Chapter 133 - 133: Third Floor Of Skill Hall

Chapter 133 of 150 chapters

"What the hell did I just do" Long Chen muttered as he remembered the night.

"Here comes the brain back" Xun appeared near Long Chen as she gazed at him with a Smile.

"I lost myself in my desires," Long Chen said softly.

" Do you regret it?" Xun inquired as she stared in his golden eyes.

" Not even a second of it," Long Chen said softly as he gazed at the girls sleeping peacefully for a moment.

"So are the plans of leaving and going to City of Thunder canceled? " Xun said with a smile

"Not at all. Although I only lost myself in my desires and came out with something positive that I don't regret, but I never know if I'll do something stupid when I lose myself to my other emotions. I have family here and I don't want to see them getting hurt or see my dark side" Long Chen got off his bed and walked towards the bathroom as he said lightly.

"It's not that serious yet. I don't think you'll hurt them" Xun muttered with a smile.

" It is better to be on the safer side " Long Chen muttered as he exited his bedroom and entered the hall.

"On a lighter note, You fulfilled all your desires with those girls all night long, yet your thing is still standing tall. Haven't you had your fill yet "Xun chuckle as she teased Long Chen trying to lighten the mood while looking at his sword.

"How can I be satisfied when I haven't had you yet" Long Chen laughed as he said while gazing at Xun.

"Eww... Keep dreaming!  This lady here isn't much interested in little boys " Xun let out as she disappeared with a red face without any further comments.

"Hah... We will see" Long Chen chuckled as he entered his bathroom.

Finished with shower, Long Chen walked back and found Xue and Mei still sleeping. He climbed on the bed as he kissed both of them on the lips lightly before getting off. Long Chen had finished dressing when Xue finally opened her eyes with a sleepy look.

"We're late!! " Xue let out as she saw Long Chen up before then. Mei also woke up after hearing her voice.

"Late for what" Long Chen asked with a smile.

"To bring you something to eat," Xue said as she hurriedly got off the bed and got dressed. Mei also walked to the edge of the bed but she remembered something as she stayed there with a wry smile on her face.

"Xue, Why don't you bring Mei's clothes first. Her old ones are..." Long Chen said lightly as he understood her conundrum. He gazed at the torn off clothes on the ground.

Xue hurriedly left and came back with a new set of clothes for Mei.

"We'll be right back with something to eat," Xue said as she left with Mei.

" You haven't eaten anything either. Bring something for yourself as well. " Long Chen said just before they exited the bedroom.

Mei and Xue soon came back with trays in their hands which they placed on the table.

"Let's eat together." Long Chen said as he sat on a chair.

After their initial hesitation, they both sat as well. All of them finished eating soon.

"I have something to tell you," Long Chen said softly as he finished eating.

"What is it, master?" Xue asked softly as she gazed in Long Chen's eyes.

"First of all, you don't need to call me master. Our relationship had developed a lot more than that … and secondly, I'll be leaving the city for quite some time. Don't tell mother, but I will be going on a journey to strengthen my cultivation through experience. I'll be back soon. I won't be able to see you for some time but I'll definitely be back before long. I can't tell others because they will obstruct me but I wanted to inform you before I go. Keep it to yourselves though" Long Chen said softly as he stared in their eyes.

They both gazed at Long Chen with a shocked expression but silently nodded their head albeit with a sad expression on their faces.

"Can you prepare some food for my long journey without anyone knowing? Just bring everything you can in my courtyard. I'll be getting others things ready "Long Chen said as he stood up and walked towards the exit.

He left his courtyard and went to the Skill Hall.

"Since the moment I broke through to Spirit Establishment Realm, I was allowed to choose a Spirit grade skill from Skill Hall. Unfortunately, I never had the time nor the opportunity to get one. I should utilize my time the best I can while I'm still here. " Long Chen muttered as he stood at the entrance of the Skill Hall.

He entered the hall and saw many people standing near bookshelves reading Martial skill books on the ground floor. Long Chen could see that all of them were body refining realm Cultivators. Skill Hall Elder sat on a chair a few meters ahead of the door.

"Young Master, you're here!" Skill Hall Elder stood up as soon as he saw Long Chen enter. He wouldn't have said that before, but Long Chen had recovered and most importantly once again proven a Genius so he had to be respectful.

"Elder Gan, I'm here to choose a skill for myself," Long Chen said with a smile as he faced the elder.

"Of Course you can! I was waiting for you to come here. You haven't arrived to choose a Spirit grade skill for yourself while everyone already knows that you have broken through to Spirit Establishment Realm a long time ago. It's good that you're finally here. Do you want my help in selecting a suitable Spirit grade skill for yourself? " Elder Gan said with a flattering smile on his face.

" It's fine Elder Gan, I can choose one for myself," Long Chen said lightly to Elder Gan.

" There's no test in Skill hall to choose a skill, unlike the treasure Hall. I can read for myself and select a skill. " Long Chen further said with a smile.

" Of course, It'll be as young master wishes. There are barriers at the entrances of every floor. You can easily pass three second-floor entrance barrier. You'll find Spirit grade skills there. Take your time but you can only select one skill " Elder Gan said with a smile as he pointed towards a barrier on one side of the hall. Stairs were partially visible behind that barrier.

Long Chen walked towards that barrier.

"I'm sure you'll know about it but I'll just remind you once again. Don't touch the barrier of third-floor entrance or you will get hurt by it. Only gold core realm Cultivators can pass that" Elder Gan said to Long Chen who continued ahead. He walked back to his chair and sat down.

"Never expected it to contain so many books! " Long Chen exclaimed as he saw the books on the second floor.

'It's completely empty. Hmm... I guess there isn't any Spirit Establishment Realm Cultivator who hadn't chosen a spirit grade skill already.

Ignoring the second floor and the books, Long Chen walked towards the barrier of third-floor entrance.