Chapter 137 - 137: Thief

Chapter 137 of 150 chapters

"The city walls of Moonsilver city! I'm finally here" Long Chen muttered as he saw the boundary of a city. He came down to the ground as his wings disappeared. He walked back towards the road and continued the journey ahead on legs.

He had already changed his blood-stained clothes and was now wearing a cleaner set of clothes. He had decided to not wear the Long clan robe on top of his clothes as he didn't want to become the center of attention. He wasn't afraid of anyone knowing his identity as he was already out of his city and had succeeded in his purpose. He reached the entrance of the city after walking for a short duration. As Long Chen reached the entrance, a merchant carriage was already in front of him waiting to gain entrance so he decided to wait.

"You need to pay the tax to enter the city. Five bronze coins" A short stout man stood in front of the carriage as he talked to the carriage owner.

"I don't think we need to" The carriage owner smiled as he brought out a paper from his pocket.

"It's permission from the royal family allowing our merchant company to gain entry and exit from every city of this kingdom without paying any money for entrance.

"Che... You can go inside!" The short man snorted with an annoyed expression as he said to that man with a grumpy voice.

The carriage owner walked back to his carriage as it entered the city under the watchful eyes of the guards.

"Hmph... We had such a good opportunity to gain some extra money but that permit ruined everything for us. Such a bad day for me. Not a single person entered the city today" The guard commented with an angry expression.

"Oh, you are here as well?" The guard noticed Long Chen coming towards him as his face changed to an indifferent one.

"You need to pay two bronze coins as tax to gain entry in this city" The guard commented with a grin on his face.

" I don't have any change, also, isn't the entrance fee to every city of this kingdom only a single bronze coin as decided by his majesty? Only royal capital is allowed to collect more bronze coins"Long Chen said as he looked at the fat guard with a thoughtful look on his face.

'hmph… He's not someone special as he walked here. They're no worry about collecting more' the guard thought as he gazed at Long Chen.

" The tax money is decided by the city guards!!! You need to pay to gain entry. " The guard sneered as he let out.

" Can this allow me entry? " Long Chen said as he brought a golden medallion out of his pocket and showed it to the guard.

"This ... this golden medallion... dragon symbol... isn't it the golden medallion of one of the supreme clans, Long Clan? " Another guard standing nearby exclaimed as he noticed this medallion.

"Indeed... but isn't it only given to the direct descendants of the Long clan of Dragon City? The ones in the branch family are given silver medallions. He's a direct descendant?" The short guard exclaimed in disbelief.

" No... it's not possible. You think I am stupid? You think you can fool me?" The stout guard let out with a sneer.

"Where did you find this golden medallion? There's no chance that you are a direct descendant of Long Clan. Long Clan is one of the strongest and richest clans of this kingdom. They have many Luxurious carriages. One for every direct descendant. There's no way a kid from their direct bloodline will walk to get here. Even their branch family members travel by carriages. You didn't think of this when you lied, did you? Tell me the truth!! Where did you find this medallion? " The guard snorted as he said with a smirk like he understood everything.

' If I am able to get this medallion to its original owner, I'll definitely be awarded. I will be rich" The guard thought to himself.

" Oh... you caught me. I killed the real owner of this medallion with my weak cultivation and stole it" Long Chen snorted in annoyance.

" You dare joke with me!!! " The guard roared in anger.

" How dare you joke about killing a direct descendant of a supreme clan!! Even the strongest clan in our Moonsilver city treats them with respect and you dare joke about them!!! " The guard let out loudly as he stared at Long Chen with anger.

More guards slowly kept arriving at the entrance as they gazed at this scene trying to understand what was happening.

"Don't get angry. However he got it, but It's the truth that he brought out a supreme clan medallion. We must handle this matter carefully as we can't afford a mistake when it comes to a supreme clan. Let's bring him to the chief for interrogation. Let's not do anything stupid on our own" Another one of the guards commented in between as he saw his partner getting angry. In contrast to the short and stout guard, this guard was quite tall.

" We don't need to interrogate him He must have stolen it from somewhere. Arrest this thief" The stout guards didn't listen to his partner as he let out.

"You know, I am trying really hard to stay calm. I really hope you people don't make me angry as I don't want to kill all of you over such a stupid reason" Long Chen said as he started getting angry. His smile disappeared from his face as he faced the guards.

"You!!!..." The stout guard's face turned red in anger as he gazed at Long Chen but a voice interrupted what he wanted to say.

"What's all this commotion about?"  A heavy voice sounded. People looked towards that voice only to see a well-built man walking towards them from inside the city. He looked at the young boy standing outside and then at the guards facing him.

"What's happening here?" He asked the guards.

" Chief Heng! " The guards gazed at the man as they bowed slightly. This man was the chief of Moonsilver city guards

"Chief Heng! This guy here is impersonating a Long Clan direct descendant. He showed us the golden medallion of Long Clan to gain entry into this city without paying but he forgot that to impersonate someone from the Long clan, you need more than just one thing. He didn't have the Long clan carriage and got here by walking." The stout guard explained with an ugly smile on his face.

"A golden medallion of Long clan" The man frowned as he looked at Long Chen.

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