making me harder to control myself. Just leave." Long Chen exclaimed with a voice full of impatience.

" Why master! I don't want to leave! If you want to ravish me, then I also want to be ravished by master. I... I want master to make me hers even if it's just for a day! " Mei exclaimed with a voice full of emotions as he ran forward and hugged Long Chen before Xue could say anything.

Long Chen gave up trying to control himself as he wrapped his arms around Mei's sizzling back. Long Chen gazed in Mei's eyes. His face was only an inch away from hers. He could feel her fastened breathing. He moved his face forwards finally allowing his lips to touch her lips as he tried to savor the sweet taste of her lips. As Long Chen kissed Mei, He moved his hands down from her back to her butt which he grabbed with his hands.

Mei, unable to bear with the sensation, sightly opener her mouth as she moaned but Long Chen fully utilized this small opening as he slid his tongue inside her mouth. He began using his tongue to play with Mei's. Mei felt limp as she lost herself in the pleasure of kissing and allowed Long Chen to do whatever he pleased with her sweet sweet tongue

"This... this..." Xue stood there with a shocked expression as she stared at Long Chen kissing and playing with Mei's ass with his hands. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know if she was dreaming or was it all a reality, all she knew was that she wanted to be in that spot making love to Long Chen instead of Mei. She felt like she wanted him to do that to her.

Long Chen moved one of his hands from her butt as he placed in on Mei's breast and started rubbing it. After doing it for some time, Long Chen removed his lips off Mei's and picked her up in his arms like a princess as he started walking towards the bedroom.

"M... Master... I... I want... too..." Xue said with much effort as she saw Long Chen walking away from her and towards his bedroom with Mei. Long Chen stopped as he turned back with a charming smile on his face. He walked towards Xue with Mei still in his arms clinging to him.

"I was waiting for you to say these words love" Long Chen whispered softly as he stood near Xue.  He slowly moved his face closer to hers as he lightly brushed his lips against her cheeks yet that was enough to send shivers down her nerves that made her tremble slightly. Xue's already fastened heartbeat increased even more as she felt Long Chen's breathing.

"Do you want me to stop?" Long Chen whispered as he gazed into her eyes. Before she could say anything, his lips had already touched Xue's lips closing her mouth. He separated his lips from hers just a few seconds after kissing her yet kept his lips at a distance of an inch from hers. He just gazed into her eyes without doing anything. Without taking long, Xue took the lead as she closed the distance between him and her and kissed his lips. Long Chen was amazed to see that Xue was even more passionate then Mei when it came to kissing. Their tongues kept intertwining savoring each other's flavor. Long Chen quite liked kissing Xue.

"Let's go to the bedroom." Long Chen said softly to the heavily breathing Xue as he separated his lips from here after kissing her for quite some time.

Long Chen walked towards the bedroom as Xue followed behind like an obedient girl.