Chapter 134 - 134: Richest Young Master

Chapter 134 of 150 chapters

Ignoring the second floor and the books present there, Long Chen decided to walk towards the barrier of third-floor entrance instead.

Easily passing through it, He soon stood on the third floor. It was completely void of people as well and there were only two books here.

"There are only two books here? Nope, people must have taken them out to read before me." Long Chen muttered

"Divine Sword Formation!" Long Chen picked up one of the two books and read it's title.

" Making a formation of five flying swords to attack the opponents. Nice skill but it requires many resources to buy swords and materials to make them suitable for this skill "Long  Chen muttered as he read its description.

He soon walked up to the next book and finished reading it as well.

"Hmm, I can take both of these, but I should be fair and leave one for the clan. I only like one of them anyways"Long Chen muttered as he selected one of the two books and placed it in his storage ring.

"I'm stronger than an average gold core realm cultivator so maybe..." He looked at the entrance of the fourth floor full of uncertainty on his face. In the end, he decided to give it a try as well.

He walked towards the barrier and touched the barrier but felt a sharp shock run throughout his body making him immediately retract his hand in a hurry. He gave up on the idea and walked back to the second floor.

He rummaged through the second floor before choosing a skill he liked. He walked back to the first floor.

The Skill Hall Elder once again stood up as he saw Long Chen come back from the second floor.

"Can I see the skill you chose?" Elder Gan asked. Long Chen immediately handed him the book he selected from the second floor with a smile. After reading its name, Elder Gan gave the book back to Long Chen. Without saying a word, Long Chen exited the Skill Hall leaving Elder Gan there alone with a thoughtful expression on his face.

Long Chen went to his mother's courtyard next. He had a casual talk with her without mentioning him leaving in the slightest.

After spending over half an hour with his mother, Long Chen left, but he didn't forget to take one last look at her before leaving her courtyard. Sima Ziyi had a weird feeling about all this but she couldn't understand why it was like that.

Long Chen then walked towards the Grand Elder house. Grand Elder Long Mu was the one who used to manage the finance of the entire amount of money spent on clan and it's members.

"Grand Elder," Long Chen said as he saw the Grand Elder exiting his courtyard as soon as Long Chen reached near it.

"What are you doing here little guy" Grand  Elder looked at Long Chen as he strode towards him with a smile.

"I'm here to get something from you" Long Chen let out with a smile.

"What do you need? " Grand Elder Long Mu asked with a confused look on his face.

" You manage the finance of the Long Clan Mansion, right? " Long Chen Inquired.

" Indeed, I do so" Grand Elder Long Mu nodded as he said.

"Every clan young master is given a certain amount of money monthly for their spendings by the Finance Hall according to their position in the clan. The grandsons of patriarch get twenty gold coins a month, right? " Long Chen inquired with a smile.

" That's right" Grand Elder Long Mu nodded again.

" So what I wanted was the gold coins I'm owed by the clan. You know I haven't collected my pocket money in the last seven years, right? " Long Chen asked with a smile.

" Hahaha.... so that's what you wanted? Seven years... that's 84 months. So you do deserve 1680 gold coins" Grand Elder Long Mu said with a smile.

" Right" Long Chen nodded with a slight smile.

"You know the medicines you were fed in these even years were way more extensive than that" Grand Elder Long Mu Chuckled.

" That's a different matter, isn't it? If one of my cousins gets sick, he'll be given medicines by the clan or by using his own monthly pocket money? Both are different expenses and separate from each other entirely" Long Chen grinned as he replied.

" Alright little guy, I'll give you the portion you deserve. Although it's a big amount, I've been collecting your Twenty gold coins pocket money separately every month just in case you recovered and needed it" Grand Elder Long Mu Chuckled as he gazed at Long Chen.

"Come with me," Grand Elder Long Mu said as he walked in a certain direction. Long Chen followed him and soon reached a huge residence. Long Chen recognized it as the Finance Hall. Grand Elder Long Mu entered inside and came out after a few minutes with a small sack in his hands.

"Inside it are sixteen white gold coins and eighty gold coins. As you know, a white gold coin is worth hundred gold coins so that brings the total sum inside to 1680 gold coins" Grand Elder Long Mu said with a smile as he handed the sack to Long Chen.

Long Chen opened the sack and checked for himself. After being satisfied, he thanked the Grand Elder.

"Oh right, Is Sister Xue Ying finished with her secluded cultivation?" Long Chen inquired from Grand Elder.

" Not yet. Did you need something from her?" Grand Elder Long Mu asked with a confused look on his face.

" Nothing, I was just curious," Long Chen said lightly as he left

"Hah, This little guy might be the richest young master in the clan at the moment" Grand Elder Long Mu chuckled as he walked away as well.


Long Chen walked back inside his residence only to find Xue and Mei there with plenty of food already placed there.

"Wow, good work" Long Chen said with a smile as he looked at them.

"When... when will you leave master?" Mei asked as she gazed at Long Chen with an emotional look on her face.

"Tomorrow morning. Everything is ready" Long Chen said softly as he gazed into her eyes.

" There's no need to be sad, I'll be back pretty soon. And I have the whole night to spend time with you two" Long Chen said as he saw the gloomy expression on their face. He walked near them and wrapped one of his arms around each of their waists and pulled them closer.

"Both of you are mine now, and my mother is here too. I'll definitely come back in no time" Long Chen whispered lightly in their ears.


Another night filled with pleasure passed away as early morning arrived. Long Chen sat up from his bed as he saw both of them sleeping.

After taking an extended look at their beautiful sleeping faces, Long Chen got off the bed and taking a letter out from his storage ring, placed it on the table nearby. He exited his bedroom and put all the food in his storage ring. He had already kept his clothes, money and other materials inside long ago. Long Chen walked inside the bathroom and shut the door.

His expression grew serious. His golden eyes turned starry dark as Long Chen waved his right hand and created a spatial crack inside his bathroom. Long Chen Widened the spatial crack with his hands and entered inside it disappearing from his mansion.