Chapter 135 - 135: Leaving Dragon City

Chapter 135 of 150 chapters

It was around 4 am in the morning and the streets of the capital City of Shui were completely void of people except for some guards who were roaming around the city at some specific locations.

A Spatial crack appeared at a certain place in the city. The spatial crack widened until a person came out from inside and landed on the ground.

"It's so dark... am I inside someone's house?" Long Chen muttered as he looked around. The spatial crack behind him disappeared.

"Oh... so I'm in the national library" Long Chen muttered as he saw a long line of Bookshelves filled with books inside the large hall. Although it was visibly darker, Long Chen was able to see the stuff around him pretty clearly after a short time.

"I thought about exiting at the small Street near this library as I had visited that place before but unexpectedly this portal again screwed up by a small distance and sent me inside the library. If I'm not wrong, this library should be locked at this time " Long Chen muttered with an annoyed expression as he thought about his skill.

"Whatever, I will just exit this place even if I have to destroy some property. I'll pay them back letter " Long Chen muttered.

He walked towards the door. Long Chen tried opening it but confirmed his suspicions as the door was actually closed just as he had anticipated.

"He felt irritation at being locked in a library. Without thinking anything, Long Chen blasted the door away as he comfortably exited the library.

Some of the guards heard the noise as they came running towards the library but they were startled to see the door of the library lying far away from where it sound have been. They looked nearby yet found no one there. Whistles started sounding loud as guards tried to notify others.

Some of them checked inside the library while others kept looking around trying to find the person who did it but the person who did it had already gone too far.

Long Chen flew through the empty streets rapidly as he kept using his divine sense to keep an eye on his surroundings. He didn't want anyone to see him fly yet couldn't waste much time either. So he took the risk to fly while keeping his caution. Thankfully, he didn't find anyone along the path he took.

Soon, Long Chen was standing near the edge Western territory of Dragon City. He saw a tall wall covering the boundary. Long Chen knew there was a  small checking point near here somewhere which kept an eye on people coming and going.

Long Chen made sure that he was far away from this checkpoint as he used his Heavenly Demon Wings once again and crossed the wall easily and reached the other side.

Long Chen found himself in a deep forest. He had already collected the map of Shui and knew that this forest was a shortcut to reach the next city on Long Chen's travel plan. Although the merchants and others used a proper and more secure path that was longer. Although passing through this forest was faster, yet it was full of danger as many Gold Realm beasts were said to reside in this forest.

Long Chen decided to pass through this forest to save time and also because he wanted to train himself through the beasts he would face. Long Chen was a Gold Core Realm Cultivator but he hasn't faced anyone with this cultivation. He thought that practicing with Gold Realm beasts will give him some idea of his strength.

Long Chen continued ahead and walked for over half a  day. He met many wild beasts and spirit beasts whom he easily with just one strike.

"Where are all the Gold Realm beasts! " Long Chen let out loudly with a frustrated expression. He had been traveling for so long yet he hadn't met a single Gold Realm beast.

"Silence!! Are you trying to get us killed" Came a voice from nearby. Long Chen looked in that direction only to find an old aged man sitting behind a tree as he looked at him.

"Why?" Long Chen inquired with a confused look on his face.

"This is the territory of Profound ice bear! it's a Gold Core Realm beast. I am a first stage gold core realm Cultivator yet I'm afraid of that beast while you?... a Sixth Stage Spirit Establishment Realm Cultivator thinks that he can face a Gold Realm beast. Youth ages,  immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated and drunkenness sobered but stupid lasts forever. I feel bad for your future kid" The old man commented in a condescending tone.

"A Gold Realm Beast? Long Chen gazed at that old man as he asked.

"Exactly, although profound ice bear is said to have low intelligence, it's strength is really Superior. Facing it bravely only means courting death. Only through traps are they hunted. I'm waiting here for a whole day for him to fall into the trap I laid. He's still sleeping nearby after he wakes up, he'll walk through this path to go to the water source nearby. He'll die by my trap and I'll get rich" The old man said with a proud smile as he looked at Long Chen.

"In which direction is he sleeping in?" Long Chen inquired again.

"That one, why are you scared? You should be! Don't go in that direction if you don't want to wake him up and die like an idiot" The man smiled as he commented and pointed towards a direction.

Long Chen smiled as he started walking towards the direction the old man pointed at, stunning the old man who watched him ignore his warning.

"Stupid, But it's fine. I was tired of waiting all day as well. Now profound ice bear will definitely wake up and look for water after eating him up" The old man smiled as he watched Long Chen's back getting further and further away.

"There it is" Long Chen spotted the profound ice bear through his divine sense after walking for a short while. He hurriedly strode in that direction and reached near the profound ice bear. The ice bear heard steps coming towards him as he woke up. Opening his completely white eyes, he gazed at Long Chen.

The profound ice bear had completely white eyes as well as Snow White fur while his claws were black in color contrasting his white color. It was over three meters tall with a chubby build.

"It's at that realm?" Long Chen thought with a wry smile as he looked at the bear's cultivation.