Chapter 138 - 138: Slaughter

Chapter 138 of 150 chapters

"Give me that medallion, I will check it for myself. I have seen medallion of Long Clan before" He gazed at the medallion in Long Chen's hands as he extended his hand towards him and asked.

"You people are wasting my time." Long Chen commented in a serious tone but he still decided to throw the medallion towards him.

The chief of guards caught the medallion as he started observing it carefully.

"Hmm... it does look real. Some of the Long clan's direct descendants have come here before and thankfully I got the chance to meet them. It's the same medallion that they showed me on my request. There's no doubt that this medallion is real." He let out after observing the medallion for a brief moment.

"But... it is true as well that none of the Clan's direct descendants will walk to get here. It's a known fact that everyone who can afford to hold this medallion will have a special carriage assigned to them. It's strange that you don't. Why is that? Is it because It's possible stealing a medallion but impossible stealing a whole carriage from them? Maybe you found it somewhere?" Chief Heng commented as he gazed at Long Chen.

"You can't be the real owner of this medallion. I will keep this medallion with me and get it to its rightful owner. Guards!!! capture this impersonator for interrogation. I find him guilty of impersonating, stealing and of trying to cheat the city guards. Interrogation will make things clear " The man let out as he gazed at Long Chen. The guards started walking towards Long Chen.

The Chief gazed at Long Chen without taking his focus off him.

Long Chen was already pretty angry. He felt like he would lose control of his anger if things kept going on like this. He decided on a new plan. He decided to walk back as he thought that it was easier to pass this city through unofficial means then dealing with these irritating people. He decided to pass the city walls later using his Heavenly Demon Wings.

"Can you give my medallion back to me? I don't want to enter the city anymore. I will go back" Long Chen let out as he gazed at Chief Heng.

"Hahaha… You really think you can walk back?  Now that you are caught, you want to escape? You have only confirmed what I already knew! You are an impersonator. Show this criminal the strength of us city guards. Capture him fast!" He ordered the guards with a smile.

The short and stout guard, who had stopped  Long Chen before, was the first guard who started running towards Long Chen with a brutal look in his eyes.

Long Chen's Heart Demon gazed upwards as he smiled inside Long Chen's Martial Space. Long Chen's eyes were already filled with rage which intensified. Long Chen finally lost his control. Without thinking anything, he brought his mountain destroyer out and swung it towards the hand of the guard that was running towards him. Long Chen soon changed the direction of his sword as he swung it in another direction.

Before anyone could understand anything, Long Chen was already standing still with a sword in his hand. The hand which was reaching towards him fell to the ground detached from the body. But that wasn't enough as the head of that guard soon fell to the ground as well. His body was the last to fall to the ground as blood flowed everywhere. Long Chen wanted to walk forward and kill everyone standing in front of him but using his last bit of consciousness, he was trying to control his urge to kill. He just stood there with a sword in his hand fighting his inner battle. Long Chen knew that if anyone tried to attack him at this moment, he would lose to his urge to kill and will slaughter everyone here. He tried his hardest to stop himself while hoping that these people don't do anything silly.

Everyone present there couldn't help but stop in their tracks with a scared expression as they saw this scene yet all of them took their weapons out. The Chief of guard frowned as he stared at Long chen.

"He dared kill one of us!!! Protect this city!!! Kill him right here and right now!!! That's an order!!!" Chief Heng roared in anger as he ordered his guards. The guards following the orders standing running towards Long Chen with their weapons in their hands.

Long Chen gazed at what was happening in front of him as his anger intensified. He gave up controlling himself as he stared at the guards attacking him.

He gripped his sword tightly as he finally moved from his spot.  He used his full speed in anger which made it difficult for the guards who had lower cultivation to see him clearly. Bodies started falling to the ground one after another as Long Chen kept saying the guards.

Chief Heng started feeling scared as he saw Long Chen's speed and strength. His difficult to see movements and his ease in killing the guards one after another horrified him. He realized that the person who looked like a kid was actually a devil in human form.

Leaving everything behind, he starting running back. But before he could take a step inside the city, a sword stabbed his heart from behind.

Long Chen pulled back the sword from his heart and stabbed his heart again before finally taking his sword out. He turned back as he gazed at the blood-filled ground which was full of dead bodies for a brief moment. He stayed there blankly as his anger started decreasing.

Gaining his somewhat calm mind back, Long Chen started his full speed, as he started running away from the road. He entered the surrounding forest again. He sat on the ground with the support of a tree as he stared ahead and started thinking about the things he did.

Ten minutes had passed, as a beautiful carriage could be seen coming towards the entrance of the Moonsilver city. Two guards on horses were leading the carriage as it's protectors.

The beautiful carriage stopped in front of them as both the guards got off their horses and gazed at the gruesome scene ahead.