Chapter 136 - 136: The Heart Of Evil

Chapter 136 of 150 chapters

"It's at that realm?" Long Chen thought with a wry smile as he looked at the bear's cultivation.

"He's only at 3rd strange gold core realm. It's not enough to make me utilize my full strength and get a good enough practice but I will look at the bright side. It's the right opportunity to test out my physical cultivation I guess" Long Chen muttered with a smile as he walked towards the Profound Ice Bear.

The bear roared as he saw a human walking towards him. It hurriedly started running towards Long Chen as he swung its claws towards him.

Long Chen dodged that attack as he tilted his body sideways and punched the chest of profound ice bear. Long Chen had decided to use his full strength which stunned him as he was able to push the profound ice bear a step back. Long Chen couldn't help but smile at this realization.

"So my physical strength is somewhat comparable to a gold core realm cultivator albeit a lower stage one. It's still quite good though, as I was able to achieve this strength so quickly, but the downsides are concerning as well" Long Chen smiled as he gazed at the Profound Ice Bear.

The profound ice bear roared in anger as he kept attacking Long Chen with all his strength. Their clashes continued for hours as Long Chen decided to not use his cultivation and practice with Profound Ice Bear to gain proper control over his physical strength.

The roars of profound ice bear kept echoing throughout a large section of the forest attracting the attention of nearby beasts. The weaker Beasts decided to stay away while some stronger beasts started going in that direction to check things out.

"Hmm... Why is he roaring for so long? Has another gold realm beast infiltrated his territory and attracted his attention? That must be it. Profound Ice Bear killed that kid and the smell of his blood must have attracted another gold realm beast. " The old man who told Long Chen about the profound ice bear heard the roars as well and made up his own assumptions.

"Whoever wins this battle, if he can fall into my trap, it would be so amazing. I'll get to claim two beasts at once" The old man chuckled as he said.

Long Chen continued his battle for quite some time enjoying his fight until the Profound Ice Bear fell to the ground unable to fight more. His body was full of wounds and his snow-white fur had become red because of his own blood.

"Hah... looks like this fight is over" Long Chen smiled as he walked towards the ice bear. He was about to attack him one last time but the profound ice bears eyes closed before he could even attack. Long Chen checked with a confused expression on his face only to find that the Profound Ice Bear had died.

"You fought a good battle" Long Chen let out as he kept the body of Profound Ice Bear in his storage ring.

Long Chen was about to walk away when he sensed more beasts coming towards him. Long Chen smirked as he took his mountain destroyer out and got ready to battle.

Two hours passed, The old man was still hiding and waiting behind a tree as he kept gazing in a certain direction. Suddenly, his eyes opened wide with shock and he couldn't help but stand up after he saw Long Chen coming back with his clothes covered in blood.

"This... this... how are you still alive?" The old man asked in a shocked expression on his face as he looked at Long Chen.

"Aren't you alive as well?" Long Chen answered with a smile.

"But... didn't you go to Profound Ice Bear? Oh... I understand. When you went there, he must have been fighting another gold realm beast and you decided to hide somewhere" The old man smirked as if he understood everything.

"Since you were able to walk back alive, it means that none of the beast won and both the beasts killed each other and the blood on your clothes... Did you search their corpses and take their beast core out? That must be it!! You can't leave such an expensive thing back!!! " The old man said with a wide grin on his face without giving Long Chen a chance to speak.

" You are quite lucky, You survived while also getting the cores of gold realm beasts. You know that this good luck can get you killed, right? If you went to a shop to sell those cores, they will just kill you to get those cores instead of buying them from you. " The old man said with a smile.

" I don't think they will" Long Chen let out as he gazed at the old man

"You can never understand the heart of evil people! I'll help you! Why don't you give those cores to me, I will purchase them from you. I'll give you two silver coins for each core! " The old man let out with a smirk as he looked at Long Chen.

"Aren't cores of gold realm beasts worth more than at least ten gold coins? " Long Chen answered back with a curious look on his face.

" They are... but only for strong people. For you, they are worth nothing and will only attract your death sooner. I am being quite generous by giving you two silver coins" The old man said as he looked at Long Chen like a predator which was looking at its prey.

"Sorry, but I am not interested in selling anything," Long Chen said with a smile as he continued on his path.

"You'll have to leave those beast cores behind even if you're not interested!!! " The old man said as he took his sword out

"You were right. It is difficult to understand the heart of Evil people... in fact, it's much easier to wipe them off the face of this planet instead" Long Chen said with a smile as he disappeared from his spot for a brief moment and appeared again right where he stood.

He turned back as he continued on his journey.

The old man started groaning behind like he wasn't able to speak. A cut appeared in his neck which started spreading all around his neck. Blood started coming out from those wounds. The old man struggled to use his hand to hold his neck but by the time his hands reached his neck, his head had already fallen to the ground with eyes wide open.


Long Chen traveled through this forest for over a day, during which he faced many gold realm beasts. He fought most of the beasts with just his physical strength unless the beast was too strong and he feels like he would not be able to win. Only then would Long Chen take his sword out and slaughter those beasts. He spent the night on a tree as he used his hammock again. He fed his egg and cultivated. Morning arrived as he continued ahead.

After a short time, Long Chen finally exited the forest as he got the view of the road.

"The next city isn't far away now" Long Chen muttered with a smile. He walked far away from the road and used his divine sense to see if anyone was nearby but he did not spot anyone.

"Heavenly Demon Wings!" Long Chen muttered as two beautiful wings appeared behind his back. He started flying ahead at rapid spread.

"The city walls of Moonsilver city! I'm finally here" Long Chen muttered as he saw the boundary of a city. He came down to the ground as his wings disappeared. He walked back towards the road and continued the journey ahead on legs.

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