Chapter 140 - 140: Familiar

Chapter 140 of 150 chapters

" Hey, Are you going to sit here all day long? Don't we have a destination to reach? We don't have time to waste by sitting here" Xun chuckled as she said.

Long Chen stood up as he started walking towards the city. He soon reached the boundary of the Moonsilver city after walking for a short time. But this time, instead of going towards the official entrance of the city, he walked away from it. He stepped near the wall as he used his divine sense to check if the other side was empty of people or not.

He sensed a few people on the other side of the wall making him give up on crossing through here and walk further ahead. He kept checking with his divine sense and soon found a spot that was empty on the opposite side of the wall.

"Heavenly Demon Wings!" He muttered as two wings made of Qi appeared behind him. One wing being pitch black in color while the other one shining golden. Long Chen flew in the air as he easily crossed the walls of the city and landed on the other side.

He continued on his journey by walking through the streets of Moonsilver city. After walking for a short time, he reached a wide road which looked like the main road of the city. Many shops could be seen on either side of the road but all of them were closed. Some shops and places which had confidence in themselves and their strength were opened as well but had no visitors. As not a single person was walking outside to use the services of those places. In fact, the whole city looked empty. Other than the few guards whom Long Chen saw roaming around the city, there weren't any normal civilian in the open.

Long Chen continued walking ahead and soon he finally saw a normal person. Long Chen began walking towards him.

"Why is this city empty today? Long Chen inquired as he reached near the man.

" Little guy, what are you doing out in the open. Also, how come you don't know about such a big event. Didn't your parents tell you about it and warn you to not go out today?" The man asked with a curious look on his face.

" What event?' Long Chen inquired as he looked at the man with ignorance.

"The city guards of our Moonsilver city were killed outside the city gates today. Even the Chief of guards was killed brutally by that demon. The demon who did this has not been caught yet. He might have already entered the city or ran back to the forest. The general public is quite afraid as the panic is at its peak. " The man told Long Chen as he looked at him. Long Chen's expressions changed slightly but quickly recovered as he controlled himself.

"Why are you out in the open then? aren't you afraid of that 'demon' ?" Long Chen asked with a slight smile on his face.

" I wouldn't have come out either if it wasn't for my daughter's health. She's sick and I was going to invite physician duanmu or at least get some medicine for her. I can't let her suffer because of my fear. For her safety, I'm ready to take any risk. Also, it's not like there's actually much risk. I believe that the killer must have already ran away as the whole city is on high alert. Guards are everywhere and the strongest Cultivators of our city are also inside this city and will come to help in case of a commotion inside the city. The killer wouldn't dare step inside the city. " The man said to Long Chen as he tried to comfort himself.

" Oh, thanks for telling me. I hope your daughter gets well soon" Long Chen said with a smile.

" Thank you," The man said as he walked ahead.

Long Chen continued his journey to the other side of the city on legs. He tried to avoid guards whenever he saw one nearby through his divine sense but if he couldn't avoid them, he tried to any innocent. Using heaven's shroud, he had further decreased what others could see as his Cultivation. Now he was projecting himself to be the Second stage Spirit Establishment cultivator.

His young age and low cultivation made the guards not doubt him in the slightest. Although they asked a few questions regarding why he was out whenever Long Chen met one, he would always give an excuse with an innocent expression on his face. His journey continued like this as he reached the center of the city.


Moonsilver city contained a few strong clans who were considered as the leaders of this vibrant city. Although they were no way near the level of the supreme families, they were considered quite strong in the Moonsilver city. The Qin Clan branch family was one of those prominent families in this city.

Qin Ruo came to this branch family for an important business-related task of the main family yet she became the one who discovered the dead guards. She went to the branch family of her clan and told them about it as she left everything for them to handle. She decided not to get involved in this matter and let the interested powers of the city deal with it however they desired. She kept the medallion to herself and didn't tell the branch family head anything about it.

Since she was from the Main Family and was an important heir, she was given the best room in the branch family Mansion. This room was beautifully decorated from inside and luxuriously furnished. It was on the first floor of the mansion, overlooking the streets of the city.

Qin Ruo, after resting for a while as she gazed at that medallion, decided to walk to the balcony of the mansion and look at the streets of the city. As she came out, all she saw was an empty street. she looked around but her attention was immediately attracted by the farthest Corner of the street.

She saw a person's back. That person was walking away from her. She found this back familiar. She felt like it was the back of someone she saw not too long ago. The back of a person who stood tall like a mountain as he faced the Third Prince with a fierce sword in his hand in the Long Clan gathering. The person who shocked everyone with his strength.

"Stoppp!!!"She yelled as loud as she could but that silhouette didn't stop. She felt like her voice wasn't reaching him because of the distance. She hurriedly left the room and started running towards the exit.


The Qin Clan branch family has decided to invite all the prominent family heads to discuss today's events and how they were to handle it. Heads of all the families came with their entourage. They had all just entered the meeting room and someone was about to close the door when they saw a girl running in a hurry. She was followed behind by two guards who were running after her.

The Qin Clan branch family head recognized her as he started following her to find out the reason that was enough to make the heir of the supreme clan run in a hurry. Seeing Qin clan members follow the girl, other Clan's members also started doing the same.

A strange scene occurred on the streets of the Moonsilver city. A girl running in a hurry followed behind by a crowd of people, including the heads of the most prominent clans of Moonsilver city.

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