Chapter 132 - 132:You Took Mine! I'll Take Yours(*)

Chapter 132 of 150 chapters


SERIOUS WARNING: ADULT CONTENT AHEAD!! Skip this chapter if you are a minor or don't want to read such content. Skipping this chapter won't Affect the future story


Long Chen walked towards his bedroom as Xue followed behind like an obedient girl.

After entering the bedroom, Long Chen placed Mei on the bed gently before picking up the clothes he had placed on the bed and tossing them on the chair nearby.

He turned around as he grabbed Xue's delicate hand who was standing behind him and pulled her into his arms and began kissing her sweet lips again while he began playing with her soft round breasts with his hands.

"Take your clothes off" Long  Chen separated his lips from hers as he gently whispered in her delicate ears. Xue somehow felt nervous and delighted at the same time as she heard Long Chen's command. After a brief moment, Xue slowly began undressing herself. A gown like dress fell down to the ground revealing the beautiful figure of Xue which was only in her innerwear.

"You missed something," Long  Chen said as he sat on his bed. He brought Mei closer made her sit on his lap as he began playing with her soft breasts. His eyes never left Xue's body waiting for her to do as he said. Mei gazed at her sister as well making Xue feel even more embarrassed.

Xue Slowly removed her innerwear as well, revealing her body in its full glory. Long Chen took a good look at her elegant physique as he licked his lips.

"Come here," Long Chen said softly as he looked at Xue, who with shaky legs walked towards Long Chen while trying to cover herself with her small hands.

As Xue was walking towards Long Chen with her small steps, Long Chen didn't squander any time as he tore off Mei's clothes liberating her bountiful breasts from their cage.

"There's some left here. Can you remove it for me?" Long Chen muttered as he pointed towards the portion of the dress of Mei which was still covering her lower body.

Xue gazed at Long Chen before looking back at Mei with a red face who had her face lowered. Xue walked towards Mei and sat on her knees as she tore apart her remaining dress as well, completely freeing her from any clothing.

"Good work sweetheart! " Long Chen praised as he rubbed Xue's head.

"There's still standing left to be removed master," Xue said in a mosquito-like voice after gathering her courage as she reached her hand out towards Long Chen and pulled his towel off as she revealed something standing tall like a tower of heaven.

Mei gazed at it and immediately grabbed it by her hands without wasting any time as she started moving her hand up and down.

Long Chen turned his face towards Mei and kissed her as he intertwined his tongue with hers in her mouth once again while she continued playing with his sword.

"Mei!! Can you let me try?" Xue's voice sounded, attracting Mei's attention.

" But... I don't want to" Mei whimpered as Long Chen removed his lips leaving her breathing heavily.

"Just for a few minutes. I want to.. with it as well" Xue said in a mosquito-like voice

" Only for a short moment!" Mei said as she removed her hands with an unwilling expression. Long Chen gazed at both of them with an amused expression.

Xue came even closer to Long Chen while still on her knees. Her face was only a few inches away from Long Chen's Manhood. She used her soft hands as she touched his sword under the watchful eyes of Long Chen and Mei. She began moving her hands up and down as well but Long Chen's expression soon changed as he saw her next action.

Xue, while using her hands to play with Long Chen's Manhood, moved her mouth forward as she took little Chen inside her mouth. Slurping sounds began to originate as Xue started sucking Long Chen's Manhood with her red lips. Long Chen felt the sensation which made him let out a small voice. He put one of his hands behind Xue's head as he made her take his sword deeper and deeper.

As Long Chen enjoyed Xue's service, he began kissing Mei again as he sucked on her sweet tongue while one of his hands kept playing with her peaks.

This continued for over ten minutes before Long Chen made Mei stands from her lap and made her sit on the bed near him. Xue kept playing with little Chen like a flute until Long Chen stopped her as well and made her stand. She gently threw her on the bed as he reached on top of her.

"How did you learn about what you did before?" Long Chen whispered in Xue's ears as his sword poked at the entrance of  Xue's valley.

"I heard a married woman from the neighborhood talk about it with some of her friends. They were talking about their nights with their husbands" Xue muttered lightly.

" Hahaha... It's good that you know it. Anyways, does this mean I'm your husband now?" Long Chen asked with a smile.

" I'm not worthy of having someone like master as my husband. I'm just happy being with you. " Xue said softly.

" You're a good girl. But both of you are my woman. Even if not officially, I'm already your husband from now on" Long Chen said as he inserted his sword inside Xue and began his movement. Xue opened her mouth as soon as Long Chen inserted his sword in her but he closed her mouth with his as he began kissing her without giving her a chance to breathe. Long Chen separated his lips from hers after kissing for over twenty minutes and only moaning sounds full of pleasure was escaping from her mouth.

Mei, sitting nearby watched everything with a red face without closing her eyes. After doing it for over thirty minutes Long Chen took his sword out from Xue just before he sprayed his white fluid all over her stomach.

Mei with an eager expression walked towards Xue as she licked clean all the fluid from her stomach.

"That's a good girl. It should not be wasted" Long Chen let out with a smile.

"My turn master! " Mei said with a seductive smile as she gazed at Long Chen.

Long Chen gazed at her before looking at his sword. He walked towards Mei as he laid her on the bed and got on top of her, he kissed her lips before he moved downwards and kissed the nape of her neck. He again moved lower as he began kissing her breasts and her mountain peaks, even playfully biting it sometimes making Mei moan. Long Chen played with her for over ten minutes before he felt like he was ready.

He again got on his position. He gazed in Mei's eyes as he inserted his sword in her and soon closed her mouth with a kiss. Long Chen kept thrusting back and forth, slowly increasing his speed. It continued for over ten minutes as moaning sounds filled the room.

Long Chen brought his sword out of Mei as he got off her body. He made her change positions. He made her sit on her knees with her back facing him before he told her to bow forward and use her knees and arms to stand like an animal. He adjusted her position until he felt like it was satisfactory.

After finishing, Long Chen again inserted his sword and started penetrating Mei from the back. Long Chen changed positions a few times during his endeavor until suddenly he removed his sword from her body and immediately moved towards her face as he sprayed his white fluid all over her face.

"You took mine, I'll take yours" Before  Mei could use her hand, Xue was already there licking the fluid off of Mei's face. Xue noticed some of it was on Mei's lower lip as well. She used her lips and tongue as she touched her lips with hers and swallowed the remaining fluid as well.

Long Chen smiled as he saw all this. He again pulled Xue towards him as the night continued.

Night passed with moans echoing through Long Chen's Room but since his courtyard was pretty big, these voices weren't heard outside.

Morning arrived as Long Chen woke up. He opened his eyes only to find Xue's cute sleeping face next to him. He immediately sat up as he looked to his other side and found Mei sleeping there as well. None of them had any clothes on their body.

"What the hell did I just do" Long Chen Muttered as he remembered the previous night.